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  1. To Ryusei: Thanks for your efforts on this site. Keep up the good work.

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    2. Dae


      Don't be rude, Cow. This guy has been here for 11 years and he is just giving people the credit they deserve. Ryusei is a great mod. Someone I will greatly listen to.


      winter you suck btw, in the most professional way possible

    3. Tinkerer


      *sad burger noises*

      Winter's been very on-the-ball about helping out newcomers while the card maker was down. Thanks should be given where it's due.

    4. Ryusei the Morning Star

      Ryusei the Morning Star

      I shouldn't have snapped, but I really care for this place. @Zaziuma I apologize


      Cowcow, I'm a straight cis dude, you don't need to use fancy pronouns for me, the standard him will do

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