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  1. Hope this lives up to what you two were hoping for. just going to repeat that i don't like the hairstyle. but you do look great in suit with the tie.
  2. [spoiler= ] Dayum, this is reallly lovely.
  3. I thought ties weren't used in high school uniforms anymore
  4. Locked Room Mysteries Continuous Trap Card The first monster summoned in ATK position each turn after this card is activated is changed into face-down Attack Position. When a face-down monster is flipped face-up and destroyed by battle, its controller take damage equal to half its ATK. If you control no other face-up cards, you can flip this card face-down and discard 1 card; flip all face-down on the field face-up. Next, The World Beyond the Clouds.
  5. Can a card effect that has "you cannot conduct your Battle Phase the turn you activated this effect" or something similar be activated during the first turn?
  6. mfw you looked almost exactly like my younger sister's former boyfriend.
  7. I don't really think purple suits you.
  8. Geez, J-max, you reminded me of my uncle when he was younger. Where did you take the pic by the way?
  9. Thar, I'm serious. This is not a chatroom, nor this is misc.
  10. Dropping in to say that this is not a personal messenger, nor that this is a personal PM so please don't get too overboard with the conversation here. Ciao~
  11. An important ruling question regarding the Igknights. Would their search effect still continue if one or both of the scales are not being destroyed by their effect? Like, assuming things like Master Key Beetle or something similar.
  12. godd goddamnit. Anyway, keep in mind that the rules on the first page still applies here so yeah.
  13. I am referring to Dae and mademir. Tried to quote them but phone screwed that up.
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