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  1. So i just tried me in hero support. Hope they are balanced enough, not sure.
  2. So i just saw the difference between pendulummonster and normal monster....if it wasnt mentioned...i just miss some part now of the picture at the Pendulum monster...dunno ifthats fixable...or is the photo then too "pressed" in the rest space after adding the pendulum part between the text field and the picture field? ahh...just ignore if we had that topic already....just see that really late
  3. Who is somebody?

    1. Show previous comments  23 more
    2. Horu


      So who's the umpire?

    3. TheBlackCatter


      Ugh! we just went over this... Who is on first

    4. Horu


      Sheesh. This guy just has no idea where he's supposed to be.

  4. So i finished Miss kobayashis dragonmaid third time and i dont get tired of it.

    Dragonmaid archtype reference? yes, Waiting for more dragonmaid support


    1. Ryusei the Morning Star

      Ryusei the Morning Star

      the black dragon I imagine

  5. So this time i tried myself at Cloudian support...i am already waiting a long time for support for my cloudian deck at home. guess it need an update...a lot topics got already support! So i am sure we will get Cloudian support next yyear...im optimistic. However, hope i created cool support
  6. So here i tried to create 3 new Harpie monster. I forgot to write at the fuion monster the "you can use the Effects of "Cyber Slash Harpie, The fantastic pet dragon" only once per turn." well, enjoy :)
  7. I just remember my first account which exists since 2008, but i can't remember Password, even i know the email address which doesnt longer exists,because weird stuff happend with msn long time ago, which was the reason to create a new acc in 2013

    i wonder what for cards are on that acc which i created

    1. Horu


      Have you tried contacting YCMaker about this?

    2. Ryusei the Morning Star

      Ryusei the Morning Star

      ycmaker can likely help if you tag him

  8. wow, the card list of ghosts fromthe past is ok, i can play more ultra rares now in my madolche

  9. Hi Long time no See I'm Zamazenta But I just Changed my My to Zefra and how are you doing HonokaMadolche.

    1. HonokaMadolche


      Heyyyy, good to see you here.

      im doing good, moreor less active here.

      and how about you?

    2. Zefra the Shaddoll Master
  10. Damn, you are right with the critic. I will overthink the one or other card. I know XD I thought a few times about the effects and wasnt sure...and then a little of my bad english. But i understand howyou mean it. Just thought both archtypes need a Link and there is still missing a baby dragon for the BEWD. However...guess the summoning conditions should be harder for the maiden. Or calm down with the effect in generell. I will think more about a more fair gameplay when i create cards. The critic is already helpful. Thanks for it :) And i will post more in future.
  11. Well, thats my first post and here just some random cards i created. Hope they are ok so far. I saved the texts and all that, so i could write it under every card....but somehow i dont know now where the card informations on my laptop are... ifi find i will update it, but you can read the cards so far....hope that the texts are big enough at all.Sorry for grammatical mistakes; Next posts will be better. dark magician (girl)support: and here the blue eyes support:
  12. So i am about to finish one whole set of 20 new created cards. Guess i should share them time by time.

    1. Zefra the Shaddoll Master

      Zefra the Shaddoll Master

      Your Probley good at making cards

    2. Rayfield Lumina

      Rayfield Lumina

      I've been trying to convince you to post a drawing and custom cards for about a year, lol

      Drawing ✅

      Custom cards: Well, I never convinced you, but now you're taking the initiative to do it, so it's fine either way xD.


  13. Time to enjoy the Kanto week

  14. How are u Doing HonoaMadolche hope you have been doing well and I like you posts

    1. HonokaMadolche


      Thanks, good so far, became a bit busy these days with all kind of stars but i am here!

      Hope you doing fine too and thanks

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