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  1. I'm not sure anyone would actually use this. That being said, however, this does combo really well with Destiny Hero Dystopia, by allowing continuous burn damage and target destruction every turn.
  2. This is actually a bit stronger than it looks. Sure, your opponent always gets a +1, but so do you (unless they only had one card in their hand). Even if the cards you get aren't useful, this still gives you free insight on your opponent's hand (and whatever hand traps you can play around, if you don't simply take them). This should probably be weakened so that the cards taken from your opponent are random.
  3. Yes, this is much better. Utopia Beyond is indeed, a strong and generic Rank 6, so two materials for a 3000 is fine for Dracula. One thing to note about Charlotte: I think there's an oversight. It says you destroy cards for every 750 LP you pay, but you still pay in increments of 500 and the maximum is still 1000. If that's intentional, then she can only destroy 1 card now.
  4. I think you've summed it up. It's a better Dueltaining, or at least an easier one. The requirements are generally easier to pull off, but the reward of popping a card is less than drawing 2 cards. Something's a bit unclear, though. Based on the way the card is written, I'm not sure if your opponent gets to destroy a card if they fulfill one of the requirements, or if you get to destroy a card if your opponent fulfills one of the requirements. We would need an official ruling on this. If it's the latter, then this is deceptively useful.
  5. Hi, Rayfield! It's me again. As a post that was placed in the Advanced Multiples forum, game balance is a mandatory aspect that must always be considered. I didn't really think anything of the fact that you didn't respond immediately (just figured you were busy for Halloween). Anyway, now that you added three more cards, here's my feedback: Vampire Crimson Stone: This is interesting. Being able to change anything you want to a Zombie and potentially any useful level as well can open up a lot of plays. What's really interesting is that you can target your opponent's monster. As a Quick-Pla
  6. Once per turn, you can pay 2000 LP and target 1 monster your opponent controls that is owned by them; Special Summon 1 monster from your Extra Deck in Attack Position, with the same original Type and Attribute, ignoring its Summoning conditions. Here's my Halloween-themed card! This isn't necessarily a retrain, but a side option to Cyber-Stein. While that card was primarily designed for Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon OTKs and Naturia Exterio lockdowns, this card tends to favor siding specific "hard-to-summon" Extra Deck monsters based on what your opponent's playing. Up against a Cyber Dragon
  7. It's interesting, to say the least. It comes off a bit situational, but that's not a bad thing, considering it's an Extra Deck monster. I can see this being summoned with Vampire Sucker and whatever monster it revives, then this card revives another monster for an easy Link-4, if it doesn't just attack first. I would raise the requirement to 3 monsters, only because Accesscode Talker exists. If it didn't, this would be fine.
  8. This is actually pretty broken, despite your attempts to balance it, because of a card called Guarded Treasure. You know, the one where you normally discard 5 cards to draw 2, then draw an additional card with each Draw Phase? Well, this turns that usually risky card into Pot of Greed on steroids, plus there's no restriction to how many Guarded Treasures you can have in your Deck. Even if your opponent destroys it before you get to draw, you wouldn't really minus from it. Final Destiny is another example, since it nukes the board for absolutely free with this card on the field, plus this
  9. I know you stated October 5th, but it doesn't seem like anyone was interested at the time. I have some custom archetypes I would like to try out. Actually, I posted them on this forum recently.
  10. If this card can't stop the Ghost Girl hand traps, what's really the point of this card's effect? They're the most commonly used hand traps (Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit excluded). Then again, you could also Normal Summon Plaguespreader Zombie first, then Synchro Summon this, then revive Plaguespreader Zombie, and then finally Synchro Summon a Level 8, like Borreload Savage Dragon or Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon. You could probably get away with preventing non-Zombie effects in the GYs as well as the hand, and it still wouldn't be too overpowered, considering it requires specific Synchro Materi
  11. Okay, here are my reviews for every single card. This will take a while: Dracula, Vampire Overlord: This is broken, considering how easy his Summoning Conditions really are. Getting a different Zombie Xyz on the board is easier than you might think. No, I don't mean a Rank 5 Xyz. I'm talking about Ghostrick Alucard (seriously, that's a striking coincidence). Really think about it. You summon Ghostrick Alucard, pop one of your opponent's face-downs, overlay Xyz Summon this over it, onmi-negate whatever your opponent does, AND revive an opponent's non-Link monster, all for the price of one
  12. As the very first Light/Dark counterparts to ever exist in the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG, I've occasionally wondered why Mystical Elf and Dark Elf weren't expanded on. It's probably because they suck now, so naturally I made a whole archetype around them. Card art is not mine. The play style is meant to be a Control Deck. It revolves around getting both Elves on the field, generating card advantage, and using your Elven cards to limit your opponent's moves. Strengths: Some of these cards have extremely potent effects comparable to Limited cards, and they're extremely easy to set up. A ty
  13. I see. What if this was used in a deck that didn't primarily use the Extra Deck, like Sacred Beasts? Instead of being some win condition, this card could be a one-of to use as an out to an unfavorable situation.
  14. It seems a bit powerful for a LINK-3. No, I don't mean attack strength; Black Luster Soldier - Soldier of Chaos already exists. I mean you could abuse this with Greydles. You destroy a Greydle this points to, then destroy at least one other card on your opponent's field, then take another monster on your opponent's field to replace the Greydle you destroyed. You wouldn't even have to put the replacement monster on a point where Bubble Berserker is pointing, so it would attack with its full strength. Finally, Greydles are WATER monsters themselves, so you could use them to summon this, instead
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