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  1. Granted, you are blessed with 100 additional wishes, but in order to use any of them, you have to wait 100 years for each. I wish to know if your avatar is a Space Sphere, because I'm interested in your new game but I'm not sure if what I said is true.
  2. lol, you probably won't believe me since I placed that pic, but I hate Dyna/Gigantamax as well, I just thought you'd like it due to your username, but failed. Also, there's a list of 10+ reasons I can think of why Gigantamax is not a clone of Mega Evo, but this isn't the right place to chat about that, so I'll simply say again welcome to YCM. And deleting the pic for your comfort xD.
  3. Welcome to the game, @Time Wanderer Rosemary. I honestly like your card, it's a nice touch that it is only treated as Genex Controller on the field to avoid the max. copies rule in case you want to run the originals and has a pretty solid self summoning effect. The last effect seems a little too strong. The HOPT is there, yes, but perhaps it should go banished after it's used as material for the second time. Some stuff to correct in the grammar, (from your hand). S Summons that don't start a chain need the parenthesis. Also: You can only use each effect of "Modded Genex Controller: Model V" o
  4. It would seem you can, @Psilocyborg. There's hardly any precedent to this kind of effect, but I suppose a replacement can be done as a response to TT. If you compare this to the cards mentioned by Tythe, Big Shield Gardna is a Quick Effect, so SS 2. And since this is a Trap, same... I'm still not sure if the actual effect has a relation to Spell Speed, or if it is more of a Triggering stuff (I think its the latter, right?). If this is the case, it has no relation to the Set --> activate next turn rule, so I suppose it'd be good to go.
  5. Not only that, but I like the fact that it is worded in a way that it grants delicious all around protection. Evenly Matched? Nah. Giant Trunade-like effects? Nope. Nobleman of Crossout that nobody plays anymore? Niet. Envoy of the Beginning? Nanay. What the hell, I'm liking this card more every time I come back xD.
  6. Something stronger: a repeated explanation of game mechanics: X Pokemon is NOT x4 weak to Y Pokemon because each of the types of Y Pokemon is SE against each of the types of X Pokemon x4 weakness is when both of the types of a Dual-Type Pokemon are weak against a single type of move. For instance, Heatran is x4 weak to Ground because Ground is SE vs Steel AND Fire Gyarados is x4 weak to Electric because Electric is SE vs Water and Flying. Lilligant is NOT x4 weak to Volcarona, because Volcarona may use either Bug OR Fire to attack Lilligant, but each of said moves will
  7. Ohhh, I see! I felt something was in the air, but I was pretty sure face-down cards were essentially Effect-less (until sent to the GY, at least) , thanks for the clarification, Tythe. I remember making a couple of cards with that kind of effect many years ago, but I thought that was something weird I came up with, not something with an actual precedent ^_^┬┤┬┤. Well, in that case, I take back my words, the card has its uses. Possibly I'd carry something less passive considering the brutal pace of the meta, but this card should be good in the Decks I mentioned earlier or something like Sky Strik
  8. That thing looks like a Ghost / Rock Pokemon... In that case: Gourgeist
  9. Your image is not visible, @The Nyx Avatar, but well, since the previous is an undead... A redead xD
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