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  1. I'm afraid you can't right now. It has been said that saved cards will be restored when *sigh* the new card maker is out. So, for now, it'd be much better if you download the cards to your device.
  2. Pinocchio, his annoyance was stronger
  3. Granted, but for some incomprehensible reason, its type is Fire/Electric and has Truant as an ability I wish Horu Ishayuki finds a way to convince the people wanting 6 Pokemon that 7 is a lot more fun.
  4. lol, dat boi's hilarious XD Mikasa Ackerman
  5. Woah, this is interesting, but I don't know, I haven't seen card grammar similar of this before. Anyway, I'll keep in my mind your suggestions, thanks for the answer ^_^
  6. Hello, dear community! I have plans to make an Casual Archetype that, among other things, can activate Continuous Spell Cards directly in the opponent's Spell/Trap Zones. But I have some doubts about this, because of how the wording should be done for cards that you are not controlling. Usually, cards say stuff like Activate... / Target... / You can... etc. and You, the handsome player controlling that card, are the one the card is referring to, and the ugly person in front you is the opponent >_< . But!, when a card changes control, who the card is referring to and who the opponent is from the card's perspective is reversed, isn't it? (although you're still the handsome one, obviously). Sooo... how should I word a card I want to activate in the opponent's Spell/Trap Zone? I'll give an example so what I'm talking about becomes clearer. Deerlivery Service - Megaton Bomb Continuous Spell You can only activate this card is you control at least 2 "Deerglebell" monsters. You can activate this card in your opponent's Spell/Trap Zone, except the leftmost and rightmost zones. PAUSE. So, this card is in your possession, and until you activate it directly to the opponent's zone, you're the one this card refers to. From that point, since the card is activated in the opponent's zone, the perspective changes. Should I use normal wording so the stuff that refers to the current controller applies to my opponent? You can only activate this card is you control at least 2 "Deerglebell" monsters. You can activate this card in your opponent's Spell/Trap Zone, except the leftmost and rightmost zones. Once per turn, during your Standby Phase: Place 1 Counter on this card. If this card is destroyed by your opponent's card effect: take 700 damage for each counter this card had on the field. If you destroy this card: take 300 damage for each "Deerglebell" monster your opponent controls. So yeah, the stuff is bold is when the perspective has changed, and everything from that point is applied normally for the owner of the card's opponent. I suppose it looks pretty weird and confusing, but it kinda works. But the whole idea of making this post is to ask if you have a better option to word this. I've thought of possible wording such as using "the owner of this card's opponent" or "If this card is not in its owner's possession.... but so far I'm trying to stay with the most simple way... if this can be made simple. So, any help is truly appreciated ^_^
  7. A Guzzlord who has eaten a Sleeping Snorlax.
  8. Granted, it's a Level 100 Traded Charmander with the Nickname "LoserLizard* I wish that in our region we make a Lapras pre-evolution
  9. This is quite true, I suppose I was too concentrated about this card outclassing an old card such as Negate the Attack (even with the Counter part) to consider other important factors you mention. What's funny is that I'd rather have this card than something like Mirror Force, due to how many Decks end up getting benefited even when you're destroying their monsters (although this obviously varies greatly from Deck to Deck). I suppose what I found too strong of the card was the amount of time its effect lasts, but that can be more or less controlled with 3), so all in all, you convinced me ^_^
  10. Mmmhh, this looks a bit too strong, I'd say. Basically a Negate Attack with a huge power up that negate effects, and not only for the rest of the turn it is activated, but until the end of your own turn. Flavor-wise, ok, but needs a bit of balancing, imo, although having to wait for the attack declaration is an acceptable measure to balance it in the current meta, I guess. Considering how strong the Traps are nowadays maybe it's not too far-fetched.
  11. I'm asking this out of ignorance, lol, but isn't it a bit off the part that says "than the equipped monster's ATK? I mean: This card is sent to the GY. At that point, the chain starts. But this card is not equipped to the monster anymore, it is being banished as cost to activate its effect, so, to my knowledge, there is no "equipped monster". Maybe it needs some kind of adjustment, like Special Summon 1 monster from either player's GY with less ATK than the ATK of the monster this card was equipped to before being sent from the field to the GY. I might be wrong, tho ^_^'
  12. I find Dragonite kinda cute, but yeah, pretty comical compared to Dragonair Tales of Destiny II (aka Tales of Eternia) is top 3 in my favourite games of all time. I thought the game would be ok, but it was utterly amazing.
  13. Lol, why in the world do I need it in official matches? I just need it to complete my Pokedex in TCG Cards ^_^ Granted, but another Asuka (the one of Evangelion) comes and takes your place I wish Bluvista create smaller archetypes, because he always makes them with 18+ cards.
  14. Rhyhorn > Rhydon > Rhyperior. Squirtle >>>> Wartortle. Spoink > Grumpig. I guess there are more.
  15. Ok, second try. This should more or less do it.
  16. I mean those horrible things, specially when they're 12 cm long, damn it, lol Scyther
  17. Granted, you're satisfied with your Pop themes, although no one else is. I wish to have a Pokemon TCG Kadabra
  18. Granted, now you're a better pop music artist. I wish to finish my Gym Leader drawing already.
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