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  1. On 4/6/2021 at 10:36 PM, TheBlackCatter said:

    * Beast warrior...

    * The name must make it sound cute but the art is gritty

    * Increase ATK based on number of Stand-By phases that have gone by

    * Cannot attack or be destroyed until at a certain ATK

    Kit Cat Kitty Cat, Brave Catgirl

    Level 4                                                            EARTH

    Beast Warrior / Tuner / Effect

    Once per turn, during your Standby Phase, this card gains ATK equal to the number of "Cat" monsters in your GY x200.  Cannot attack or be destroyed by your opponent's card unless this card's ATK is 3000 or higher. If this card inflicts battle damage to your opponent: You can Special Summon 1 Level 4 or lower monster from your Deck, also it is treated as a "Cat" monster. Once per turn, during your End Phase: You can place a number of Meow Counters equal to the number of "Cat" monsters you control on this card. When a "Cat" monster in your possession would be sent to the GY, you can remove 3 Meow Counters from this card instead.

    ATK 1600 / DEF 800

    I honestly honestly honestly didn't make it a cat girl because it's in response of you, Catter, I swear.



    * It's a dog

    * It uses Bark Counters

    * Can attack thrice by fulfilling a certain condition

    * It's Psychic. Yep, a psychic dog.

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  2. Compulsory Evacuation Device = Kacho Fugetsu ded xD... well, at least for 1 turn.

    I won't lie. The card sounds like fun, but I can't quite get the grasp of it. Reasons would be obvious. Level 13 monsters... how? Let me say in advance I don't watch YGO anime, in which they like to do all manner of exaggerated stuff and end up summoning ridiculous monsters. I'm also aware of the existence of Rank 13 New Order and Numeronius Numerronia. But in the actual IRL is it mechanically even possible? Monsters are allowed to surpass Level 12? Actually... I should investigate!


    Ah, it is actually possible, cool. So what you can't do is having Level 0 monsters, ok. Well, this card made me learn something xD.

    At any rate, it sounds hard still, which makes me feel more inclined to go for the Xyz Summoning method. Different monster card type, huh? F*** so 1 Link, 1 Synchro, 1 Xyz and 1 Fusion... ok, no, let's get back to Level 13 monsters, lol.

    But seriously, this card is so damn difficult to Summon I'd give it complete immunity, not just when it is Summoned, when it activates its effect or attacks. And talking about that, your opponent cannot respond to activation, yeah, but they can just use a Fiendish Chain and immobilize this guy for good. So again, full immunity so it can only be destroyed by battle sounds fair to me.

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  3. 38 minutes ago, Mr Melon said:


    Gonna address the stuff one at a time:

    1. "Each Turn": That's a good point.  I didn't want the card to start a chain (so I couldn't use a typical OPT), and I wanted to keep it short, but I realize that now it sounds like you can Set things during your opponent's turn (which was not my intention).  I guess the better wording would be "You can only Set 1 monster by this card's effect per turn"... or something along those lines.  It would restrict it to your turn, but it would not start a chain.
    2. "Spell & Trap Zone":  Ooh, cool!  Thanks for that.  I didn't actually look up any cards to confirm that wording, but yeah, that would be more accurate.
    3. *Wording suggestion*: Haha!  It's funny, that is similar to how I wrote the card originally, but when I sent that preliminary card elsewhere to ask if it made sense, the first response was "how does the flip monster activate".  Going back to the Artifact example, you can't activate Artifact cards even though they are Set as trap cards, so I felt like I had to put something that confirmed that the Flips can be activated.  That's pretty much the sole purpose of the underlined bit.

    I'll fix up the other wording issues, but I suppose the underlined bit will just have to remain as custom wording.

    You're welcome, nice to see my blabbering was kinda of help  n.n

    I see your point about the Flip Monster -> Trap Identity. Despite the response you got, which might be a valid concern, I'd say it is otherwise: When you say in your effect, Set 1 Flip monster from your hand to your Spell/Trap Zone as a Trap, I believe you're giving the card Trap qualities... not exactly the same case, but similarly to a Pendulum Monster, which starts being treated as a Spell the moment it touches the Pendulum Zone. So, you say, "as a Trap", and so, it obtain the mechanic qualities of a Trap, i.e., a card that has to be Set and can be flipped face-up to activate it as Spell Speed 2 effect, and then you specify the exact effect that is applied when flipped. In such a case, no other wording would be needed... imo. Perhaps you could say "as a Normal Trap" instead of "as a Trap" to be more precise and further strengthen the idea of the card obtaining the Trap quality... I dunno if I'm making sense here xD.

