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  1. Given that as of late I barely have time it seems it happens a lot that Jolly comes first and beats me to mention a lot of stuff I would, I'll start sounding like a broken record if I keep saying, welp, Jolly said it all xD. Anywho, some tiny details to mention: Machine / Effect, says the card. But it's a Fusion. The archetype is "Ursarctic", not Ursartic, so it's missing a c. Also, IIRC you use "+" instead of "and" to list materials. Anywho, onward to card grammar help (probably this will have some wrong stuff, but should help a little, and there are things that are simply invented formulas, like the vice-versa thing, so we'll keep it as is) Yeah... kinda like this... but man, what insane effects you make lol (this was said in the strict positive intention) And like Tinkerer would say: Cheers!
  2. Penguin Paladin (Penguin Soldier) Level 2 Aqua / Flip / Effect FLIP: You can target up to 4 monsters on the field; return them to the hand. ATK 1000 / DEF 750
  3. I'd probably play Child of Light but rn I don't have the time to do so
  4. Yep, pretty much this . Though in both cards you target the attacking monster, so I'd say it's good measure to do the same here. Here's a suggestion: Separate the effects. With this I mean, the current effect is using the "and" conjunction, and this forces you to apply both effects, or none. If you used a conjunction such as "also", you needn't either effect for the other to go off. So, for instance, if your opponent chains something to this card and provides the attacking monster with destruction immunity, yep, it won't be blown to pieces, but the direct damage will go through. This card needs this, because it's relatively hard to use and not exactly thaaaat game changing unless your opponent is at killing range from the dd (something that you could achieve with simple cylinders in a much easier way. Honestly, I'd make this card a combination of the Cylinders and Dimensional Prison.
  5. Man, thank goodness these cards are in casual, because some of 'em are downright crazy lol. Imagine the fun of playing with both hands revealed (existent effect) but being able to play with your opponent's. Impossible to imagine a card that obliterates your entire Extra Deck to start using the opponent's. Everything is ours is just, I mean, these are reaaaally fun-looking. The consequences of each card are hard to gauge, so I will say the one that feels rather OP is Set Up. It can be extremely strong as you could easily give the opponent something 100% useles for their deck that you needn't at the moment, and they lose one turn while you accommodate your hand a little. Violent xD.
  6. I haven't' had much time to play recently. I keep playing that gacha game I've mentioned here and there. I keep playing it because I'm part of a club, and I like to keep supporting my friends, but otherwise it's not that fun.
  7. Knowing that you're all well and recovered relieved me a lot n.n
  8. Welp, Jolly has said it all Zama. I won't go into such detail, I'll simply say, from the perspective of my own taste, that I wish powercreep didn't exist, but I suppose it's a necessary phenomena to keep a TCG alive. As long as it's controlled and kept to a minimum, I suppose I can accept. Btw, in the poll I voted for NO IT'S NOT will all passion. Nuff said.
  9. @Sleepy, this Furret is worried about your health, so it's offering you a flower in the hope it makes you feel a bit better
  10. Scyther Slashing Saturday Week 3 - Mega Scyther


    @Dokutah Jolly

    1. Dokutah Jolly

      Dokutah Jolly

      it might be stupid question that double downed since im not full-fledge pokemon fans but: wait Scyther has mega?

      other than that, holy hell thats cool asf

    2. Rayfield Lumina

      Rayfield Lumina

      There is no such thing as stupid questions when done earnestly in seek of knowledge. This image represents a fan concept of how a Mega Scyther would be, but there isn't one in canon. There is a Mega Scizor, though. The thing is, there is not a single Pokemon with Mega Evo that is not single stage OR latest stage of a line. Scyther is a strange case of a Pokemon which doesn't gain Base Stat Total when it evolves (both Scyther and Scizor have 500 BST), but regardless of this fact, Scyther is not the latest evolutionary stage, so essentially it wouldn't be able to Mega-Evolve in canon.

  11. Honestly, even though the idea of the restriction is probably flavourful to the archetypes it's inspired from, I believe Itsu's idea is right on track, that part always made me a bit uncomfortable, even if we consider the Lv 7 that cannot be Normal Summoned/Set any Extra Deck mob with level, and not necessarily a card which explicitly mentions the No NS/Set in their card text.
  12. Furret Stuff Week 7 - A Fluffy Hug


    Special Guest Star: Linoone!


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    2. Rayfield Lumina

      Rayfield Lumina

      Glad you liked it n.n

      I bet you'd like to be in the middle to feel all fluffiness xD. You could choke tho, but it's a risk I'd be willing to take.

