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  1. All the feed about the new site, it's gonna be hard to miss for anybody that stumbles upon this place, if it even stays up long enough to have them seen.

  2. I'm living under a rock.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Lacooda


      Thank you. I was wondering what all the fuzz was about.

    3. Toffee.


      It's just mundane life, here in Zootopia.

    4. IQuitDolphin


      You get used to it.

  3. Good thing the site works again.

    1. Captain Murphy ☆
    2. Ryusei the Morning Star
    3. Lacooda


      Heh, replying to a 2 year old status. Hilarious! Ever since all around has seen some undeniable technological changes like the addition of Pendulums in the card make- oh wait! :v

  4. Viewing a profile can't possibly show the person's sig, can it?

  5. Lacooda will hide inside the dunes of the sandstorm. You won't see it reapear until it's too late. And it. Will. Get you! *Draws 1 card from the deck and flips to face-down Defense Position*

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