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  1. Hey, guys, you can get Little Nightmares for free right now on Steam, run and get it before the promo ends!

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    2. HQCardmaker


      Free might not be free. It has a Third-Party EULA. Looks like it takes a while to read. But hopefully it is just the same jargon every EULA is.

    3. Rayfield Lumina

      Rayfield Lumina

      lol, there's a saying that goes like this: Gratis hasta las patadas

      Which in English roughly translates to: If free, I'll take even the kicks.

      Of course, don't take it literally xD


      EDIT: Oh, about the EULA, I haven't gotten into it, tbh. The moment I knew about the promo I came to inform you guys.


    4. TheBlackCatter


      Yes, run... run until your tiny legs cannot support you anymore. The shadows will close in, and the creatures that inhabit the shadows will find you. What can you do, but keep running until you find a way to fight back?

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