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  1. I'm getting more powerful by the moment, mwa-ha-ha


    Btw @Dokutah Jolly, you can check how many "points" you require for your next rank by clicking on your name at the top of the screen. You get points by doing certain actions, specially stuff like posting, but it would seem, based on a video I watched before, that the "Community Leader" (YCMaker, of course) can determine which actions award you with points.

    1. Dokutah Jolly

      Dokutah Jolly

      Dang it lol

      My hermit attitude cant keep up with the system arrrrgghhhh

    2. Abbie


      I just got the cute leaf too. I approve of this change now


  2. I was unable to find or remember any cards with "sacrifice" in them, but looking up at Yugipedia, this article tells us the following: Tributing, called releasing (Japanese: リリース Rirīsu) in Japanese media and the English dub of Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's, is a method of sending cards from the hand or field to the Graveyard. In the TCG, "Tribute" is used as a verb; previously, it was phrased as "offer as a Tribute", called sacrifice (生いけ贄にえに捧ささげる Ikenie ni Sasageru) in the OCG and the Yu-Gi-Oh! and Yu-Gi-Oh! GX anime. I'm almost sure I have seen cards with the "sacrifice" wording in its name like Catter says, but it might be my mind playing games on me. At any rate, as the article says, it's correct in the OCG and anime, but we should avoid using it in TCG.
  3. You're welcome. Good luck in your future endeavours. And yeah, you more or less get used to it with practice. PSCT is a monster, it has too many nooks and crannies and is evolving constantly, and I'm no super expert by any means, but I'm pretty sure about the tips I gave you above. If you have any doubts, lemme know and I'll try to help you.
  4. @ClemsContent First and foremost, welcome to YCM and congratz on your first post n.n A tiny bit of grammar polish :) The changes I made: - Adjusted the wording for the attack target prevention (based on Earthbound Immortal Uru). - Note how I'm using colon and semicolon. They're used to denote that a Chain is being started. Anything before Colon is Activation Condition or Timing. Before semi-colons, you'll find targets or costs - Avoid using -Type, that's not used by Konami anymore. Now that we're at it, also avoid using -Attribute, unless the card specifies the monster is treated as having multiple attributes. Also avoid saying "Xyz Material". For as lame as it sounds, Konami now uses "material" (but still use "Xyz Monster") - Pay LP ---> Take damage. I learned this some time ago, but I don't remember the reason right now at 100%. I believe it has to do in which you're in a part of the effect where there's resolution, and you can't pay costs there, so you take damage. Something of the sort xD - Normally, you target stuff in your GY or when they're banished before doing something with them (i.e. Target 1 monster in the GY; add it to your hand/Special Summon it/banish it/etc) - Whenever - each time. Also, I took a bit of license here to add that part about "exactly 1 monster". This will prevent you from using the effect if more than 1 mob is sent to the GY, but the effect is now more accurately worded. - Note where I'm using Capital Letters and where I'm using lowercase. About the cards: I like Cernunnos. Pretty well balanced, not much to say here, good work. Epona: Here you have a big problem. That effect that banishes stuff sent to the GY and let's you SS Beasts from your hand or Deck is overpowered, because it's allowing generic mobs to activate the effect and doesn't have a Once per Turn Clause, much less a Hard Once per Turn Clause (OPT and HOPT). You could easily loop here sending mobs you control as material to the GY, Special Summon Extra Deck mobs, Special Summon more mobs in substitute of the sent to the GY material, and keep it up. This effect truly needs a OPT, at least. See ya around n.n
  5. Welp, I' not saying that that reaching the threshold is very easy, what I'm saying is that the set-up with Battle Mania is. The thing is, this is a card with auto-win condition that is far more manageable compared to other strategies of the sort. For this reason, as a 1 card win-con, you can build a Deck based on that, and given the brutal restriction of effect 1, it's not too hard to pull stall strategies that will let you run stuff like Mask of Darkness to bring Battle Mania to the party. You can also make use of certain cards that force you to attack, like Savage Colosseum. If you know exactly when to activate it... Anywho, my problem with the card is that, as said earlier, it's a 1 card win-con that doesn't take too long to apply the killer effect. One per Duel clauses don't really fix this, as we want the card to be balanced, but if you build a Deck around it, and the card is screwed once, then the Deck is 100% dead with the OPD clause, and that's also no good.
  6. I agree in that this card is pretty dangerous, and the low threshold (5) is rather problematic.As you carefully take the counter to 4, you can easily surprise your opponent during their turn with Battle Mania and sent them to oblivion veeeery easily. It's a pretty cheap tactic that Konami wouldn't allow, imo. Funnily enough, we're focusing too much in the insta-win condition, but this card's most brutal effect in a competitive environment is the first one. Only 1 Summon per turn as one of the effects of a simple card and without any cost is way too game changing and OP. This effects takes further other effects like allowing only 1 Special Summon, like WInda's, as it restricts it to ANY Summon. For all these reasons, I believe the card needs to be toned down, or given a maintenance cost, even if slightly.
  7. Heh! You little open-eyed newbies, you got so much to learn. But fear not, for your Rookie-senpai is here to give you guidance!


    1. Horu


      Hello, my fellow rookie.

    2. Dokutah Jolly
    3. Rayfield Lumina

      Rayfield Lumina

      It would seem that you achieve a higher rank simply by posting. I'm not sure if this stays true to every rank or we'll have to do something else for higher Ranks.

