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  1. Some good friends asked me to reconsider my decision as it was based on the popular opinion. But I, of all people, should know that the popular opinion isn't always the right one. Being a good leader and a good friend isn't always about doing what's popular but what's right. I have had time to reflect on the words of my friends and from the bottom of my heart, I want to say thank you.

    @Ryusei the Morning Star

    @Rayfield Lumina


    @The Nyx Avatar


    @Mr. Melon

    I mean it 100%. Leaving would be an extremely selfish decision and I promised to be here for my friends and for the community as a whole.


    This is a simple "Thank you" to a select group of users. Nothing more. I still need some time away. I promise I will come back. When? I'm not 100% sure. I just have a lot to think about but I promise that once I have everything sorted out, I will be back. Until then, take care and message me if you need anything.

    L8er g8ors

    1. Sleepy


      If you do decide to take your break, ask Nyx to temporarily ban you so you don't deal with the temptation of coming back until whatever time you schedule to come back. Not even to lurk or statuses. I know many can have a hard time with that.

      Tbh I have said nothing regarding this matter and have tried to stay out of it all.... and I'm surprised I'm not in the black list because I thought I made it clear with my posts I'm part of the group that only jumps in out of annoyance. 

      Though yeah so long as anyone goes about their business I  can go comment/ reply without baggage, or at least I try to. Not gonna fan the flames.

      Sundays is a universally "dead" day in terms of online activity so being away during 30 ish hours including Sunday's 24 in them does not yet prove much. Even so the site did have some activity to speak of regardless. * shrugs*

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