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  1. Banned because Winter is Coming
  2. Alrighty, this is cool Morris, I love the Token names xD. Suddenly, they changed to Tomago instead of Tamago, though, haha. Ok, I'll keep this one but make some adjustments to it: Ok then, first effect is mostly left as you suggested. Changed the effects so they're not mandatory, removed the damage protection effect for Piercing because... I don't know, I feel it's good but somehow out of place (might give it to another member) and changed the last effect. Laziness is contagious, hence the effect xP. Thanks for the new card idea ^_^
  3. An archetype, huh? Nice thinking, maybe I could try. Any suggestions? To answer your question: You're right, but you missed the tenten. It's there, but almost too tiny to be seen xD. Any comments about the card in itself?
  4. Holy crap, Phantom, it happened! Cheers, man! The effect in itself is pretty costly for my tastes, but well, I've seen worse. And the final one makes up for it a little. Fortunately, it doesn't need to leave the field by an opponent's action, so no passive Gagagigo. Probably the one thing that made me say hummm.... was the fact that its ATK is pretty low, but more than that... it's no 2050 or something.
  5. Banned for being a slave of Sauron and the One Ring
  6. You got me on the Set part, it wasn't my intention to change it, as later I used Set, lol. But yeah, it's like you said, hence why I said "polish" instead of "correct" and "not 100% required", because I think your grammar already works. In general, my intention was to make the card a little more... elegant, if you will. Me being nosy xD.
  7. Mmmm... ok, this card requires a tiny bit of polish, but the grammar is pretty good. let's see: There, just the revealing thingy. You know, maybe it's not 100% required, but normally if you're going to activate this type of effect, you gotta reveal the card first. It's like: "Dude, gonna activate an effect, set that trap" "WTF hell no. Why should I?" So, by revealing it, you can proceed to activate the effect. And well, the effect in itself is not crazy, but good enough, considering the monster is pretty strong and the ability to activate your Continuous Trap the same turn it was set can come in handy to many decks. Definitely, the best part is that it requires any Continuous Trap on the field, not only your opponent's so it should be nice support for some archetypes out there.
  8. Tamago Squad LIGHT Level 1 // Warrior / Effect ATK 600 / DEF 400 Cannot be targeted for attacks or by card effects if you control a Beast monster. You can pay 500 LP; Special Summon 1 "Nice Tamago Token" (Beast/Tuner/LIGHT/Level 1/ATK 0/DEF 0). It cannot be used as material during this turn. If your opponent destroys a "Nice Tamago Token", your opponent skips their next Draw Phase. You can toss a coin and call it. If you call it right, Special Summon 1 "Bad Tamago Token" (Beast/DARK/Level 1/ATK 0/DEF 0) to your opponent's field. If your opponent uses a "Bad Tamago Token" as Tribute or material for a Summon, negate the Summoned monster's effects, it cannot attack and cannot be used as material, also your opponent takes 1000 damage . You can only use each effect of "Tamago Squad" once per turn. *** And in case you're curious, the girl's hoodie says TA-MA-GO in hiragana xD So yeah, the idea is that the girl is the "warrior" and commands the chicks. For low cost, you get on your field a Tuner Token, which can be used next turn as a Synchro/Link Material. I debated whether I should increase this card's Level or not, but decided to leave it Level 1 to add to its cuteness ^_^. The card is designed for stalling, annoyance and disruption, though. The girl can't be targeted if you control a Beast, the Tokens are beasts. If the opponent kills the Token, everyone gets sad and they skip their next draw Phase. And then you can begin to SS Bad Tamagos to your opponent's field to disrupt their zones in case they heavily play with Links/Pendulums 50% of the time in theory. There's a catch, as it won't hurt the opponent if it Tributes the Bad Tamago as card cost and not as Tribute/material for their summons. So yeah, I guess it's pretty slow to be in Advanced, but fun to play, specially if you eat an egg everyday for breakfast, like me. As always, critique and comments to make it better are appreciated
  9. Banned for not welcoming @Psilocyborg in his formal introduction on the site and banned him instead.
  10. Granted, but it's designed for humans. Cats melt. I wish @Horu Ishayuki carefully reads what you're telling him and reply in kind. For instance, when you tell him: How's your team going? May I help? You're expecting to hear something like: Yeah, thanks, or nah, thanks but I'm okay by myself, just gimme some time. Instead, he reads something else in the discussion, might comment on it, but you're ignored or given a weird answer. Ishayuki is a mystery to me xD.
  11. Honestly don't want to think of the prequel trilogy... specially for 1 and 2 xD For no particular reason, just wanna avoid a "Star Wars who's stronger chain xD"
  12. You're welcome. I'm faaaaar from being an expert (I've just returned twice to the "faaar" word to add more "a"s) but I believe positive criticism is best for us novice guys xD. But in that case, I wouldn't touch that part, or maybe just draw the pupil clearer. You know what, this is making me want to make the male version of the electric rodent you saw up there (it's pretty obvious, I guess, but that's the female one). Stay tuned for that one other mushroom critter!
  13. What the hell, hahaha imo, the eye doesn't have a pleasant shape. It's too long and thin, I think. I feel an slightly more rounded shape could do the trick. Since it's pretty small I can't see well the pupil, but is it gem-shaped? If that's the case, you can leave it as it is, but if it's not, it needs to be a little more clear. That's only my opinion, though ^_^''
  14. Hahaha are you for real? Honestly, under the influence of something you can't remember xD. So, your creature... not bad, man, I mean it. It's like some mixture of a seahorse, an oriental dragon and a unicorn. I like the simple yet effective scales and the fins with the jewel detail. Probably the only thing I'd try to improve a little is the eye, but good job overall. Is that northern light at the top of the drawing?
  15. Feel free to post 'em here (as long as they're not offensive, lol). I'm sure you'll only find constructive criticism here.
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