    Not completely against leaving the underlined text as it is, tho, sometimes there's just no reference or already approved method to word an innovative effect such as this one.

  4. Loved this one, the effect is really cool and innovative! I have a question, tho: the "Each turn" part... why that wording? To avoid starting a chain so it is not negated? But isn't it a bit strange? I don't know if the intent is to make it 1 use per turn or multiple times, but (let's just mention there's some reason in that evil mind of yours for this kind of thingies xD) I believe the usage of the Magical Musket's "During either player's turn" continuous effect could be a better wording, or if you want to be able to use it only once, just adding the Once per turn, of course.

    11 minutes ago, Mr Melon said:

    Was interested in making a unique brand of FLIP support and came up with this.  I'm really not sure how to word the underlined part to make it sound natural though.  Any help would be much appreciated.

    Ooof... you're better at this than me, but I have an idea:


    During either player's turn, you can Set 1 Flip monster from your hand to your Spell & Trap Zone as a Trap, and if you do, apply that card's Flip effect when it is activated. You cannot activate that card during the turn it was Set.

    At the very least, I'm positive you gotta use Spell & Trap Zone, I went to look for confirmation in Artifact Dagda. Well, it's likely this is not very useful, but I had to try >_<''. 

    P.D. Long life to the Spirit of the Fall Wind!

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  5. 18 hours ago, ITSUKOSOADO said:

    Is cardmaker.net losing activity? It seams kind of dead. Posts are far and few.

    Sigh, I can't say it is otherwise, the latest days have been veeeery slow. I myself took a break and didn't post almost anything for 3 or 4 days, and it kinda feels like others followed my example by coincidence. We mustn't give up on the site, though. The new card maker is coming!

  6. Hey, guys, it's been a while since the Club had activity, that can't be!

    So, today I start what I hope will be a series of about 5-6 drawings. Anybody with the slightest knowledge of the Mother/Earthbound series will recognize this character as a member of the Starman Race. Why the heck did I decide to draw this? Well, it's been two or three years since I completed the series (3 games) and completely fell in love with it. What's interesting is that, unfortunately (or perhaps, fortunately), Mother 3's ending is open to interpretation. The devs allow you to decide what ended up happening to the world and the characters. Since then, some stuff have taken shape in this bizarre mind of mine xD. So yeah, my drawings will be based on what it'd be a hypothetical Mother 4.



    Zheon, the Rebel Starman


    I'll start by giving some background about Mother and who the hell are the Starmen, for those who don't know. Heck, I dunno who'll read this, but oh well xD. Just let me mention in advance that there are a ton of things in the story that aren't explained in the game, so that kind of gaps, I'll fill with what I believe it's likely to be the truth.

    Mother 1 starts with the abduction of a young couple, George and Maria, by an alien race (not the Starmen, possibly). Reason? Nobody knows, but you know the deal, perform experiments on our race, stuffing weird instruments up your... nose, etc. But it would seem they had a life of relative freedom (or at least as much freedom as you can get while being abducted in an interstellar ship) because the couple was given a baby from the alien race to raise, as it he were their own child. This baby's name was Giygas, aka Giegue, the main antagonist of Mother 1 and 2. They loved the child, and the child loved them... and specially, the love between Maria and Giygas became deep. But George was interested in PSI, the alien race's strange power. Being the journalist he was, George studied PSI in secrecy until he was caught red handed, and was forced to flee to Earth, never to see Maria again. As the alien race's concern of PSI spreading in Earth grew, they decided to entrust Giygas with the retrieving of PSI. He was distraught by this request, due to the bond he had developed with his parents, and specially because of Maria, but accepted grudgingly. 80 years later (yep, heck if I know why it took so long), strange phenomena starts occurring on earth, people starts behaving violently, animals get wild, machines appear, etc. Ninten, George's great-grandson, is tasked by his father to investigate the  happenings around Podunk, his hometown, and thus his journey starts. And well, all this explanation was kinda unnecessary, but I wanted to write it anyways xD. Who are the Starmen? They seem to be in league with Giygas' race. They act as their Elite forces, if you will, they're often dangerous enemies to encounter, and sometimes serve as bosses. They all can use powerful PSI. What are they? It's hard to tell, as there are contradicting stuff about them. For instance, there's another robot in the game called Atomic Power Robot, which according to the gamer's guide, is "an early prototype of Starmen". This would definitely suggest Starmen are robots, and this is supported by the fact they're given robotic whirrs and clank sounds when they speak, or in the original version, they speak in katakana, which is normally used when robots speak. BUT, on the other hand, we got that they're affected by PK Beam, which is useless against mechanical foes. It is NOT affected by the Item Rust Promoter, which only damages mechanical being. Finally, there's an enemy called "Ghost of Starman", but if they're robots, how they can have ghosts? So, in the end, I decided to believe they're organic beings with suits or something xD.

