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  1. Is Giga out of YCM jail yet?

  2. Considering taking time off after the card maker is finished. Just need to recharge. Not sure how long it will be.

  3. *Biden enters White House* America after realizing that it's made a catastrophic mistake: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMJwSkRV5/
  4. So you like the idea of terrorists attacking your town?
  5. Yeah. Trump is such a bad president. He's so bad that he made the US an exporter, he delivered on every single one of his campaign promises, he built the wall, he peacefully put troops in the Middle-East. To top it off, he is the only president that did it all for him. The audacity of this man. How dare he care about this country. How dare he deliver on his promises. Who in the hell does he think he is?
  6. There is an instance where Biden's votes can be thrown out. That is the instance that every person that voted for Biden was involved in the BLM/ACAB/ANTIFA riots across the nation and are all linked to terrorists, which makes them criminals. Last I checked, criminals can't vote. But Trump failed to make this point. Also, Biden is re-opening flights to/from terrorist hotspots. Here are two counts that show Biden aiding terrorists. I'm sure he got a lot of his funding and votes from BLM, ACAB and ANTIFA as well. So the man that is supposed to be protecting our nation is aiding the peop
  7. could you do Obelisk? I wanna make something special for the new card maker.

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      Rayfield Lumina

      I like Blue one from Artwork 2 the most, nice piece of baddassery there

    4. PrimeAceJohn
  8. Quick question: If there are 133 million registered voters in the US and Trump received 74 million of those votes, doesn't that imply that Biden lost the election? On another note: There is supposed to be 158 million eligible voters. But focusing solely on the demographic that voted strictly for Trump and Biden. And yes, I did the math. This election had just a tiny bit north of 158 million votes. This means that a total of 155+ million people voted for Biden and Trump. Hope this note helps see how that 133 million is a lie. But yes, essentially 3 million literally wasted their votes.
  9. According to the constitution, starting an impeachment trial would force Trump to remain in office until the trial is concluded. So even though his term has ended, and Biden is supposed to take the seat, the impeachment trial would put that on hold until Trump is either impeached or he steps down of his own accord (Nixon did it).
  10. Card Concepts and Experimental Cards have been merged into the main Casual Card Section.
  11. I think impeachment, if it actually makes it to trial and is actually successful, actually disqualifies you from running for office again.
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