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  1. ty for the feedback, I'll be sure to tell him You think she looks petty? O_O''' The character has a broken moral compass. More than petty, she's smug and a little dangerous, capable of doing things that aren't exactly acceptable in society. It's not that she's bad at heart... she simply had it very rough in her early days.
  2. Scyther's Slashing Saturday Week 10 - Patronus Scyther!


    Bonus points if you like Harry Potter @Dokutah Jolly. If you don't, welp, it's a cool pic regardless xD

    1. Dokutah Gory, Woundslinger

      Dokutah Gory, Woundslinger

      Not really into Harpot but i do know the gist of the lore to know what patronus is. Still cool though

  3. I'll do I'll do n.n Btw, I loved the pfp, I'll keep it for the time being
  4. This is just my post to say I'm here, surprise me! Though I'm working on a halloween drawing and probs will change to it when I'm done :)
  5. Helloe, fellow artist, I finished another drawing. If you see this one, I'd like to hear your opinion on her. She's Maisy, the OC of a friend of mine, and when he showed me a work he commissioned, I immediately felt the need of making fanart of her. He's concerned about what people think about his OC, so let me know please n.n
  6. OH NUUU I forgot about the Furret Stuff and it's Friday already. Tomorrow's Scyther time, so I guess Furret will have to wait until next week. Meanwhile, here's some random Pokemon stuff!