    Zheon's Story

    This story takes places in an indeterminate amount of years after the ending of Mother 3. Having the Starmen been beaten twice by Humans, they do not underestimate them anymore, and instead, see Humans as the key to victory. Zheon is the head of a project whose purpose is to create genetic engineered Humans powered by drastic levels of PSI.What do they intend to do with this? Well, they don't seek the same as before (retrieving PSI from Earth)... their new goal, I won't disclose yet.

    At the start of this hypothetical game/tale, Zheon is seen in a room full of advanced machinery, accompanied by fellow Starmen, watching a girl inside a complex device. They're carrying out tests on her. At some point they finish, and another Starman, Zheon's direct superior and second in command of the entire fleet, orders the "specimen to be discarded", as it has been deemed a failure. Zheon insists, as in previous tests, that there are strange "anomalies" in the results that should be further studied, but his superior is impatient and orders him to eliminate the girl. Zheon reluctantly complies. As he's taking the girl towards the "Eradicating Room", as they call it, the girl finally manages to shake off Zheon's PSI that's keeping her asleep. Because yeah, so far, Zheon has been using PSI on her, and in truth, the game starts from the girl's perspective, who doesn't understand why her master insists in keeping her sleepy. This girl is called Stella, and she's the Main Character from the story. What did you think? Zheon was keeping her asleep so she cannot fight back? No, it's because he knew from before she'd be deemed a failure in the scheduled upcoming test, and didn't want her to feel fear. Zheon was not unlike other Starmen, cold and seemingly devoid of feelings... but this little girl caught his attention. First it was because her test anomalies interested him, but as he spent time with the girl to understand what was behind it, he grew attached to her, like a little daughter. Zheon never realized this, until the day the test was going to happen, and he felt something... dread, because he knew what was to come. Maybe by keeping her asleep, he was protecting himself as well? Anyway, he enters the Eradicating Room, with the girl, again put to sleep, floating behind him. A single other Starmen is inside the room as well, ready to operate that... seemingly harmless bed. When Stella is laid on the bed, yet again, she manages to shake off the PSI and tells Zheon she wanted to "see the flowers with him again just one more time". Before the other Starmen knew what hit it, it was dead on the floor. Alarms activate. Zheon is just standing there, without knowing what happened. Some guards quickly reach the room. He reacts and repels them. He shakes off his initial stupor. He knows what to do. And so, you, the player, take control of him and fight your way through a horde or fellow Starmen and other nasty robots, with Stella always floating behind you and getting her head bonk against every wall xD. They finally reach the ship's hangar. Waiting for them is Zheon's superior. They engage in a gruelling battle which Zheon manages to win by a sliver. Wounded, he places Stella inside a shuttle and activates the controls... but he couldn't finish. Suddenly, an overwhelming force crushes him against the floor. He doesn't know who is it, but its presence feels familiar. Whatever entity is attacking him, it feels colossal... so absolute and cruel... he can't fight back. The entity jeers at him, promising a future worse than death for him and the girl. Zheon's body is crushed horribly... until it is no more. Yeah, yeah, here comes the convenient deus ex machina xD. Stella manages to repel the entity. How? No one can understand, her powers were tiny before. Is it... the anomaly? The Entity fades, for now. But Zheon can barely move. Stella is desperate to save him, but it's too late. As she won't listen to him, Zheon violently pushes her back into the shuttle with the remaining of his PSI, and finishes the sequence. Stella can't reach him anymore, and the shuttle takes off. Last thing she sees, is Zheon's deformed figure on the cold metallic floor. Will this be the last time she sees him?

    In Battle

    Zheon starts the game as a powerful character, possibly Lv 40 or so. He has a wide variety of both offensive and supportive PSi and extremely high PP. As this is the opening scene, he can take on enemies with relative ease, using his wide arsenal of attacks. He has a special command called "Re-Assemble", which has a good chance of destroying a robotic target and convert it into a weapon he can use during that battle.


    Well, this is it for now, if you read it all, congratz  and thanks n.n. Let me say, this story so far sounds kinda dark, I guess, and Mother games in certain aspects are pretty twisted, but they also have their amazing humour and nonsensical stuff... I'd try to convey this inside the game, but that would be pretty hard, I think, Shigesato Itoi is a goddamn genius.

