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  1. So just a thought but Duelists Kingdom and Battle City must take place more than a decade after the initial release of Duel Monsters. Just think about this for a minute. Solomon was playing Duel Monsters with Arthur before he ever found the Millennium Puzzle and we all know Yugi has had the puzzle for nearly a decade by the time he solved it. Kaiba had Duel Monsters cards in the orphanage. Raphael's ship sank 10+ years prior to his duel with Yugi/Atem. Just a lot of situations like this that say Duel Monsters has been around far longer than Duelists Kingdom and Battle City.

    1. Horu


      Just gonna piggy pack off my own status and point out the fact that Yugi's grandpa hasn't updated that deck for over 10 years and expected to beat Kaiba. Hell! It's a miracle the old man put Exodia in that deck otherwise Atem would've lost to Kaiba.

    2. Simping For Hina

      Simping For Hina

      You're also considering that the game in the anime works much like the irl metagame; it in fact does not. YGO beat a high level robot with a deck full of monsters and one spell card. Yes, there is strategy, but the game holds a different frame than the actual game.

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