    3. Sleepy


      Oddly kinky comment... talking positively about a choke-related thing xD

      When I see Zigzagoon I am kinda reminded of my brother because it is one of his "favorite team" members. Although he doesn't really like the straightened up evolution, and much less the Galar forms xP

      This fanart looks like a ship of "early game critter pokemon" xD

    4. Rayfield Lumina

      Rayfield Lumina

      I made my comment with the upmost purity and innocence, the fact that it's being seen as "kinky" is due to the own kinkiness of the spectator :v.

      I wouldn't agree with your brother, as I like Linoone much more than Zigzagoon, but the galar forms are indeed horrible.

      At any rate, none of those mentioned above compared to the god of all Pokemon, Arceus Bidoof. I hope I can get a pic of Furret and Bidoof interacting, it'd be pure gold.

  13. You're welcome. Sy about the late reply. I saw your post a couple of days ago, but at that point I didn't remember a card that mentioned Level/Rank in a similar fashion to what interests us. I consulted a friend that's more knowledgeable than me and she directed me to Virtual World archetype. Here's an example: Virtual World Hime - Nyannyan As you can see, it mentions Level/Rank, tho in that particular case it restricts Special Summons instead of allowing them like this card.
  14. lol, I loved this one n.n Risky, but she can win a Duel by herself. Such is the power of a mighty Pompadour! ~~~~~~ Sublimeneel Level 4 WATER Thunder / Effect Unaffected by your opponent's card effects while there is a card(s) in the same column as this card. Once per turn, during each player's Standby Phase: You can take 1 card in your Deck and declare its name, and if you do, note the name and place 1 Subliminal Counter on a face-up card on the field with the saMe type of card (Monster, Spell, or Trap) as the ttaken card, also shuffle that taken card into the Deck. If a card has 2 or more Subliminal Counters on it, and they were placed in them by declaring the same original card name, replace that card's effect with the effect of the noted card. When your opponent adds exactly 1 card to their hand (Quick Effect): You can remove 4 Subliminal Counters from anywhere on the field, and if you do, the effect of the drawn card becomes the effect of the noted card, if all noted card names are equal and the opponent's card has the same type of card (Monster, Spell, or Trap) as the noted card. ATK 0 / DEF 2200 ~~~~ Ahem, well, it's one of the cards with longest effect made by Me. It has lowest attack, but it'll do wonders xD ~~~~ Next: Meister of Lone Beretta
  15. Oh dammit, I was so busy yesterday I forgot to post this. Well, they say better late than never, so:

    Scyther Slashing Saturday (on Sunday) Week 2 - Fated Battle


    @Dokutah Jolly

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    2. Horu


      I would've demanded Charizard had a day of the week started with C but figured Meloetta would be perfect for Mondays. Besides, I figured looking for fun/cool pictures of your favorite mon would be more fun for you. 😁

    3. Rayfield Lumina

      Rayfield Lumina

      I see. I thought it was more of a joke. Of course it'd be fun for me to look for Meloetta pics (and I already have many)...I dunno if the users would feel the place too crowded with pokemon pics. Say that I moved the schedule to:
      Meloetta: Monday
      Furret: Fednesday  Wednesday
      Scyther: Satuday

      @The Nyx Avatar would that be too much? Perhaps it'd be annoying for the users if the statuses keep being pushed by my pics...

    4. Horu


      I don't mind since it is only a single picture each day and technically isn't breaking any rules.

