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  1. 1. BLM started as a Civil Rights Movement and quickly exploded into a terrorist organization. 2. Antifa is a terrorist organization that claims to be a Civil Rights Movement. 3. Neither of these groups give 2 fucks about anything unless it fits their agenda. 4. If you believe BLM to be true, then ALL black lives should matter regardless of it supports the agenda or not.
  2. To put this simply. Guns are tools. No different than a hammer, chainsaw or knife. They can't do anything unless somebody is holding them. Another thing is that the majority of gun related deaths are due to handguns and not the big scary guns that the government is actually trying to take away. Another problem is background checks. The guy that shot up the concert in Vegas, the guy that shot up the theater in Colorado, the guy that shot up the night club in Florida, all had clean records. So obviously, a background check is a flawed method for deciding if somebody should have a gun. I guess yo
  3. The crowd seems to have thrown him into the Antifa camp but then again, there are members of the crowd that wanted to kill the VP, which is still an act of treason if I'm not mistaken. The members of the crowd that went to remain silent and just show their support for Trump should have left or blocked the exits to the Capitol so police could arrest the people that were trying to break in. Not saying that they don't have the right to sit there in silence. But you can go ahead and correct me if I'm wrong: The intention of a peaceful protest and to show support for Trump went out the window the s
  4. This would likely get banned as it can be turned into a +3 every turn. This is essentially a roided out Magician of Faith. Guess this would be useful in the right deck. Effect negation is nice. The ATK/DEF decrease works against anything smaller than a Lv8. Kinda fits the theme of the yellow lion being slow since it requires 4 materials. But given that it needs 4 materials to summon, it likely wouldn't hurt to put those stats a bit higher. Effect protection is nice. But this card essentially has a metalmorph effect, which should allow it to run over just
  5. Actually, that first video was hidden pretty deep. So with everyone posting short 1-2 minute videos, if you don't find this, it could be easily assumed that there was no action taken against the people trying to break into the building. Although, this is only at one window. I've yet to see any proof of this happening at other entry points of the building. Yes, I had to search for antifa because these videos don't come up otherwise.
  6. Ok. This guy actually did the right thing. So good on him. What goes around comes around, I guess. This is what happened when Trump was elected.
  7. Roxas, I elaborated more on this in the election thread. Also, stating that the Trump supporters are responsible for the actions carried out against our government officials by Antifa that day. Also, any Trump supporters that had a firearm and didn't shoot the members of Antifa that were trying to break into the capitol are even more at fault for having the power to prevent it from happening and doing nothing about it. You can clearly see the fact that there were 100k people there and if any of them had a gun and did nothing to prevent Antifa from attacking the Capitol, they should also be cha
  8. As cute as your rant is. Do you have an intelligent reason for this other than "Fuck Trump" or "I don't like Trump". Because Trump has delivered on every promise he made in his campaign (that includes the wall to prevent illegal crossing of the border, I will gladly show you pictures of this tomorrow if you'd like). Hell, he even managed to get Saudi to pay our troops for going over there. That means that it doesn't cost taxpayers anything to send troops to the Middle East. That also means we have boots in both Israel and Saudi. Honestly wasn't expecting Trump to be able to get that kind of a
  9. Roxas, I am willing to continue a more educated conversation on this topic. However, if somebody's best argument is "fuck <insert name here>" without giving an educated input on that person's accomplishments, I think they should simply be overlooked. I am here to play the neutral party and point out how each side was wronged. I'm sure there are definitely ways that Biden was screwed over in this election as well. But I would like to step away from conspiracy theories for a short while and discuss how Trump and Biden are being wronged through all the propaganda going on outside of the ele
  10. Last time he had a chance to prove his case, he was proven innocent. I guess they didn't want it to happen twice.
  11. In all fairness, consider that if Trump supporters showed up for a fight, they likely would have brought their guns. Sadly, it goes without saying that the folks who didn't shoot the guys breaking into the capitol are just as responsible for any deaths that day as the person who caused them. One thing Trump supporters should understand is that police are under scrutiny from every angle so they aren't exactly at liberty to open fire without a false report getting out saying it was another case of police brutality. The media has things so twisted that you actually have to search for live footage
  12. So explain this to me. If Trump supporters attacked the capitol, then why did the police allow them to pass and escort them while taking pictures? Accept it. Trump supporters were there simply to show their support for the president who was wrongfully impeached. That is to say, the accusations brought against him are false. Anyone that followed Antifa into the building after they broke in should also be treated as a terrorist in my book. Once Antifa was in the building, they should have been led to the room where the National Guard was left at the mercy of the soldiers. Not able to confirm fr
  13. I watched the footage. Just like the woman that got "maced" by the police being fake as shit. She had an onion in her hand and was rubbing it on her face. If she had been maced, she'd be in far too much pain to give a proper interview. https://youtu.be/lEkBMHjrj6I I will leave this as a link since it can only be viewed on youtube anyway. This is where it got violent since they were fighting members of Antifa that were breaking into the capitol. Fun fact: If an army storms the the capitol and remains peaceful, it is considered a peaceful protest and well within the
  14. Roxas, when you burn down a city for a political agenda, it is called terrorism. By default, every member of BLM and Antifa are terrorists, which means it is legal to kill them. Yes, Trump supporters went to the capitol but only to show their support for the president. They didn't break into the capitol building, they were alerting and assisting the police to whatever degree possible. Yet, Antifa still managed to kill a cop and a member of the IS Air Force. Antifa members also chased a black cop through the halls of the capitol building.
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