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  1. What is your favourite Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Artwork? Mine's this one:


    I love Swing of Memories. It's simply a beautiful card with such melancholy engraved on it...

    I'm aware this card has a slightly different version for anime purposes, but I prefer this version.

    And you? Which card do you adore?

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    2. Dokutah Jolly

      Dokutah Jolly

      Ah yes, 1 of my waifus

      images (2).jpeg

    3. Rayfield Lumina

      Rayfield Lumina

      Jollyyyyy no way! Element Valkyrie was my favourite waifu card for years! Then Konami realized that Vanguard's quality waifus sold, and decided to truly get into it lol. Still, after all these years she's safe in the top 10, accompanying waifus of the level of Ib, the World Chalice Justiciar, Serene Psychic Witch and Ritual Beast Tamer Lara.

    4. God Emperor Cow

      God Emperor Cow

      if we're talking waifu cards...


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