  7. Beyond Time and Reality - Neitlinagi DIVINE Level 12 Creator Deity / Effect Cannot be Normal Summoned/Set. Must be Special Summoned by its own effect. At the start of your first turn's Main Phase 1, you can banish this card (from your hand or Deck). While it is banished, each time a monster activates its effect, you can note its Type OR Attribute. If you have 10 or more noted different Types and/or Attributes: You can Special Summon this card to your leftmost Main Monster Zone. This card's Summon cannot be negated. Unaffected by other card effects. Cannot be Tributed or used as material. If this is the only monster you control, your opponent can attack you directly. Once per turn: You can move this card to the immediate zone to its right (swap places with any other monster if needed). If this card is in your rightmost Main Monster Zone, you win the Duel. ATK 0 / DEF 8000 Lore And she was there, sitting in the place where no Light nor Shadow can reach. The land devoid of warmth and coldness, and where Love and Hatred was not even an idea. The Absolute All of Nothingness... but her. Simple mortals wouldn't be able to tell if she was there for the briefest of lapses or an eternity, her eyes closed... her heart still. But the moment came when The Time, extending its infinite arms, trying desperately to hold to any of the worlds that were to be, wept. Its lament so deep, the pain echoed in her heart, and for the first time, she opened her eyes. - Do I exist? - The Time said - I am here, and I am everywhere, and yet who is to notice? Why am I here? Why I am everywhere? And so I say... I am not. She took pity of The Time, and tried to tell it "I can hear you". But then she noticed: The Time was indeed out of reach. For she had no hope. She was only power... the power of beyond, segregated from everything and everyone. And then, understanding that her path was loneliness, she felt the ultimate pain, as well as the resolve to see that Time wouldn't suffer the same. Thus, she journeyed. One world, two worlds, a trillion worlds, and more. The branches of The Tree seemed endless, but not even once did her will wavered. She had a duty, and she'd see it to the end. Therefore, she studied the everything. Her need to look everywhere made her neck grow long and flexible. Her hair became almost as infinite as the cosmos, and every single hair was able to study matter and antimatter as the most sensible hand. The last grain of salt. The last speck of dust. The last drop of water. The last thought, the last feeling. The realms of the reverie and imagination. She learned it All. Knowledge and Wisdom overflowing, she felt the answer was very close, and rushed to revisit one of the worlds she had studied with utmost care. And it was a beautiful land of miracles and pureness. Feeling something was amiss, she inspected the souls of that world's dwellers... those dwellers that always wore smiles on their faces... scared at the emptiness, she left. In the second world, it was hard to distinguish Life and Death. The chaos was almost so perfect it was moving. Letting out a slight sigh, she moved on. The third world... - Alas, this is not the right one - she muttered to herself - Have I grown weary? I must go, before I fail. The third world held people in solitude. Every single one of them. It was not one of the possibilities she had narrowed down. She simply couldn't help but revisit that land of silence. She wanted to cling to the fact that, while everyone there was alone, they were alone in community. She shook her head. Her loneliness was different... it was absolute. And then she parted ways with those she had developed bonds with. Arriving at the fourth world, she saw a lone girl. She liked this girl. She had no pretensions, and no poses. No hypocrisy. She did what she wanted, said what she wanted, and felt what she wanted. She was incredibly kind at times, and also so hideously cruel it was terrifying to watch. She led hundreds, then thousands, and then millions of people, and taught them many things. Ultimately, she understood the reason that world wasn't the right one was precisely that girl. Her excitement was almost uncontrollable as she landed in the fifth world. How could she not notice before? Focused on studying the tiniest of things, she didn't see the whole picture. That world, so amazingly imperfect, was it. The Primordial World, the base of all the others, from which any other world in the multiverse derived from, almost identical, radically different and all the in-between. The final duty was at hand, and at that moment she realized that, unknowingly, all the knowledge she had accumulated in her hair was blooming in power, and she remembered. "Only power, the Power of Beyond". And then, her hair danced as if moved by the most sublime symphony, and the power was so great it broke the boundary between her realm of existence and reality. The hair continued the dance until the primordial world was shaped, and she herself was almost consumed. And now that the world existed, the Time gently embraced it, and people came to know it. But as she was drifting in the shadows, knowing that she had shaped the Everything but nobody would know, she heard a whisper from Time: - I shall remember you And she smiled. Effect / Flavour Relationship Alright, let's go step by step. The effect that allows herself to be banished even from Deck is a clear reference to Neitinagli's original state of being segregated from what we could call our own plane of existence, where Time flows and shows a pale representation of the world possibilities, but is in pain as nobody is there to be a witness of its existence. Neith then awakens and decides to help time, but in order to do, she must discover which is the Primordial World and give it shape. Therefore, she researches -> notes the "non-existence". That's why you require many different Types/Attributes of monsters, so she gathers enough intel to narrow down which is the Primordial World. Of course, many of her immunity effects have to do with her being beyond reality. Her Summon cannot be negated, and she can't be touched by other cards, not even the cheap tactic of Tributing her using Lava Golem and such. Strictly speaking, she shouldn't be vulnerable to battle destruction, but here's where game balance comes at play, because there should be no card or win-con strategy that doesn't have a weakness somewhere. At any rate, I stayed true to her incorporeal being as your opponent can attack you directly if you only control her, and regardless of this all, she had that absolutely insane DEF which represents her unwavering will to finish her duty, as well as a reference to a story of mine in which the universe is shaped in a similar way and it is made of 8 elements (8000 DEF). The rest should be pretty obvious, I'd say. The five worlds she visits represented by the five Monster Zones she visits. I have to say, I'd have loved to include some effect that was a reference to those worlds, but of course, that would have caused the card's effect to triple in size or something, and most likely destroy the delicate balance of a win-con card. The fact that you win the Duel as she brings the world to existence is a simple parallelism of reaching the ultimate goal no matter the hardships. In this case, since you're playing a card game, your ultimate goal is winning. Welp, there it is, @Nede, @Dokutah Jolly, @ITSUKOSOADO, thanks for insisting in me posting, I hope you like it n.n
  8. OMG she's super cute, I really like her design n.n I request that you make her a Leader in your TCG and make an archetype of knitted monsters. If by chance you think: but her attire has nothing to do with the TCG, you can just give her some sort of Magical Girl-ish costume and we all will be happy. Mini skirt powaa. And talking about Magical Girls, here's my finished drawing of Cocoa. Made to celebrate, as it says in the image, the first anniversary of the server of my club
  9. Virgin Mary of Guadalupe, so yeah xD. About the artwork, it's based on that brand called Distroller <--- (brand name mispelled on purpose) that makes a lot of cute stuff for kids, though they also make roscas de reyes lol
  10. Here's some work I made in foamy, requested by my mom n.n I got away once with posting a foamy work here, so I hope there's no problem again, hehe, but more importantly, I wish I don't hurt anybody 's religious susceptibility, this is just a cute depiction of Virgin Mary :)
  11. Here's a fast and easy challenge, find the infiltrated pokemon! First one to reply with the answer wins... welp, a like, not much else to give away xD


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    2. TheBlackCatter


      to help UltimateIRS out, I screenshot the infiltrator.


