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  1. Taking my leave now. Guess I'll see you all if/when I come back. Honestly have a lot to process and I need time to myself to just think. I'd like to thank certain users for their friendship. You all know who you are. But realistically, it stands that the community doesn't want me here so this will be the final post in the status bar and forums. To the members who feel they are my friends, message me anytime but remember, just because I answer doesn't mean I'm coming back to the forums. I ask that no one responds to this so it can just fade. I will maintain contact with friends in the messages until June and I'll likely leave for a long while and not really sure if/when I'll come back. I decided that I don't need a break from the forums but rather just not be part of forums altogether. Any attempt to respond will be removed and reported as spam regardless of who you are. If you have something you wish to say, message me.

    Peace out.

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