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  1. For what is worth, I fully support everything proposed above by Nyx. As one of the people who has had the most activity in the site in the past 2 years, I can confidently say that the overall activity of the site hasn't improved too much since I started having activity, just a little bit (when I started to post was pretty much a graveyard). Then the new card maker was released to the public, and we (or at least me) had hopes the site would finally start to see the light... which unfortunately didn't happen. Of course, the updated tool is still relatively new and we should give it time, but on the meantime looking for alternatives seems like the way to go, and Nyx is definitely onto something. The possibility of having your profile music theme and the return of usergroups is simply a wonderful idea. I'm unsure how much attractiveness it can hold for a relatively new user, but veterans would definitely love to see that back, and if veterans start to have more activity and interact with the newbies, the latter would be more willing to stay in the site.
  2. In is possible, but nos as easy as one would think. The problem is that a lot of effects are archetypal-based, for both archetypes, and that's problematic, even if they have 1 effect here and there that is generic for Water, and despite they both being Cyberse. As per the Links, almost all the Bermuda Links require their own archetype mons to be summoned, with a couple of exceptions. Ont he other hand, almost all Marincess Links are Water generic except for a couple, Blue Angel and Blue Slug IIRC. On that regard, Marincess seem to have better opportunities to be the dominant deck while the Bermudas provide some support with their swarming sick capabilities. Alright, but that doesn't justify the current wording. Again, what monster loses the ATK? You can't just say "that monster". Avoiding target stuff is kinda tricky, but I have a suggestion: if exactly 1 "Bermuda Idol" monster is Special Summoned to your field (except during the Damage Step): You can have the monster(s) in the same column as that Special Summoned "Bermuda Idol" monster lose ATK equal to that "Bermuda Idol" monster's ATK. Eh, kinda redundant wording, but let's go with this to be sure. This definitely avoids targeting, and can even hit 2 of your opponent's monsters if they're in the same column. The original says monster(s), but there's only 1 card that can SS 2 monsters at the same time in this archetype, so this should be fine. Alright
  3. Alrighto, I'm getting pumped up, I really love to make flavourful cards. I'll cook up something for you once I'm done with my other pending contest n.n
  4. YEEEAAAHHH! This is very nice, Zefra, probably one of your best sets so far! This has little to do with me liking Water and waifus. With some exceptions where you went a bit overboard, I can confidently say that, though the overall power of the archetype seems rather high, it's FAR more balanced than most of your previous creations, I truly enjoyed going through this set (despite me not liking particularly long threads with tons of cards lol). I feel a little overwhelmed to give my two cents on the balance and the kind of combos you could make (Tinkerer and Jolly are probably better at this) but one can see clearly that this Deck has brutal swarming potential. Regardless, the effects make sense, have clauses and limitations (well, in some cases are a little cheap) that in general are right on track. While going through Cadet Riviere to Echoes Parra, my thinking was "welp, tons of swarm, but the HOPTs are there, as well as stats and power/number of effects that are quite acceptable.. Then I reached the Level 7 ones, and I was like, hummm, so 1 Bermuda Idol gets SS and they get SS'd from GY? That's pretty convenient. Despite the HOPT, it's one revival per turn after being used as material and returning to the GY, probs it require a "but banish it when it leaves the field" like other cards. All in all, you got effects that get benefited by banished cards, so it can work. Next up are the Links. Again, overall good job, up to Piorina and Pierine. Then we reach the bosses of the deck and they get way too scary, even for Link 4. I remember those days when you'd make Link monsters with 4000 ATK or something, lol, seeing the ATK you gave them