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  1. Is it me or is Pegasus the anime version of Takahashi?

    1. Sleepy


      Not at all. Just as "Duel Monsters" ("Yugioh's TCG's in-universe name) was originally a MTG reference, Pegasus was meant to in some way reference MTG's creator in some unorthodox way. Kazuki Takahashi is more of a gambler than Pegasus ever was. In fact, Pegasus is the opposite of a gambler when you factor in his original dependency on the Millennium Eye's power to see through the answers of said "gambles".

    2. Nobody Really

      Nobody Really

      So Kazuki Takahashi's YGO counterpart would Joey.

    3. Sleepy


      If I had to guess off the top of my head what character resembles him most, it'd probably be Solomon. Kazuki actually liked making a bunch of custom games that only appeared once in the manga and then moving on to creating a different game with instructions and pieces at the end of a few of his manga. His card game wasn't really the only focus and he is more of a gambler than anything. Which Yugi's grandpa actually had a lot of risky plays in his youth. I think it'd be what fits better.

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