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  1. I glance back at this place 👁️ 


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    2. Ryusei the Morning Star
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      It's too bad the search function here is broken.

    4. (GigaDrillBreaker)


      That wasn't a dig, to be clear. I genuinely wish it was easier for me to find old threads because I have said some funny shit.

  2. It's really been nine months

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    2. Thar


      Took you long enough to be born, jeez

  3. [spoiler=Got a new lamp so cue pretentious selfie]
  4. https://www.instagram.com/p/Bflv-qgFjy0/?taken-by=thelocalspinda hopefully link works n stuff
  5. [spoiler=poor image quality but my shirt is great so look at that instead] Mock exams went alright, english language was odd but i still did okay, came 3rd out of both boys and girls in our school for further maths so that's nice and found out that i got 100/120 on my ever so slightly very bodged ethics exam, which made me very happy as it's a high score but the marker is also very harsh (he's my old teacher) so it makes me happy to know i scored highly on something that he marked. However, even though these exams havent exactly been to my usual standard as i've been so stupidly ill which
  6. Thank! I've spent most of my positivity at school today trying to keep clam before exams and not stress other people so this was a really appreciated comment :D
  7. [spoiler= I have not posted here in ages rip] Stressful day but new shirt is nice :3 Also helped my boyfriend revise for the GCSE we had today, feels nice to be useful Chemistry mock exam felt like it went okay
  8. [spoiler= Did this 2-3 years ago as a quick sketch in a maths class when i was bored] Poorly executed but the image and concept of it means alot to me, alot of it is symbolic etc etc
  9. banned for having 169 posts ecksdee
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