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    I like Manga, Anime,, to meet Friends, cosplay, drawing, cooking, watching series, making videos etc

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  1. Well, my goal was too play dragonmaid...finished to 0%...


    *Ignoring the prices*


    I wonder why

  2. Last my hero academia episode was amazing

    1. Rayfield Shade

      Rayfield Shade

      Really? Haven't read it yet, I'm currently reading Vigilantes to understand well the latest stuff 🙂

  3. Well, Happy new year, everyone :3

    1. Godbrand


      What's so good about? 

    2. Horu Ishayuki

      Horu Ishayuki

      This year will be like eating a goat cheese pizza

  4. I didnt something with yugioh for 6 weeks...just followed news...i should try to find time to duel

  5. I realized....this site calls me fresh member, even i am already since 2013 here...so i can call myself an old fresh Member

    1. Zaziuma


      I think it got to do with post count.

    2. Horu Ishayuki

      Horu Ishayuki

      I remember... back when... the vikings played Duel Monsters... those were the days... then I took card game to the knee...

  6. Wow...everywhere Pokemon talk...soon is black friday...then i will be one of them too!

  7. Seems so that i can look at my over 750 custom cards soon again...yaaay, so excited

    1. Ryusei the Morning Star

      Ryusei the Morning Star

      oh is the archive function back?

    2. HonokaMadolche


      oh, i said soon XD

      But shouldnt take so long till its back

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