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  1. Taekwondo rules confuse me. How is it a foul to punch my opponent in the face when I get rewarded for delivering a gazillion tornado kicks to the side of their head?

    1. Dokutah Jolly

      Dokutah Jolly

      I never practice any martial art but to my knowledge unless the art or certain moves specified to kill , asian martial art in general is never meant to harm even the enemies and more about spiritual control, honor, with a bonus ability to decent self-defences. and Taekwondo, is quite adamant about uphelding this trope. the side and the back of your head is quite protected with the spine and the thicker portion of the skull which much more stronger than structure that compose your face. It also meant to prevent damage to "vitals" like eyes. 

      Well if any of the site's resident taekwondo or any asian martial art practitioner can correct my ironic and horrible explaination, you very much welcome

    2. Horu


      Also, in Muay Thai, the push kick is a technique that is considered disrespectful as it is a sign of disrespect to touch someone with the bottom of your foot in Thailand.

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