    P.D. I dunno about the thingies I added in the feet, I might remove them if they don't look good. The cape was just a kinda ridiculous idea I had, no Starman use them, even the likes of Starman Deluxe, high ranked individuals. I just wanted to give it that feeling of importance, as he's the head of the project, and it is a striped cape, because.. it HAD to be striped. I also debated if I'd change the super classic arms on waist pose of the Starmen, in favour of having him hold a translucent device of sorts with some symbols, but ended up deciding against it, the intimidating stance is just too good xD.

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  7. 4 hours ago, Zefra the Shaddoll Master said:

    that boost ATK/DEF by 500 is Laughable and Bad

    Please don't call other people's ideas laughable and bad, Zefra. That's doesn't make you look cool, but haughty instead. Try to be more constructive in your criticism.Actually, I don't know what was the original effect, but now it smells of overpowered, as it is plainly and simply outclassing the Red-Eyes Dragon, being basically the same but with better stats, an ATK boost and a draw 1 card effect, which I have told you a million of times it's an effect you gotta be careful with, not something that can be given to every card  😆. And don't come saying "But the Blue eyes is stronger" That's a weak excuse xP

    1 hour ago, Zefra the Shaddoll Master said:

    sometimes cards need to be a little broke



  8. Relic Song

    Quick-Play Spell

    Target 1 "Meloetta Aria" you control; return it to the hand OR shuffle it into the Deck, and if you do, Special Summon 1 "Meloetta Pirouette" from your hand or Deck, and if you do that, destroy all cards your opponent controls in the same column as that Special Summoned "Meloetta Pirouette". During your End Phase, or if a "Meloetta Piroutte" you control would leave the field by your opponent's card: You banish this card in your GY; return that "Meloetta Pirouette" to the hand OR shuffle it into the Deck, and if you do, Special Summon 1 "Meloetta Aria" from your hand or Deck, also, after that, negate the effects of all cards your opponent controls in the same column as that Special Summoned "Meloetta Aria".

  9. 1 hour ago, Titan403 said:

    Okay testing it. I noticed looking at the forum discussing how to do spoilers text, their spoilers didnt seem to work, and the ones in their signature didnt either.


      Reveal hidden contents


    and is the title/display of the spoiler done in a similar way

    Yeah, there has been some problems regarding that. AFAIK, names for spoilers aren't working, and placing spoilers inside spoilers cause some buggy behaviour. No can do for the moment.

  10. 1 hour ago, StupidFox said:

    I dont know how to word this, outside of being a possible clusterfuck-

    Basically to get the "destroy 1 card" gimmick, you can send it from your hand or field, or Banish it from your GY, or return it to your Deck from the Banished zone. So a single Sprocket can be used at least 3 times before you'd have to grab it again.

    Aaaaaaha... so, in spite of the effort I put in my reply, the one thing I got as response is a defense of the only thing I misunderstood, and I misunderstood due to poor wording... message received.

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  11. On 3/24/2021 at 12:30 PM, ITSUKOSOADO said:

    I love Isekai, particularly the stories that have a special twist (there was one where this man being trained to be a martial artist really wanted t be a gardener). I really want to see one focused on a really intelligent receptionist from another world!

    Although I think I know what you're referring to, the above statement is a bit ambiguous. You want the MC to be a receptionist in our world, who then is transported to another, or someone with X job from our world that becomes a receptionist in the other world?

  12. 16 hours ago, Titan403 said:

    Made some new changes and would really like some feedback.

    Alrighty :)

    Knight - I definitely don't see how you could further help with this guy. The strong, reliable beater, with an exquisite effect that gives you cannon targets and both adds to hand and feeds your fiery bubbling GY. Almost too good. I'm not against that you gave it another option for the self summoning, Lavals require the flexibility... you want this guy on the field turn 1 yes or yes. Sadly, for as much as I try to remember other cards with the ability to search like Knight does, I can't, but I don't see why not, it's truly helpful to include many of the Laval Support that aren't named as such. If anything, I'd just like to mention that, IIRC, whenever you use that resource, you should say "in its card text", not only "in its text", like Knight currently does.

    Priestess - No, please leave her as she is, I like her current version more than before... except that the protection effect lasts too much. It's kind of greedy that she can provide that protection for almost two turns, even if it only affects monsters currently in control, specially because the effect is applied at generic send to GY, which is almost a given for her.... perhaps she could protect until the end of turn if you send her to the GY, and until the end of the next turn if sent by the opponent.