is proof you have improved in that regard.About Riviere, I have my worries. It's not that much of a drawback that you cancel the SS'ed Link 3 monster's attack and effect, you're going to use it as material for another Link yes or yes. Then you limit yourself to being unable to SS more mobs from Extra Deck, except WATER Links, but that's what you're going to keep doing, let's be honest xD. If the limitation was something like "You cannot Special Summon monsters, except Link WATER monsters, for the rest of this turn" then we'd be onto something, imo. Ange's effects aren't too terrible each, but it's one case of too many effects with good power than we got something a little OP. Still not thaaat OP. We get to the Spells. I recognize my suggestion here, so evidently no objections lol. This set has a couple of "shuffle cards from your GY, then draw 2 cards". 2 cards is too much, regardless of additional limitations given. Think of Daigusto Emeral. IIRC that thing was banned at some point(?) and it is shuffle 3, draw 1. This one is a happy self banish for additional effect. Imo remove that effect or make it 1.Same goes for the shuffling + draw effect of Spectacular Luxury. Spectacular Concert has a typo, it says Spectalar. It feels like +500 ATK is too much, IDK. I'd make it 300. The ffect is scary, but you gave it that draw cards effect you mentioned before... except you didn't mention the -1, you crafty man xP. Remove the -1 and we be happy. Traps... read first card and: LOL, You had to hit hand traps ahahahaha. Now, Ball's effect has a lil' problem. It says: If a "Bermuda Idol" monster(s) is Special Summoned to your field (except during the Damage Step): You can make that opponent's monster lose ATK What opponent's monster? Probs you meant: If a "Bermuda Idol" monster(s) is Special Summoned to your field (except during the Damage Step): You can target 1 monster your opponent controls; that target loses ATK equal to the ATK of that Special Summoned "Bermuda Idol" monster. I already mentioned how strong was Spectacular Luxury's shiffling + draw effect, but also Setting every mob SS'ed by your opponent from the Extra seems too much, I'd say only 1.Spectacular Waves is another cases of too many strong effects, that can be used OPT. Btw, it has a SS Effect, but it doesn't specify where to Summon from, you need to adjust that. TBH, you have soooo many methods of SSing, I'd simply remove it, you don't need it and it's kinda greedy. The others are stronk, but relatively balanced. Alrighto, Zama, this one was pretty good, you're going in the right path n.n
  5. Scyther's Slashing Saturday Week 7 - Scyther be a nice, smilin' n' handsome boi


    Yeah, Scythers are not all about being angry slashing everything, damn it!

    @Dokutah Jolly



      Being out of reactions sucks :( to many people to like! Look at Scyther's Joy!

  6. OMG, another contest! Welp, I'm in the process of cooking something for another one, but when I'm done I'd like to give this a go, the concept is neat. I don't see any grading criteria, so I imagine it's all about making the lore/background, power/balance/PSCT seem unimportant. Is this correct?
  7. Oh, I loved this one, and it's not only because she's a WATER Waifu, the effect is very interesting. Lesse: No need to specify face-up in the banishment. When banished face-down, cards lose their identity, thus this card wouldn't be able to Summon itself. Final clause is somewhat ambiguous. I separated them, and make the effect one a super HOPT. That's a good measure, because you could easily combo this card to apply all effects in a row. Like, you start discarding and bringing Aqua Spirit to your hand, try to banish some other card and banish this card instead, and Summon itself. If anything, I believe it's more than fair to reduce the total level requirement, 15 seems pretty steep. 10 sounds more viable, imo. WAER mobs like to use their Lv 7 stuff, so a combination of Level 7 + Level 3/4 would suffice. I love the discarding effect and the slight attack boost. Fortiseamo: Tatsunoko and Ice Barriers in general would love this. There's a But. The effect is relatively restrictive as it is, so I believe it warrants a slight power up, and that's making the alteration effect non-mandatory. "Then you can apply......." You don't want to change a card's characteristics when it's not necessary.
