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  1. This is a fairly valid point I said I caught the bit and chose to ignore it. Republican media does the same thing. They spread anti-democrat propaganda. But always slip it in whenever it fits the narrative. This is true. But bear in mind that they had 18 guns and more than enough ammo to sweep a fairly large crowd. Also, if he planned on just blowing up the building, why did he need all the ammo? Wouldn't it have made more sense to invest that money into making more explosives? Just saying this guy is all over the place. But his behavior indicates something bigger in the works.
  2. Usually I get happy when I get lucky pulls. So my uncensored Harpie Girl and second BEWD were huge bonuses. But my favorite card is actually my oldest (Summoned Skull).
  3. Actually, I never stated wether or not I wanted them to be innocent. And clearly, this must have been talked about openly at some point considering they were arrested for it. If something like this stayed in texts, they obviously wouldn't be in custody right now. Not claiming their innocence in the slightest nor do I want them to be. I'm saying that they are a distraction so something bigger can happen. I read/listened to the articles (I love google assistant) and while most of it seems to be true, I did catch the bit of anti-republican propaganda thrown in there (no big deal) but that's fairly easy to ignore since it moreso confirms that there was bigger target in mind. So my guess wasn't too far off. Also, the amount of weapons/ammo suggests something bigger. Also with that many guns and rounds, two people could easily kill off a building full of unarmed victims. Also, the recruiting also suggests something bigger.
  4. Nearly 800. I stopped collecting about 8 years ago
  5. @Phantom Roxas if I had my way and this turned out to be true, I'd fully support lynching the bastards and setting them ablaze. If it turns out to be propaganda, I still say they deserve to be locked away for a while. Yes, I have a bias against the media and specific media sources (CNN with generally anything that isn't live or caught on video). But my point is there is a possibility that these guys could be scapegoats and "it's all part of the plan" because who openly talks about blowing up buildings full of people in public. Think about it for a minute. The only people that'd do something like that are either scapegoats, idiots or both. Another point is that you're not just gonna openly say this whilst standing just a few feet from a cop unless you want to draw attention away from what's really going on. See what I'm getting at here? There is something bigger going on behind the scenes but of course, two idiots can easily draw the nation's attention to them by making a bomb threat. Sorry, had a bit of time to apply some logic to this situation and give it a fair bit of strategic thought...
  6. So you're gonna play the "let's wait and see" game? That makes sense because further coverage often tells the legitimacy of the story. So I'd assume we're all in that boat with you.
  7. My initial point is I'd prefer propaganda over a massacre. But yeah, if the story is legit, the propaganda will ensue anyway. And another point is that planning a massacre based on politics is just disgusting in itself and these 2 should just be deported to North Korea. Honestly wish there was an effective measure to get rid of all the hate groups in America but so long as there is a way to divide people, it will be done time and time again. Also, my point with Sandy Hook was that something bad happened and the media just used their pain to get a story and never bothered to mention it again after that day. So yeah, in terms of media, Sandy Hook was forgotten until they started to build a memorial because "oh look, something's happening over there". See what I'm saying? The media only covers something if it fits a certain narrative.
  8. Anyone remember Akiza's Plant Deck? Something tells me Akiza would've loved to have this against Yusei when he wiped the floor with her in Season 1. Konami has 1 word for this card: banlist. The first 3 effects are fine but that draw 2 every turn is just an engine effect. So the first effect is essentially a conditional Meteor of Destruction coupled with Change of Heart, Sangan, or Nightmare Wheel.... you see this is already OP. Also, the second effect is effectively a double Metalmorph. The summon requirement is "recycle the materials" - this is all fine and dandy (you see what I did there?) for plants.... but on to the effects. I'm fine with the trade effect of "sac this card to get a monster to your hand - but let's look at the fact that this trade can become a +2 from the GY of all places. So this can't summon another Tree. Oh well, I guess Flower Wolf will have to do.... Recycle materials to fusion summon, effect 1 is bounce + burn, effect 2 is bounce + heal, and effect 3 is destroy/burn and a conditional +1. Recycle materials to summon, anti-plant immunity, recycle + heal/burn, conditional negate/destroy + burn, discard/search + heal These few cards could be expanded into a very functional deck with each of these effects making a fairly decent stand alone and given that each effect is locked to plants, it already has something going for it.
  9. https://trumpwhitehouse.archives.gov/trump-administration-accomplishments/ Here is a list of Trump's accomplishments while in office. A simple google search and the white house archives are the top result. Enjoy. Anyway, back on topic. I see this becoming another Sandy Hook incident for some reason and this bugs me. I'm sure you're all familiar with the Sandy Hook school massacre that was only mentioned that day and somehow forgotten and never spoken about again.
  10. I have quite a few OCs that I'm putting into stories. But right now, I'm focusing on my YGO rewrite and plan on introducing some characters into places where it makes sense.
  11. Horu

    Magical Mirror

    Interesting. I'll look into that. Though I do agree with the text fix and will apply it to the official card when I make it.
  12. Generally, if I'm not active here, it's cause I'm playing games on my phone so I can get paid.

    1. Simping For Hina
    2. Horu


      Thanks Kuriboh. I knew you'd understand.

  13. Hybrid Souls in my work are generally humans whose soul is merged with that of an ancient spirit. Quill is the first one discovered and they learn that he is incredibly powerful and most HS characters tend to be near limitless in terms of power.
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