    3. Darj


      Exeggutor :v

    4. Zefra Zamazenta

      Zefra Zamazenta

      Nice sorry I've been gone so long my friend has been moving it has been so hard for me but I'm okay.

  12. Scyther's Slashing Saturday Week 9 - Baby Scyther

    Image courtesy of @The Nyx Avatar


    @Dokutah Jolly

  13. Knowing me, I'd probably wouldn't be too inclined to use the card honestly, I never even wanted to use Upstart Goblin when it was the vogue and everyone had it at 3 (what times), and that was measly +1000 LP. I'm saying this primarily based on personal taste, but I don't think this card would be bad, specially if our friend Drowsy decides to adjust it a tiny bit.As he has stated very elaborately, intel of opponent's + removing a vital disruptive/combo potential-card in the hand is pretty stronk, the current problem would probably lie in the randomness of the stuff that the opponent can draw and how easily they could recover the bottom-ed card.
  14. perhaps I'm dumb because I still don't see how xD. The card clearly says it needs to send 2+ monsters in order to be Summoned, and that is the number you're going to apply for N. Since it says First must be Special Summoned, there are no other ways to summon it while in the Extra Deck, and once it has left the Extra Deck, if you summon it again, it's not using materials, hence it cannot give food to the N effect. *scratches head* Am I not seeing something? With the current wording, nuu. At the end of the effect, it says ":Special Summon it". Just like that. And that means your field, whether if the sent to the GY mob is a Fur Hire or an opponent's mob. You'd need to use other wording if you want the opponent to use this effect. N times per turn (where N is equal to the number of materials used for this card's Summon), when exactly 1 monster "Fur Hire" you control or 1 monster your opponent controls is sent to the GY (Quick Effect): Special Summon it to the owner's field. I added the exactly to avoid more trouble, but if you want to flexibilize further, you can do stuff like "Special Summon 1 of them etc.," I don't recommend it, tho, the effect is already dangerous. Oooof, I saw that but I kinda thought at the start you were using the chat as a placeholder of sorts. I think you asked for opinion at some point, and I intended to help but I was so busy for two weeks I forgot, sy about that.
  15. Doggo all the way, my friend!
  16. While I believe the effect is right on track, I wish it had a more... drastic method to keep that returned card out of your opponent's reach, because nowadays it's all about frantic Deck search, placing a card on the bottom of the Deck is nothing to be worried about in most scenarios, imo. Being that the case, this is a suggestion I came up with: So it'd be opponent's, yours, opponent's, yours, opponent's Standby Phase and returns, that way you got two and half turns the card is out of commission.
  17. Must first be SS... I mean, when talking casually, ok, but not in a card pls lol Some pretty weird stuff here. Contact Fusion, so Special Summon. With SS you meant Special Summon, but consider that can also mean Synchro Summon lol. Simply avoid doing that at all costs. Later, you start mentioning Fusion Summoned, but you never Fusion Summoned, so be careful with that. The rest are details. I want to let you know that, imo, the auto special summon is extremely OP, almost one of the most OP'ed effects you have ever made, if you allow me lol. The thing is, perhaps I'm forgetting how this card would be Special Summoned with only 1 monster as material (hence why I omitted that part) but regardless of this 99% of the time you could very well apply this effect twice per turn AT LEAST, and easily 3 times if used more materials. So it says "when X or Y is sent to the GY", and that includes effect that directly send cards from Deck to GY and worse, material using, so you Summon from Extra, and immediately after recover the used material, and that is not realistic at all, I'm afraid, specially when, as said before, this can be applied like 3 times per turn with ease. Yep, I'm back from my slumber. Sad you never asked where I was T_T
  18. Furret Stuff Week 14 - Tangled Love!



