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  1. Although, I feel that if I did anything with a pantheon, I would start at the highest deity to that pantheon and work my way down, decreasing the Rank/Level by 1 until it just completed itself.
  2. Jolly, I added a tournament legal Slifer to a Red-Eyes deck and decimated that broken ass Orichalcos deck that Dartz uses in the anime. So yeah, each of the gods can easily find a home in a majority of decks that can manage to get those 3 tributes out at a competitive rate. Also, I used tournament legal Slifer because anime Slifer inflicts damage. Kutora absorbs damage. So pretty much, legal Slifer can wipe the entire Orichalcos board using its effect alone and not allow your opponent to drop Kutora to summon Shunoros. Hope that explains why I specifically chose that version of Slifer.
  3. Well, it does have the God card summon immunity so that it a plus. Also, this also begs another question. How many god cards are you going to make? Just asking because the deck limit is 60 cards and Konami already handed us a baker's dozen for god cards. All 3 forms of Ra, obelisk and Slifer with all the new support. Another fun fact is that Slifer is consider a Dragon in the anime as you can see that Buster Blader gets the 500 point ATK boost from it.
  4. @Dad I never supported the whole Blue Lives Matter shit either. My reasoning for that is simply this: Cops chose that job. They knew the risk when they signed up. They know the risk every morning when they put that badge on. I'm not saying that their lives don't matter. I'm saying they chose that line of work despite the risks so if they want to bitch and moan about it now, they can either resign or man the fuck up and do their job the right fucking way. Yes, there are good cops that actually care about the communities they serve and patrol. Those are the cops that pay the price because dirty
  5. I love how you made them contradict each other and yet support each other at the same time.
  6. This is pretty ironic. Allow me to explain. In the creation myth of Egypt. Isis created a serpent from Ra's saliva. That serpent then bit Ra and he became seriously ill. Isis then used her magic to heal Ra in exchange for his true name, which she then passed down to her son. So the fact that this card is a direct opposite to Ra, yet supports it at the same time is fantastic.
  7. Yes. I understand that Pence threw Trump under the bus. But we all hated from the start and we all knew it was only a matter of time. But at the point where they were threatening his life, he was still the VP and it is still treason. I understand their anger but they failed to accomplish the primary objective of going to DC. The objective was to be there to rally and show support for Trump. This obviously failed since Trump was impeached. On a side note: Mike Pence now holds the record for shortest term as president. Also, Biden was robbed of his spot behind Trump.
  8. +3 per turn and free 900 damage. This is this archetype's MoF on steroids. Dual attribute is nice since ot can reduce the amount of materials needed for some things. This is essentially Magic Jammer, Trap Jammer or Skill Drain with legs. So this card attacking is essentially Book of Moon with a +1. This is PoG if it were a balanced card. This works on cards like Stardust Dragon or Gravekeepers. Those pesky pesky Gravekeepers. Total Defense Shogun. Gotta love that Metalmorph with piercing damage. Double attackers are always
  9. Ok. Let's assume that Antifa and BLM weren't there. Let's assume that every person in that crowd was indeed a Trump supporter. My options still stand as they are. It isn't about splitting hairs. It is about doing the right thing. Point is, there are members of that group that attacked the capitol and threatened the life of the VP. Now correct me if I'm wrong but being a civilian threatening the life of a government official could very well be considered an act of treason.
  10. BLM burning the entire city of Ferguson down and aimlessly murdering cops. Not to mention the fact that most of the cops murdered were black were killed simply because they had a badge. Yeah. I remember being in missouri watching the country that I swore to defend tear itself apart.
  11. Not exactly, Godbrand. Look at the examples I pointed out. Odds are that if somebody has a record, they will be less likely to use a gun outside of self defense.
  12. I was talking about all the damage done, cops killed and businesses destroyed (which were all part of the black community) destroyed by BLM since 2014 and the riots incited by Antifa over the past year or two. I am not letting the Trump supporters that entered the capitol off the hook either. What they did was still wrong and the ones that either did nothing or assisted with the attack on the capitol are traitors.
  13. Actions speak louder than words and their actions are pretty fucking loud. They burned cities and murdered cops for a political agenda. They are terrorists.
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