  8. Alrighty. Why so many cards, tho? x_x Calling Of The Light Warrior's Pay half your LP; add 1 "Light Warrior" monster from your Deck to your hand. Rise Of The Light Warrior's Pay half your LP, then target 1 "Light Warrior" monster in your GY; Special Summon it. Wanda-Recruiter Of The Light Warrior's During your opponent's Battle Phase (except during the damage step): You can pay half your LP; Special Summon this card from your hand. If this card is Summoned: You can add 1 "Light Warrior" monster from your Deck or GY to your hand. The effect of all Dark monsters and Fiend monsters your opponent controls are negated. <--- the original wording doesn't specify where Wanda is SS'ed from, so I used what I imagine is the intent. Lili-The Resurrector Of The Light Warrior's You can Special Summon this card (from your hand) during your Standby Phase. Once per turn, during your Main Phase: You can pay half your LP, then target 1 Level 4 or lower "Light Warrior" monster in your GY; Special Summon it. The effect of all Dark monsters and Fiend monsters your opponent controls are negated. <--- if you say Main Phase without specifying the number, you needn't say 1 or 2. Since she only has 1 LP halving effect, there's no need for that separate each time etc etc., it's just that effect halving your LP (the Special Summoning. Note that, opposed to Wanda, I made her Special Summoning as an effect which doesn't activate, so you needn't pay for that. It can be adjusted if you really want it to be an ignition effect. Lala-The Protector Of The Light Warrior's (Quick Effect): You can pay half your LP and discard this card; negate the effects of all cards your opponent controls. The effect of all Dark monsters and Fiend monsters your opponent controls are negated. <--- First OP'ed card, imo. Regardless of costing half your lP, negating the effect (permanently) of all cards your opponent controls as a Quick Effect is preeety strong. Regal-The King Of The Light Warrior's The effect of all Dark monsters and Fiend monsters in your opponent's hand, field and GY are negated. Cannot be destroyed by battle or card effects. <--- This card's wording is rather problematic. It's strange that it says "can only be banished". The thing is, there are many ways for a monster to leave the field, destroyed, banished, returned to hand, shuffled, used as Tribute/material. The primordial effect is to negate the destruction, so let's keep that. From there, it's natural that it can be banished. In case you intended to give it other protections, like being returned to hand, and oblige your opponent to get rid of it, you need other wording. The LP halving effect is kinda wut? While you control it, half your LP? When? How? You can't just apply that effect, because next time you read the card, you'd have to apply it again, it seems like a continuous weird effect lol. No need for it at all, imo. Sadie-Pixie Of The Light Warrior's When your opponent activates a card effect or declares an attack: You can pay half your LP, then banish this card from your hand or GY and target 1 "Light Warrior" Spell in your GY; this effect becomes that target's effect when that card is activated. Light Warrior's Judgement When your opponent activates a card effect: Half your LP; negate the activation. If you control a face-up "Regal- The King Of The Light Warrior's", you can activate this card from your hand. This card's effect cannot be negated. <--- given the cost, I'd say it's more than fair to also destroy the activated card. Light Warrior's Censor When your opponent Summons a monster(s) : Half your LP; negate the Summon, and if you do, destroy that card(s). If you control a face-up "Regal- The King Of The Light Warrior's", you can activate this card from your hand. This card's effect cannot be negated. <- Here I included the destruction because that's inherent to Summon negation. Light Warrior's Search Pay half your LP; make your opponent reveal all their Dark and/or Fiend monsters in their hand, and if they do, banish one of those monsters (your choice). <--- And if they don't have Dark or Fiend? Card dead xD. CoCo-The Light Warrior's Switcher During the turn this card in its owner's possession is drawn or added to your hand: You can exchange this card with 1 card in your opponent's hand. <--- to be 1000% honest, this might be wrong, as I don't remember cards that say exchange, but the wording is short and clean, it should work. It might require that "in its owner's possession" because I'm unsure if exchange would count as add, but if it did, the effect becomes alive in your opponent's hand, meaning they could exchange it with you lol. The Light Warrior's Barrier This card's activation cannot be negated. This card cannot be destroyed or sent to the GY, except by its own effect. While you control a face-up Regal-The King Of The Light Warrior's", DARK monsters and Fiend monsters in your opponent's possession cannot be Normal Summoned/Set, be Special Summoned or activate their effects. Once per turn, during your Standby Phase: Pay half your LP. During your 3rd End Phase after this card's activation: Destroy this card. I'M DONE. I believe I deserve a freaking cookie. If you don't, I'll kill you. Bye xD
  9. Congratz on the making of your first cards Designing cards to specifically go for the head of a particular type is not very common and, from my particular perspective, not very advisable. I can understand that at some point one develops a hate for a certain type, for instance, I'd go right away for Dragons and Machines xD. Anywho, Allow me to help you with PSCT (Which means Problem Solving Card Text, or in other words, the correct grammar you should try to use in your cards, as you surely have noticed they use certain language structure). This is a continuous effect. Therefore, there's no need to say "When X card is activated". The effects will be inherently there and will remain until the card is not face-up on the field. Note that, again, I'm not using the card's actual name, but "This card". I decided to go for the "also" conjunction because that's the most flexible conjunction there is. Even if for some reason you can't negate the target's effect, you can still go for the destruction effect. With the "and" conjunction, you gotta do both (negate and destroy) and if you cannot do 1, you do neither. Anywho, welcome to YCM n.n
  10. Oh... fair enough... n-no wait, what fair enough? That was cheap! On second thought, you're right about the lore. As per the gameplay part, I have a better solution, if I may: If this face-up card would leave the field by your opponent's card, you can destroy 1 monster you control that this card points to instead. The deal is, banishment also counts as leaving the field. With this wording, you include that, as well as both card effect and battle destruction. I actually appreciate column and zone moving effects, feels pretty strategic, and that's always nice to see, compared, specially, to a never-ending rain of dull Special Summons.