    1. Sleepy


      How do you keep finding these super cute Furret images? xD

    2. The Nyx Avatar
    3. Rayfield Lumina

      Rayfield Lumina

      I must admit that's the basic tool to find pics for the poke statuses, but Deviant Art, Pinterest, Zerochan and a couple other places help greatly

  19. Knowing that the deadline was close, I came to at least make my post since I promised to do it. I made the card and had a clear lore in mind, ready to post. Then I took a peek at the other's posts and saw Jolly's. I felt disheartened, I feel the contest has been decided already. I'm not saying that what I had prepared is truly bad stuff, but some people here took it in a different level to what I expected, they even made up an entire story using actual official cards along the way. My card has a lore and flavourful effects that make sense, but nothing like what I mentioned before, I don't think I'm at the height of that post, so I decline on trying. Sorry Nede, it looks like I didn't tackle this contest with the right mindset, and as busy as I have been, I couldn't come up with something worthy.
  20. Scyther's Slashing Saturday Week 8 - Prehistoric Scyther


    @Dokutah Jolly

  21. Ty Nyxo n.n I worried somebody would say, but that looks like My Little Pony hair or something xD It's an OC, prepared for @ITSUKOSOADO's contest. A Time Goddess, but chibi. If you think about it, it seems twintails is trending for Time goddesses I'll take the opportunity to pooooong @Dokutah Jolly and @Erika Mishima to ask them if they wanna give it a go to this game. 5 seems like a nice number of participants. IDK, Jolly Molly and Kana seem more like the digital art type but hopefully they join. Thank you very much Zama n.n. She's indeed a LIGHT Spellcaster, but I made her a Synchro right here https://www.cardmaker.net/forums/topic/408391-time-contest/?do=findComment&comment=7191966&_rid=737260 I still feel far from being a truly good artist, but I'm doing what I can. Actually, I'm interested in your drawings, since you say your works on paper are decent, I invite you to post something here, you'll receive positive critique only. Give us a drawiiiiing
  22. Alrighty, you let us know which artwork you want to use first, and how much time we're supposed to be able to watch it n.n ~~~~~~~~~~ Contest Artwork Time
  23. Mother Time - Perpetua Efímera Level 7 LIGHT Spellcaster / Synchro / Effect 1 "Time Sorcerer" Tuner + 1+non-Tuner monsters (This card is also always treated as a "Time Sorcerer" monster). If this card is Synchro Summoned: You can adjust the turn counter up to +3, then, if the turn counter is higher than the number of cards your opponent controls, shuffle up to 2 cards your opponent controls into the Deck. Once per turn: You can apply 1 of the following effects, based on the current turn counter. Even: Target 1 card your opponent controls; the target, and cards with the same name as the target in your opponent's possession are banished a number of turns equal to the current turn counter. Odd: Target 1 "Time Sorcerer" monster in your GY; Special Summon it, also, it gains ATK equal to the current time counter x200. ATK 2500 / DEF 2000 Welp, there you go, Itsu n.n. Evidently, this is 100% related to your Time Sorcerers and is supposed to work with them. Despite that, if we were to change the required Tuner for something generic we'd have precisely that, a cute generic tool to use, fun and dangerous if used correctly. IDK... I was thinking something, Itsu. I apologize in advance if saying this is out of place, here in your contest you rule, but considering that only @Dokutah Jolly and me participated, perhaps you could declare a tie and we're all happy? I hope more people participate in the final days, and if that's the case nvm this, but perhaps we could make this a fun experience for the three of us and done? I liked Jolly's creation as well, so IDK lol.
  24. Furret Stuff Week 13 - Furret and Mythicals. Enjoy that image quality!



    1. Sleepy


      That's top notch quality of Pokemon illustrations. I also think Furret looks the coolest in that image, even if it wasn't my favorite pokemon xD

    2. Rayfield Lumina

      Rayfield Lumina

      lol, IDK why Furret is there, tbh, along 2 Mythicals, I guess it is the artist's personal fav as well, or due to the W-A-L-K thing Furret is now considered Mythical, much like Bidoof is considered the god Pokemon


  25. For what is worth, I fully support everything proposed above by Nyx. As one of the people who has had the most activity in the site in the past 2 years, I can confidently say that the overall activity of the site hasn't improved too much since I started having activity, just a little bit (when I started to post was pretty much a graveyard). Then the new card maker was released to the public, and we (or at least me) had hopes the site would finally start to see the light... which unfortunately didn't happen. Of course, the updated tool is still relatively new and we should give it time, but on the meantime looking for alternatives seems like the way to go, and Nyx is definitely onto something. The possibility of having your profile music theme and the return of usergroups is simply a wonderful idea. I'm unsure how much attractiveness it can hold for a relatively new user, but veterans would definitely love to see that back, and if veterans start to have more activity and interact with the newbies, the latter would be more willing to stay in the site.
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