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  1. Great job at listening to the real problem of Biden negotiating with terrorists and being a spineless coward and us losing $85 billion worth of military equipment because of Biden's negligence. Instead you took the "He's mad at Biden because he's a democrat" when he doesn't even mention Biden's political status once in the speech. He is mad cause Biden literally gave the Taliban a fucking hitlist and $85 million in military equipment because he opted to back down and comply with terrorist demands.
  2. Time for a break. If anyone needs me, discord link is in my profile. Right now, I'm gonna rest and figure some things out when I have time. Til then, I'm out.

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    2. The Nyx Avatar

      The Nyx Avatar

      @(GigaDrillBreaker) That is correct. I don't know how I missed them yesterday (too tired from work, I guess. I dunno). So I at least locked them.

    3. Horu


      Actually, no. Just like here, I'm always floating but rarely say anything. Usually too busy working. 

    4. (GigaDrillBreaker)


      "rarely saying anything"

      "just like here"

      Pick one

  3. So what happens when 3 clowns step in a cage with tiger? They get shredded. Don't pick fights you can't win. Cause there's no hope for three blind mice when they bump into the wrong cat. Anyway, have fun and accept your losses.

    1. UltimateIRS


      tigers are endangered

      clownfish aren't

    2. Horu


      Clownfish are cute and it's fun to put them in a tank with a snapping turtle.

    3. UltimateIRS


      For real though how do you look at that shit and think you shredded?

      Did your parents raise you wrong as a joke?

  4. "Joke of a leader" The footage is quite telling. Isn't it? And this applies to this topic since they are discussing the events taking place in the Middle East.
  5. Nope. Cause he clearly states that the leadership/presidentbis a joke.
  6. Also, I posted the video because I was scrolling through tiktok and came across the videos. I simply posted the videos without pushing my own narrative. And I didn't use the "he was just...." argument here. I was simply stating what he was obviously doing.
  7. Horu

    I'm almost there

    So I joined the army in 2014 and my contract expires in 2022 in about 6 months. I enjoyed my time with the army and it was a mostly good experience. I'm not taking away anything aside from recurring migraines, tendonitis and costochondritis. But the upside is that in 6 months, I am officially free of my military contract. As for the experience being mostly fun, I don't think walking 15 miles whilst carrying 100 pounds of gear because your "buddies" are complete assclowns is fun. The recurring migraines are likely nerve damage from when they forced me to remove my wisdom teeth. The recurring tendonitis is likely from leadership having me running, training, working, lifting heavy loads when I'm already hurt and shouldn't be doing anything. Thus also explains the recurring costochondritis. Aside from that, the strep throat and nearly getting pnumonia from exercising on a water logged field, I had fun.
  8. Isn't live footage better than a narrative being pushed by secondary media? Edit: Besides, he is only discussing the joke of a president that opted to listen to terrorists instead of finding his spine and telling them to take their demands and shove it.
  9. So some people choose to show how spineless they are by hiding behind pronouns and sublims. I'll be 100% fair. If I have a problem with you, I'll tell you straight. So please locate your spines and find the nerve to speak directly to the person instead of cowering. Out of respect, I won't say your names but you already know.

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    2. Horu


      I wasn't proven wrong, dipshit. You showed statuses that pertained to something you had no knowledge of.

    3. The Immaculate Lord CowCow

      The Immaculate Lord CowCow

      this was "literally" wrong 5835c9b3036de9503d257c5fdd044a9e.png

    4. Horu


      Wow. 4 posts out of like 400? Just shows how good you are at cherry picking. Every consider working as a cherry picker?

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  12. Gotta agree with Rayfield here. Especially the Lays brand. It just doesn't sit right. With this particular flavor, Ruffles is the right direction but crush the chips up before you open the bag and it makes them that much more enjoyable. But Lays Cheddar and Sour Cream is a big nono.
  13. I don't care much for the type of story it is as long as it's a good read. By "good read", I mean something that I look forward to reading to completion as opposed to just reading the first chapter and forgetting it exists. Note: Make your characters likeable for the role they play in the story. This means, make your protag nice but not a complete pushover. Your villian should have a legit motive aside from "I'm evil and I wanna rule the world" because that gets really old really fast. Also, this is a big one. DO NOT MAKE YOUR PROTAG A MARY SUE OR A SUPERMAN! This is for your bemefit as well as your readers. If your character is so damn perfect that writing new challenges for them becomes boring, it shows in the writing because you will constantly pull new abilities out of your rear to keep the story alive. Don't do this. If you do male your character gain an ability, please give us the filler of them honing their skill to the point that it is applicable. Also, don't make the ability a one time thing. Imagine reading Dragon Ball and you see Goku working to perfect the Kamehameha so it can be an effective skill in combat and he only uses once through the entire series. You'd be extremely pissed. I'm saying because they do this a lot with perfect characters and it gets really annoying. On another note, CoA stories aren't exactly bad. Yeah, they start of slow. But I see them more initially as character development/evolution stories. That being said, a CoA should have a primary focus on the character of choice.
  14. Welcome to YCM. Please enjoy your time with us.
  15. Not right now. Been really busy.
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