  16. Rethoric? Interesting. About Child of Light, no, I haven't played the game, but I have roughly 15 tracks from the game. The epicness of the boss battles are just insane, specially the vocal versions, though my favourite track is probably "Leave your Castle". Guess I'll post it here, if you don't mind
  17. Thanks n.n This reminded me of a certain PC educative game I played when I was a kid. It was pretty simple, you just had to move your character around a mansion collecting items. The thing is, it was a game in Spanish and the items were named in English, so the idea was that you'd learn some words. Technical Drawing, hands down. Not because of the subject in itself, but because I had a teacher so nasty I felt sick just thinking about going to that class.
  18. You beat me to that, omni-negate was too strong.
  19. Mmm... too metaphoric, it could mean many things, but each verse is hard to link with particular YGO effects, it's more like a complete interpretation of one being and what capabilities it could have... tricky. I'll take a simple approach, but sorry if it has no relation to what you had in mind. Arakkar, Descendant of Corrupt Kings Dark Level 8 Warrior / Effect You can target 1 "Corrupt King" monster in your GY; send this card to the GY. Special Summon this card during your next Standby Phase, and if you do, this card gains the target's effect. You can target 1 monster your opponent controls; your opponent gains LP equal to that monster's original ATK, also, that monster cannot attack, cannot be Tributed or used as material for a Summon, and cannot change Battle Position. During your 3rd Standby Phase after you activate this effect: Destroy that monster. You cannot use this effect on more than 1 monster on the field at a time. ATK 2600 / DEF 800 ~~~~~~~~ Next: Prickly Rose of lone garden Final relic of a realm long since fallen Wandering the lands, looking for an answer Yearning endlessly to attain the master
  20. Lol, you always say this, man xD. Anywho, I'll say that it's a little inconvenient to require this card to be set and prepared for the exact moment in which your Lv5+ mob is destroyed by battle to be able to activate it. As I usually do, I'll help with the grammar, but if you don't mind, I'll adjust a tiny bit the effect so it becomes more flexible and viable to use n.n The card has it's pros and cons. The banishment and direct damage you take is brutal, perhaps an excessive of a cost, but the deal is, this card is not linked to the monster's life, like Call of the Haunter, which causes the monster to explode if it leaves the field. If you can return this card to your hand, at least with the wording as it is, the monster can stay on the field and both the banishment and direct damage is avoided. This is the reason for which the card is... kinda balanced, but you really need tools to return it to the hand, otherwise, it's probably not worth running it. Interesting stuff.
  21. Mmm... I don't remember seeing a card that "multiplies" the ATK (though perhaps it exists, I just can't remember right now). ATK increases/decreases, doubles/halves, or becomes X. By that amount is a bit problematic as well as it could refer to either the result or the number of monsters the opponent controls, though by saying that amount is likely you refer to the die result. At any rate, I'd use another formula to clarify the effect. This card's ATK becomes the result x400. There's another reason for which it needs this wording: ATK change. Say that you control 3 face-up mobs and equip this card with United We Stand, so 400+2400 = 2800. The result was 5? Lol, 14k ATK. Second effect seems fine, and since this card is not too powerful but something more casual, I'd add a third effect: If the result is equal to the number of monsters your opponent controls. I daresay it's fine if you give this monster some sort of immunity with this effect, like mob effect protection or something n.n
  22. Mmm... the memory is kinda hazy, but I started using it for school investigation. I don't think there was wikipedia during those days. I can remember visiting some old school sites with horrible bright colors for background and tons of broken images lol. Hey, I forgot to answer till now and I'm amazed on how lively the place has become, how nice n.n Welcome!!
  23. Mhm... Mickey Dee's got a point, the text is confusing as it is, so it could use some polish, like Itsu suggested. I daresay the plan is to be able to use the whole effect of the card once rather than being able to apply each effect once (otherwise you could simply keep rolling the die like crazy until you get the three effects. Sooo... Yep, the first line looks simpler, but simpler sometimes is best. Anywho, like Itsu said, the effect is concerning in pwr. Usually roll die effects have 1 or more negative results. Not necessarily, but usual. Being able to simply double the ATK of all Warriors (permanently) is pretty insane. Effect 2 is quite stronk as well, I daresay the most balanced is the one that protects you during the BP. Not to mention that, by saying "you control", I'm limiting the effect, because as it is you could argue it involves any Warriors, even those not currently on field. It just says, "double the ATK of your Warriors", so you gotta be careful with that. With some tweaks, the card could be balanced easily imo, like if you could target only 1 mob to either half or double the ATK depending on which effect it is.
  24. Imo, they would, so unless we go into the realm of quantum mechanics, you won't be able to roll a 0 sided die and apply the result of 0 or 0 or 0 or 0 or 0... or 0. There's no such things as stupid questions. In a sense, you acquired knowledge by asking, even if the source of such knowledge was your inner self... man, I'm on fire today xD
  25. This one looks pretty cool, though I haven't seen much of Drytrons and Ursarctic to know the complete deal about them. I know that the former are mostly Lv 1 Effect Mons which cannot be Normal/Summoned Set, so there's one of the materials, but the Bears can be Normal Summoned normally, so I'm unsure what's the plan... though I guess Moulinglacia can be one... no wait, if it's going to have also Drytrons... IDK xD. What I know is that here -> "While you control this Fusion Summoned monster that use either "Ursartic" or Drytron" Monsters as material" I think you should swap use with used. Also, when you talk about target and destruction immunity of mobs of the highest level of each "card type", I'm unsure what's your intention (monster type as in Machine or Beast or card type as in Fusion, Synchro, Ritual, etc). Perhaps you ought to add that in parenthesis? Aaaand, perhaps because I'm dumb, but I dunno if you should make an specification about that -2000 ATK effect. I mean, I'm unsure, but could it be that you can keep targeting a card with 0 ATK to apply the effect? What I'm saying is, it doesn't say that it HAS to lower the ATK, it just lowers the ATK if that makes sense.
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