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  1. Banned because your plan was to lose
  2. Banned due to losing because you had 3 BEWD and 3 REBD in your hand
  3. Granted, you're still a Hatterene I wish Kanye West and the Rock have a Deathmatch for the White House
  4. Banned for finishing your banning with a "...."
  5. Banned for repeated offensive behaviour
  6. Granted. You're now a Hatterene. I wish TheBlackCatter evolves into a Delcatty
  7. Hey! It's been a long time since you posted a card, I've said it before, but I love how you make the artworks for your own cards. It's pretty cool that you decided to use the classic background for the pendulums, and I don't think the monster in itself is bad at all. It kinda makes me think of a Summoned Frog from Naruto because of the clothes xD. Anywho, about the effect in itself, humm... I'm definitely not the best for Pendulum stuff, but let's see. For starters, I might be wrong, but I don't think the Pendulum Effect is correct. When you say "an Spirit monster (other than this card)" you're implying the card is a monster, and it is not. Pendulums, while on the Pendulum Zone, are treated 100% as a Spell. In resume, you can omit the (other than this card). Now, Piercing damage can be handy and all, but cosidering the typical, aggresive gameplay of the meta, maybe it won't be too helpful; it's ok, but you might want to think of something else if this guy is supporting Spirits. In comparison, the monster effect is very strong, since most monsters in the meta will be Special Summoned. It's well balanced by the Battle Phase skip and the fact the guy returns to the hand, as usual, so I believe it's viable. I believe it's a nice card in general, just needs to be slightly changed in the Pendulum Effect department, imo
  8. Set Fire to the Rain Continuous Spell Activate only if you control an "Alchemic Magician" and/or "Downerd Magician". Once per turn, during your opponent's Standby Phase: Your opponent takes 300 damage for each WATER monster they control and 500 damage for each "Umi" they control. You can discard 1 card: negate the effects of all WATER face-up monsters on the field until the end of this turn. If you don't control an "Alchemic Magician" and/or "Downerd Magician", destroy this card. *first time I made an anti-WATER support. It pained my heart. Next: Corona-Vaccine Injection Fairy Fily
  9. Granted, tomorrow, in honour of Horu Ishayuki, two universities will play the Tapioca Bowl. Don't miss it, only in ESPN! I wish the Black Catter look like this:
  10. Banned for making a "I insult you harder" ban
  11. This is one of my favourite drawings of Joker, she looks so cute here. But man, doesn't she has some freckles xD. She even has freckles in the legs ^_^. Wait a second... I wonder if an snowman can also get possessed like an scarecrow and do stuff...
  12. As far as I know, the dyna/gigantamax effect was possible in Galar due to Eternatus, and since this lady is a Legendary from another region, she has no access to such forme. In contrast, there are plans to make her have an alternate forme when she activates that region's special gimmick, which involves the Pokemon acquiring the wisdom of the ancients. Her ability is called "Apathetic Waves" and causes all moves targeting her to decrease their Pwr and Accuracy by 20%. Thanks for the interest ^_^
  13. Wow, this card is pretty neat! It in itself is making me want to build this Deck more than most of the stuff revealed so far.
  14. Banned for accurately mentioning Dae's head look like a Kuriboh's
  15. Banned for not having an apple tree
  16. Banned for saying I stalk you while not being true
  17. Banned because there's missing data: hold item, EVs and stuff
  18. Banned for not completing your Team
  19. Banned for correcting other people's grammar
  20. Don't worry, we all start with pretty bad grammar and improve little by little. Actually, my weakness is the stuff about battle step, damage calculation, etc, but I'll still try to help you. Lumbar Puncture Fairy Lily If this card attacks, during damage calculation (Quick Effect): This card gains 3000 ATK during that damage calculation only. If this card attacks a Defense Position monster, inflict piercing battle damage. This should work. By the way, compared to Injection Fairy, this girl is bad news. No need to pay LP and has piercing, although the weakness is you can only activate the effect during your turn. Mmm... I don't know, but maybe it should have some kind of restriction. There are some cards that will let a monster attack multiple times, so it'd be good if you give it a Once per turn clause to prevent abuse, and I guess some kind of cost can go along, although maybe lower than Injection. In my time, that was my favourite card, so seeing this is pretty funny . Lumbar Puncture, with a syringe the size of the original... holy crap xD.
  21. Granted, but they break at the first use I wish to have a sakura tree
  22. Granted, but all the enemies you fight can reflect the lighting back at you. I wish to know why nobody except you has commented on the ice queen drawing. Is it so horrible? >_<
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