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  1. If Pegasus died, who is running Industrial Illusions in his place?

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    2. Horu


      Wait. I know who Chumley is. Who the hell is Yako?

    3. Sleepy


      Chumley was part of a crew of card designers but as outstanding as Pegasus said he was, Chumley wouldn't be running the place any time soon. Reminder that Pegasus is not THAT old. He wa in his 20s (early when his almost wife died, late 20s by the time he was the series villain)... well 30s by GX. Kaiba called him old man because compared to him, Kaiba was still high school age throughout DM.

      @Horu Tenma is one of Pegasus' adopted children (well, they are a bit older than children but you get the idea) from Yugioh R, a spinoff manga not made by Kazuki (and the mangaka would later go off to create the rival tcg "Cardfight Vanguard"). In there, there's the belief that Yugi killed Pegasus so it is a revenge plot. I was thinking on bringing YGO R in my first reply but truth be told I don't know how things in that story ended up after the enemies got beat.

    4. Arcadia warlic

      Arcadia warlic

      It seems Yako is still running it even then. The GX manga (ostensibly a continuation of the original manga) also implies it is still operating without him (albeit, without directly referencing R).

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