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  1. Granted, but it's because you have a Deck of "The Weather" monsters who were brought to life by being possessed by an evil spirit. These Weather monsters are mad at humanity for using them as stupid cards for children to play and are unleashing their fury. I wish to let @TheBlackCatterknow I'm holding a Christmas Event, and even though I'm aware you haven't posted outside of here for like a century, I'd like very much that you participate in it. You can find the main thread in the Event Section of the site and the development thread at the "General" section. I know this wish has to
  2. Judging by the boy's face, I'm still not too sure about that. Who knows what's in the bag? Maybe it's a set of the pictures just taken with Mindel, hence the wish would still be the photos xD
  3. Alright! No problem. It was just a suggestion depending on the situation, but I agree with you.
  4. Appreciated!! Now, if it happens that the others are also revealed quickly, maybe a plot twist wll suddenly appear and it happens there's a 4th Kidnapper, which is a really hard to guess monster. But we'll see!
  5. To be 100% honest, I was worried of how much activity the event would have, so I made it easy in order for the Phases to be completed safely. Well, now it's a matter of other people making new Christmas Post to open new hints.
  6. GASP! So quickly! You got one, Draconus. That bastard is one of the culprits. And everyone thinking he was a good guy... Mental note: *** I should have made them harder, this is going fast xD*** 200 Points for ya!
  7. The person who collects the most points is declared the winner's event, of course. The prize is, you can request me to make a drawing of the character of your choosing. Hope you're not rolling your eyes xD. That's the best I have to offer, I promise I'll make my greatest effort to make it worth it. Added Hint for Culprit 3 Yeah, there's no limit to random guesses. What an evil choice of squares, you're going all out from the start xD. Thing is, the Field Spell Artwork is part of Phase 2 xD. Sorry, Draco, you guys need to discover the culprits before trying those. Can you p
  8. Added Hint. I also added a note: While I was using my cellphone, I noticed the format changes greatly, making the hints appear mixed up. I'll fix this by writing the hints over the cards EDIT: Done the above
  9. Haha! Nice try, but that's not correct. This one card you posted exactly matches all criteria revealed so far if combined, but the problem is each criterion belongs to one of the different culprits. But since you made a Christmas Post, you get a Hint. Choose Culprit 1, 2 or 3 and I'll add a Hint there. Same goes for @Draconus297, @Sleepyand @Therealnoobmaster2001. Select one of the culprits and I'll be adding Hints for them! You can keep trying to guess as much as you'd like though, and remember that each time you post in this thread, you gain 5 points.
  10. Thanks a bunch for contributing The boy might look flustered, but you can see the evil intentions behind. Look at his hands. One's holding hers like there's no tomorrow, but I'm more worried about the other arm xD On the event thread, please choose 1 of the culprits to add a hint xP
  11. Man, this is fantastic, thanks a bunch! I'll add you to the event development thread n.n About the cards: * Lucky Elf is a solid critter that honours its own name. Good thing is, there are many archetypes that use high level Fairy mobs, since they rely on Valhalla and similar effects, so this can definitely see play. * Citizen Cane: The name is hillarious xD. When I think you're destroying that classic movie with a candy cane pun... Hahaha. The effect is crazy good, well balanced with the discard. Even if you're not going for the Fairy ir Santa Synchro, it can SS Tatsunoko by it
  12. Phase 3: The Battles Will be updated with the puzzles after Phase 2 has been solved. Beyond this point, please post as much as you'd like. Try to solve puzzles or comment just for the sake of it.
  13. Phase 2: The Locations Remember, these all are Field Spell Artworks. Every time you make a Christmas Post, you can remove 3 squares, but they cannot be adjacent horizontally or vertically to each other.
  14. Phase 1: Culprit Identification Each time you make a Christmas Post, you add 1 Hint I've noticed the format while using a Phone makes it look all mixed-up. This was prepared on a Laptop. I'll make the corrections soon so the Hints appear over each card. General Hint: They're all pretty well-known monsters
  15. Development Thread Event Thread https://www.cardmaker.net/forums/topic/399802-christmas-event-dark-magician-girl-is-missing/ Christmas Post - 100 pts Completing a puzzle - 200 pts Post anything here - 5 pts Post in Draconus' Thread 20 pts Point Records @Draconus297 320 pts https://www.cardmaker.net/forums/topic/399605-card-taste-dossier-thread/ @Mr Melon 20 pts @Sleepy 115 pts https://www.cardmaker.net/forums/topic/362382-le-crayon-corner~/?do=findComment&comment=7174296 @The Nyx Avatar 25 pts @Therealnoobmaster200
  16. Greetings and Welcome, YCM Community. With great pleasure -and nervousness, let’s be honest- I declare the Christmas Event of 2020 open and ready to go! Purpose Simple. To have fun and share a good time among us YCMers. I’m aware that bringing an event of this nature to success is no easy task: The site’s activity is nowhere as it used to, and the place is divided. I’m not here to discuss the reasons, but to do something about it! I love the site and I want it to flourish again, and I’d like you, the person kindly reading this, to help me in this task. What’s important now is to start
  17. haha, cool idea xD. Fleeting Gnite Elf LIGHT Level 4 Warrior / Effect Treat your opponent's Main Monster Zones as numbers 1-5, counting from your right. If you have face-up monsters in zones 1 and 5 with the same Attribute, face-up monsters in zones 2-4 with the same Attribute, but different Attribute from the monsters in zones 1 and 5, and this card is in your zone 3, and this card has different Attribute than all other monster you control: Inflict 4224 damage to your opponent. You can only use this effect of "Fleeting Gnite Elf" one per turn, and only twice
  18. Ok, ok, Mr. I don't want an easy way out as a designer, how about something like this: Cannot be Normal Summoned, unless you control a "Ghostrick" monster. Once per turn: You can change this card to face-down Defense Position. When a monster on the field activates its effect (Quick Effect): You can send this card in your hand to the GY, then shuffle 1 other "Ghostrick" card in your hand; negate the activation, and if you do, destroy that card, also, after that, draw 1 card, but if it is not a "Ghostrick" card, banish it. Now, this effect removes the generic part, as we agreed, but ma
  19. Here's the original version of the drawing, without the green shade or the close up.
  20. A drawing I made for the season to use as Profile Pic (n.n)