  8. Nuuuuuuuuu, I was halfway making the reply to Dramatic Crossroad's prompt T_T. Oh well, no can do ~~~~ There you go, Itsu, Reptile eveywhere ~~~~~ Next: * Cosmos Attribute * Can banish cards in your opponent's Extra Deck * Serves as "Joker" to complete an Extra Link (as in, this is NOT a Link Mob, but if in the middle of Links, it is treated as pointing at them). * Can banish cards in your GY as substitute of Tributing monster you control as cost, but this substitute has a hefty cost.
  9. Catter friend, I insist in that you should avoid using "sacrifice" at all costs. It might be true that there are cards with the term "sacrifice" in them, but if they exist, I have no doubt they're old as heck cards that were released prior to PSCT. I can assure you 1000000% the term sacrifice is not used anymore. Use Tribute (with capital T), it is used for both the Tribute for Tribute summon, and tribute for cards that ask Tribute as cost to pay for their effects . As for the effect, I agree it's a stronk card, but it warrants the flexibility. To compensate, a HOPT clause. It absolutely needs it n.n ~~~~ Astral Projection Continuous Spell Once per turn: You can reveal 1 monster in your hand; Special Summon 1 Token with the same Name, Type, Attribute, Level, ATK and DEF as the revealed monster, but it cannot be used as Tribute or material for a Summon, except for the Summon of a Psychic monster. During the End Phase: Destroy that Token.
  10. Alright, so now we got Rank and Badges.

    Intrigue Intensifies

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    2. YCMaker


      I believe Ranks are replacing titles. I think there is an option to re-run the Rank calculation based on previous posts, though it might be nice to start fresh. I'm going to wait and see what happens based on the process that's already running, and then probably throw it up to the community to decide.

    3. God Emperor Cow

      God Emperor Cow

      ftr, not wanting to "start fresh" is one of the reasons for some of the members sticking around, just thought i should remind you on that

    4. YCMaker


      Agreed, that's why I'm going to put it up to a community vote. I do think there are valid arguments to be made in both cases.

  11. Another Fairy? Kk Alien Investigator - Lil' Starky Level 3 WIND Fairy / Tuner / Effect You can activate Quick-Play Spells from your hand during your opponent's turn. Once per turn, you can either: Excavate the top 5 card of your Deck, then add 1 excavated Level 3 or lower monster to your hand and place the other cards on the bottom of your Deck in any order OR Look at the top 10 cards of your Deck, then place them all on the top or bottom of your Deck in any order. ATK 1200 / DEF 1600 Next: *Lamia Girl Theme (yes, another monster girl, lol) * Can take control of opponent's mobs * Negates activation of effects of cards in the same column * Xyz Monster with a second summoning possibility (beyond the classic stack 2 Level X monsters)
  12. Clumsy Ditzy Pixie - Mother Plopxie Level 12 WIND Fairy / Synchro / Effect 1 Fairy Tuner + 1+ non-Tuner monsters If this card is Synchro Summoned: You can target 1 other Fairy monster you control; it cannot be targeted by your opponent's card effects. This card's effect and ATK cannot change by other card effects. This card cannot attack. When a Fairy monster you control would be destroyed by battle, you can have this card lose ATK equal to the ATK of the monster that would destroy your Fairy monster instead. If this card's ATK becomes 0, banish this card. Once per turn: You can roll a six-sided die; this card gains ATK equal to the die roll x200. ATK 8000 / DEF 2000 ~~~~ Imagine a giant super chubby momma Pixie, all ditzy and loving, protecting other little Fairies. She can't attack, but has an humongous ATK that can be used up to protect others, and can be replenished by its own effect. I dunno, but I loved how this card turned out lol. ~~~~ Next * Slime Girl theme * Can create Token copies of herself. * Weak, but Veeeery Hard to get rid of (and I mean very, something like "cannot be destroyed" won't do) * Gets more powerful with WATER comrades
  13. I'd actually take sacrifice for a synonym of Tribute, but Tribute is also there. Perhaps he means Tribute by Tribute Summon and sacrifice -> Tribute to pay card effect cost. About 2), It's mandatory, because it says "pay", not "you can pay". This is pretty dangerous. If it's caught by the opponent in Attack Position and is able to overpower it with more than 1 mob, you got that you receive normal battle damage + 1000 dmg everytime, which is bad stuff. It really needs the "You can".
  14. Fortified Walls Continuous Spell Rock monsters you control gain 1000 DEF. Any direct damage you'd take becomes 0. Your opponent cannot attack you directly. Once per turn, during your End Phase: Tribute 1 Rock monster on the field (even if you do not control it) or destroy this card.
  15. Unassuming is a word bound to interpretation. Let's see if I get this right.I'll also play with the criterion "-the person with more LP is in control". It won't switch control, but as a Field Spell, the turn player will be able to "control" it's effect if they have more LP. Kramer Nightmare Yard Field Spell Once per turn, during the Standby Phase: The turn player takes 1000 damage OR places 1 Lethal Counter on a face-up monster they control. A monster with a Lethal Counter on it cannot attack, has its effects negated and cannot change battle position or be used as Tribute or material for a Summon. During the End phase, monsters with Lethal Counters on them in the turn player's possession are destroyed, then the controller takes damage equal to the monster's ATK. Once per turn, during the Main Phase, if your LP is higher than your opponent's: You can randomly choose 1 card in your opponent's hand, then if the chosen card was a monster, Special Summon it ignoring its summoning conditions and place 1 Lethal Counter on that monster. Next: * Unaffected by LIGHT monster effects * A formerly LIGHT official monster who was corrupted * Can attack up to 3 times with a cost * Gets angry (+ATK) each time the opponent performs a certain action (i.e. a summon, send cards to GY, etc, your call)
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