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  1. The amount of joy I got from this image
  2. Banned because my villian is actually going to bring out the evil Yugi that we all love from Season 0.
  3. Banned because I'm plotting a pre-Pegasus villian for Yugi.
  4. Banned for speaking such outrageous truths.
  5. Putting the machine on soft soil during a flood
  6. Banned for being a party pooper
  7. Holy shit, @YCMaker, did you get bored today decide to give the site a complete overhaul? This shit starting to get fancy and you still hard at work. Anyway, kudos man. Glad to see improvements being made. Has me wondering when you'll get around to adding Pendulums and Links. But no hurries right now. Just have fun and enjoy yourself.

  8. Banned because I doubt Batman needs the Lantern Rings and Infinity Gauntlet to beat Goku.
  9. I see your point on how they drew a walking quadruped. So your reproduction of what they drew is accurate. But their reproduction of how quadupeds walk is wrong. Allow me to explain: they put the general structure of a bull/cow stepping forward but if a real quadruped animal tried to lift both limbs on either side to take a step, it would topple over (this applies to something as small as a house cat too). When drawing a walking quadruped, if you put the front left leg forward, you would also draw the rear right leg forward. But yeah, the fault goes to the instructor, not the person
  10. Good effort. A few critiques to help out. Drawing animals is no different than drawing people. But a neat rule with sheep is more wool means less work. Your structure is actually good. What I'm pointing out the forward bend on sheep's back legs is actually its ankle (many think it is the knee) and the backward bend of those same legs at the bottom of the body is actually the knee. Opposite applies to the front legs. I actually learned structure while being bored out of my mind watching my late grandpa's chickens peck the dirt. Odd way to learn anatomy but it kinda dawned on me
  11. Banned because I beat a regional champ with Kuriboh
  12. The new UI is nice and it's cool that the saved cards are back. I'll start working on the Pokemon sets as soon as we are able to save cards again. Until then, I have other matters to attend to.

  13. Banned because I retired from actively playing card games.
  14. Banned for not being old enough to play YGO.
  15. The autopsy report revealing that Mario died due to a blow to the head from a frying pan
  16. Banned because it takes more than comments from an 8 year old otaku to insult me.
  17. A frying pan because my stomach is the best place to store bacon.
  18. Banned because I believe Dae considers your fairy to be waifu marerial
  19. Banned for asking your waifu their age.
  20. Banned because maybe I referred to the person above me as well.
  21. Banned because you can train your talents and pass them on to the next generation. Unfortunately, some bloodlines will never see a next generation.
  22. Banned because I believe intelligence is genetic
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