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  1. Lol, why in the world do I need it in official matches? I just need it to complete my Pokedex in TCG Cards ^_^ Granted, but another Asuka (the one of Evangelion) comes and takes your place I wish Bluvista create smaller archetypes, because he always makes them with 18+ cards.
  2. Rhyhorn > Rhydon > Rhyperior. Squirtle >>>> Wartortle. Spoink > Grumpig. I guess there are more.
  3. Ok, second try. This should more or less do it.
  4. I mean those horrible things, specially when they're 12 cm long, damn it, lol Scyther
  5. Granted, you're satisfied with your Pop themes, although no one else is. I wish to have a Pokemon TCG Kadabra
  6. Granted, now you're a better pop music artist. I wish to finish my Gym Leader drawing already.
  7. All right! So I've adjusted a couple of things in the effect, I hope now it works better. Thanks as always, Darj.
  8. ^_^ Yeah! I have around 8 different cards of Meloetta, including her Pirouette forme. I'm missing the japanese exclusives, though .
  9. I gotta try that one and compare. I did give my points of view about your themes, don't take it too bad for the last ok? I want to be true to my friends rather than say only nice things to look good I feel so flattered, seeing my work be recognized like this! Thanks a lot, Nyx!
  10. Thanks a lot for your comment. Well, yeah, it's not easy. The foamy is a kinda rebel material, and it's hard to draw lines/paint on it. If memory serves, I used a needle and carefully made the lines, cutting the foamy very slightly, almost just like a guide. Then, with a very pointy wet colored pencil, you follow the guides, but you usually have to do it multiple times, For the shapes of the "pieces of puzzle", I have a paper guide with the actual size of the painting. I use a needle to puncture the paper with the foamy underneath it, and cut it following the small points.
  11. I want to show a creation I made two or three years ago. It's made of foamy, but I painted the background and used wet colored pencils for the shadows and highlights. I make my foamy "paintings" by cutting the pieces so they fit together like a puzzle ^_^. And of course, I made this as tribute to my favourite Pokemon, Meloetta! For those who are into the Pokemon TCG, you'll recognize the card this "painting" is based on.
  12. Tadpole-chan! I think you erased it's ahoge-leaf, but please don't, it looks cuter that way. Stage 2 reminded me of Grovyle. I'm guessing you'll give it lots of jumping moves, like High Jump Kick, Bounce, and the like. The stage 3 is holding a Trident? Can it generate it as part of the body? Maybe like a mucus that is solidified quickly. Holy moly, angry Giraffurnace looks too cute and dangerous ^_^. Can you please tell us what each number stands for in your map? I'm guessing 1 is the Gym and 7/8 the entrances.
  13. Artisan's Extremity Normal Spell Gain 100 LP for each Spell/Trap in both player's GY with a different name than all the other cards in both player's GY. If this card is in your GY and you control at least 2 cards: You can banish this card; destroy all cards you control, then excavate cards from the top of your Deck until you have excavated 5 Spell/Traps, and if you do, Set them, also shuffle the rest into the Deck, and if you do that, skip your next 2 Draw Phases. You cannot Special Summon during the turn you activate this effect. You can only use 1 effect of "Artisan's Extremity" per turn, and only once that turn. Ok, I have some serious doubts about this card, but I still wanted to post it in advanced to see what's the opinion of the experts. For starters, I have been wondering if I can omit the (including this card) part. I just want to make sure the card is not in the way of the excavated cards so they can be Set freely, since, if I'm not wrong, Spell/Traps are sent to the GY only when their effect is completely resolved. About meta-use... well, you suddenly gain a full backrow in exchange of your field and 2 draw phases. I added the first limitation so you cannot abuse with an empty field on your first turn, but maybe I can remove that part. All in all, I feel the gain and penalty is more or less balanced, but more importantly, what do you think? EDIT: I made some changes as suggested by Darj (again) >_<'
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