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  1. I attack Blue Eyed Maiden, and it activates it's effect. I Solemn Warning it. I destroy it and then there is a replay and I continue attacking, right?
  2. Can one feel phantom limb syndrome for some hair? I think I'm feeling it. I hadn't visited the barber in six years.
  3. This question is somewhat more general. I have been disconnected from the game since around october or november. What new rules and terms should I study, that I am to find more often once I return to the game, in some weeks? And something else, somewhat off-topic, as it is not rule-related, what new decks have entered the TCG since then, and what is dominating right now?
  4. A picture of me and my younger sister. To answer an obvious question, I am playing Pokemon Y. To answer another question, yes that is a beanie with the Triforce symbol on it. To answer yet another question that may not be ask, the logo at the bottom is there because my sister edited it. Any questions that I missed? :< The question of the age of your sister and if she has a boyfriend? @Moog: You make me think of the guy from Two and half men.
  5. I think you cannot activate it if you cannot resolve it fully.
  6. Yesterday. I am the tallest of the picture, as always. (note that the girl behind the group is actually stepping on something)
  7. Now I have a recent picture, but I don't look the best there. My sister got me this shirt yesterday for my birthday, and took my pic.
  8. One thing this thread reminds me is that none of my pictures ever get a good angle of my luxurious locks. Normally it's in a ponytail, but remove the hairband and I'm freaking Mega Ampharos. For a moment I was like "wow, Shradow has always been a girl and I didn't know," but then I looked again. I have no new photos, but I'll post this one from 2009. I haven't cut my hair since then. I asked my sister to take this pic, of me pointing at the landscape. She didn't include the landscape, and included a part of her finger.
  9. Hamstrat is already considered "destroyed" by the time it can summon it's tokens, if flipped face-up by battle with a bigger monster. Thus it cannot save itself. Right?
  10. People should pay more attention now to the difference between inherent summons and chain-starting summons, considering Dragon Rulers are everywhere, and they summon themselves by chainable effect. The trick is in the ";" after the cost; that's where cards can be chained to it. Question Will March of the Monarchs affect continuously targetting cards like Equip Spells equipped to the tribute summoned monster before March was activated?
  11. Tiragon's effect doesn't last a single attack. As long as the targeted monster remains face-up on the field, it can attack directly.
  12. Barian's Force and Numeron Force cause Umbralis to miss the timing, right?
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