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    2. Rayfield Lumina

      Rayfield Lumina

      Thanks a bunch (n.n) This is not the original version, though. I made a bit of a close up and added the green shadow so she could be appreciated a little better, but the original version shows the full body. I'll be posting it in Le Crayon Corner today.

    3. (GigaDrillBreaker)


      shading is mad good ngl

    4. Rayfield Lumina

      Rayfield Lumina

      wow, thanks for the compliment, GigaDrillBreaker!

  21. @Therealnoobmaster2001Alright, allow me to start with some card grammar and PSCT polish: About the cards: I like Energized Titan. The card is pretty well balanced, from Stats to effect. The idea of having to banish its own materials from the GY to apply it's strong effects is nice, and even though it's possible you don't have that same Dark Tuner you used to Summon it in the GY to activate the third, this monster is bound to be included in Decks with plenty of Dark Tuner access, probably in Decks which have a base in Beelze, Dark Diviner, Infinity Doom Dragon, etc. Wolverine Claw
  22. Alright, here I come! Name: Rayfield Lumina, duh Likes: * WATER Stuff, Aqua, Fish, Sea Serpents are often my favourite types. I also like Psychics and Madolches. * Waifus * Protection effects. It's not fun when you finally Summon your strongest, bombastic mob only to get screwed by a stupid Compulsory. Favourite Archetype: Atlanteans. My favourite Deck was A Legendary Ocean in its time, but that's not an archetype, yet it's worth mentioning, I guess Dislikes: * Burn Decks and stalling, milling strategies * OTKs * Control stuff Hated A
  23. You're welcome, I'm glad you found it useful. Again I take the opportunity to clarify I am no master of PSCT, but I'm positive of the changes I suggested, at least xD. Ahem, yeah, huhhh... the Counter Idea was quite the stupid one, nervermind that, lol. Yes, the main problem with Carmilla is her generic status. We don't want to nerf her too much, though, as she doesn't have a flipped face-up effect, and thus her role should stay strong. Actually, I'd say the fix is quite simple, and also works in a similar way to Will-o-Wisp: Revealing. But probably we should stay nice and make the r
  24. You're welcome. But yeah, the effect is fine, just a lil' scary when your opponent's Deck is Synchro Based. You could make a slight modification to the HOPT of the card grammar. Right now it says: You can only activate the effect of 'Mind Stealer' once per turn and only once that turn. A slight change of words: You can only activate 1 'Mind Stealer' effect per turn and only once that turn. This way, you can make sure it's understood you can only use 1 of the effects.
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