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  1. I plan on updating all of the cards.
  2. I'll update your card Madara. The effect is generally a place holder until I can put something better.
  3. I like that card. It reminds me slightly of Book of Eclipse except it allows for more flippity floppity shenanigans! Oh the fun! *insert creepy Pagasus face* Also, the picture made me laugh.
  4. What is the most important part of a monster card once it's already on the field?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Horu


      I'm working on a card game and trying to decide on a template design.

    3. Dokutah Jolly

      Dokutah Jolly

      Find youtube channel Kodhok there's videos about card game design that might help you

    4. Horu


      Thanks for the tip, Jolly.

      On that note, I was watching a series on TCG development and got up the video about power creep. But was never able to find the series after that.

  5. Actually Ra shouldn't say "1st Edition" at all and should say "This card cannot be used in an official Duel" at the bottom.
  6. Well, the sectioned is labeled "Workshop" because it was originally the successor to "Experimental" but they moved the card creation games into here and any new card design or mechanic threads were booted out into the main casual section where they ended up being lost for eternity.
  7. Agreed. But as per good etiquette. Time to review this monster wall of text. The whole "Cannot be destroyed by battle or card effects the turn it is Special Summoned" line isn't really necessary since it can only be Special Summoned during the End Phase of your opponent's turn by its own effect. So this card essentially becomes a megamorphed Dark Magician for you to use a beatstick during your turn.
  8. Reading it wasn't an issue. The scary part is that there was enough text for the textbox to eat the entire card.
  9. In all fairness, MTG is just as inconsistant with typing. They have all the types of creatures separated and yet still manage to class a pixie as an angel. So it wouldn't surprise me if MTG managed to class a wyrm as wyvern or a hydra for some ungodly reason.
  10. The thing is if we look at the types, they make sense to what they are. Aqua: Aquatic creatures that aren't fish. Beast: Animals Beast-Warrior: Animal-humanoid hybrids Cyberse: Software, AI based creatures. Dinosaur: Dinosaurs or prehistoric creatures Divine-Beasts: Gods Dragons: Obviously the various types of dragons. Fairy: Angels, fairies and elves Fiend: demons or creatures of creatures of darkness Fish: The many types of fish, fish-like creatures or fish-humanoid hybrid creatures. Insect: This is generally bugs of any kind. Machi
  11. I noticed that Wyrms are essentially Dragons in terms of structure. But my question is: Why did Konami feel the need to separate Wyrms from the rest of the Dragons? Was it so they wouldn't have all that generic Dragon support? Just something that bugs me since I know a Wyrm is essentially a type of Dragon and yet Konami felt it wasn't deserving of the Dragon type or support. So this begs the question: What are Wyrms exactly, if not Dragons, in YGO?
  12. In pokedex order, what is the first evolution stone we are introduced to?

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