  11. It's not like we didn't bite to your idea. Problem is the organization, we'll need to think this thoroughly. Let's be patient, we'll see what we can cook n.n I'm digging this, but how would we do it and where? I ask because yep, this is an art club, but perhaps this place is not too suited to hold a game?
  12. Hey Bow Wow, glad to see you here n.n Ah, right, the famous Digimon Set xD. I have taken a look around it two or three times and each time I have a hard time reaching the end of the cards, lol. I can't say I "dislike" archetypes in general, on contrary, but I get what you mean. A good thing about general support is that it is less bound to be banned by Konami, unlike archetypes which are all about powercreep and designed preemptively to have certain OP'ed cards in which you spend hundreds only to be scheduled to be banned at a certain point. So yeah, I can support you in your endeavor of making sets of cards that supports Attributes or Types. I have to clarify, tho, that... to be 100% honest I'm not too thrilled about threads with 1000 cards, in truth, I myself make single cards 95% of the time, they're easier to review and give feedback to. At any rate, I'd be willing to look at WATER support you can make as long as I don't have to spend 5 days reading it xD. I'm decent at grammar, so I'll help you if I can n.n Oh, so you like old(ish) Videogames. Me too, and I could remove the (ish) as well and we still got tons of winners. I enjoy games from all consoles, but SNES is one of my favourites. Don't you like RPGs or adventure/platformers? Welp, you got your experience at YCM, but still, I say welcome, make yourself at home!
  13. @Nede you damn cheateeeer, this is the most shameless clickbait in YCM ever! Lol, I'm kidding (or am I not?) This kinda felt like it was intended to me, the one who's weak to pretty waifus. Anywho, a smol adjustment I recommend you make is: You can move 1 card this card points --> You can move 1 monster this card points. If this card is in a MMZ, it would be able to point at your Spell/Traps, and "move 1 card". That's problematic, so let's avoid that. In addition, removed from the field is a term that was long since abandoned by Konami. Pls use " If this card would leave the field... On this, IDK if you have considered the fact that leaving the field also means being Tributed for effect/Tribute Summon or used as material. You care about the flavour of the card, so it doesn't make sense that a "man sacrifices himself" if this wondrous lady is used as material. In truth, from a realistic gameplay perspective, being able to destroy monsters this card points to to replace her as material sounds rather odd, but that's just my opinion. Finally, unless her own movement to the zone of the destroyed monster is a flavour thing (does she eat them? xD), I'd rather make that effect non-mandatory You can target 1 monster you control; destroy it, then you can move this card to the unoccupied zone that target was.
  14. As I don't know which kind of image editors you got access to, I'd simply recommend Photopea, it's pretty much a free Photoshop, but works online only. https://www.photopea.com/ To adjust an images' DPI, after opening it click on Image --> Image Size --> Take note of your current px size. When you increase the DPI, the pixel size will also increase proportionally, so restore it to 813 x 1185 and click ok. This way, your image should keep it's current pixel size but increased DPI, which is important for getting printing quality. Sadly, can't help you with the service I used. It was just a local one , which only have 3 or 4 branch offices in the city I live. I'm afraid you'll have to look around for printing centres close to your place and try here and there.
  15. Ah Ah Ah Ah LOL ok ok. Let's look at this this way: Brain Control got an errata, now it's at 3, but limited to taking control of Normal Summon-able mobs, this at the cost of 800 LP, and until the End Phase. Yours is permanent, but dangerous because for the sake of avoiding you taking control of the opponent's card, the opponent might Solemn it to hell. It requires your Extra Monster Zone to be empty, and can only be applied to Link mobs, then the thing about it being upside down is neat because in a good % of cases Link mobs point ↓ at least; regardless, I don't think this is reliable enough to be viable to run in the Main Deck. Evidently, this card is 100% dead if your opponent's Deck doesn't run Links, and still not good if it runs some but it's not the core of the Deck. This card is Side Deck material, but a tough pick, imo. The concept is neat, tho.
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