    Blacksmith - Ummm... I din't like that in the new version it can only increase Level, and not decrease, but if you feel it makes more sense/it is more balanced, ok. You're losing a bit of flexibility for Synchro and Xyz Summoning, tho. 3 mill card after self summoning with such an easy to fulfill condition seems a little too good. Mmm... here's a weaker alternative, but it's pretty much usable turn 1:

    If you control a "Laval" monster: You can Special Summon this card (from your hand), then, if there are no "Laval" cards in your GY, you can send 1 "Laval" monster from your hand or Deck to the GY.

    Maybe you could even add an alternative, like being able to banish a Laval if you don't have already banished stuff. Not sure, but maybe these ideas can spark something better in your mind.

    Molten Land - Haven't seen this one until now... well, it's solid, ngl. Kinda repetitive, in itself and compared to other effects currently used, so it comes off a little as unimpressive. But again, it's good for strengthening the whole strategy.

    See ya around n.n

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  13. 1 hour ago, StupidFox said:

    I hate this game/stopped playing years ago/etc- So what do I know.

    Ummm... I don't know what to say here... the irony of making cards of a game you hate is... interesting. Leaving aside any dual meaning, I'll say I do detest the current state of the game, but I still love its roots, hence I still make cards. Anyway, given your words, or the fact that there's a "WhoCares" everywhere in each card, I'm not sure if you'd actually want feedback, as I don't know you or your intentions, but I want to help, so here I go.

    Your grammar is good, but it can use a bit of polishing, so if you allow me:


    Round Gear: Once per turn: You can target 1 face-up monster on the field; this card gains 500 ATK, and if it does, change its battle position. Once per turn: You can target 1 Set card on the field; reveal it. You can banish this card from your GY: Add 1 "Round Sprocket" from your Deck to your hand. You can only use this effect of "Round Gear" once per turn.

    Minor details here, specially using of capital letters where you should use lower caps, also a change in and if you do to and if it does, (source, Shiranui Samurai). Also change it's to its. That's a common grammar mistake I make when I type quickly, so I can relate to that. A bit strange that you start using colon correctly for the first effect, but fail to do so in the second.


    Round Cog: Once per turn: You can target 1 face-up monster on the field; this card gains 500 ATK and if it does, change its battle position. Once per turn: You can choose 1 card in your opponent's hand; reveal it. You can banish this card from your GY: Add 1 "Round Sprocket" from your Deck to your hand. You can only use this effect of "Round Cog" once per turn.

    Basically the same as Gear. Important note: You can't "target" cards in the hand, so you use the "Choose" term.


    Sprocket: If a DARK Machine monster targets a card: You can banish this card in your hard or field, OR place this banished card on the bottom of your Deck, and if you do, destroy 1 card on the field, and if you do that, inflict 500 damage to your opponent.

    This set of cards works around Sproket, so I'm concerned I understood the effect well. Reason I'm not sure is that part, You can send this card from your hand/field to the GY, Banish this card from the GY. It seems that you want to say sent this thing to the GY, then banish it and proceed, but there's no then conjunction to indicate sequence. What I do in my version is to banish the card right from the start, and clearly separate the other possibility with a capitalized OR. I'm not sure either if it's correct to destroy 1 card on the field without targeting, that's one thing to investigate.


    Shot: Send 1 DARK Machine monster from your hand or field to the GY; add 1 "Round Sprocket" from your Deck, GY, or that is banished to your hand. You can pay 1000 LP: Return this card from your GY to your hand. You can only use this effect of "Round Shot" once per turn.

    a semi-colon instead of a colon after GY, because, to quote from the wikia, "Text before the semicolon " ; " (but after the colon, if any) describes anything that happens when that card or effect is activated (such as costs and targeting)."


    About the cards... well, probably you don't want to talk about the meta, right? I'll just mention quickly that they're not exactly too powerful and hence wouldn't be very relevant. I like them, tho, but I have a big question, specially about Gear and Cog. They both target 1 mob on the field, gain 500 ATK and change its battle position... problem is, as the wording is, it causes trouble. Who changes battle position? The target, right? If not, your cards would be kinda useless. So, if I'm right in thinking it is the target the one made to change, then the wording I suggested changes, and it would be:

    Once per turn: You can target 1 face-up monster on the field; this card gains 500 ATK, and if it does, change that target's battle position.

    It's clearer now, right? And well, the engine is fun, you target stuff, gain ATK, change positions, reveal things, all the while Sprocket has its fun. You know what I'd like? If Gear and Cog could transfer their ATK gain to an Extra Deck monster summoned by using them as material, that'd be helpful.


    Well, I hope this was of help n.n

    P.D. Again, I dunno what are your plans, but as for me, welcome to YCM, hope you stay 😄

  14. 37 minutes ago, God Emperor Cow said:

    because of my history as a mod who has heard many suggestions of a similar nature and having to tell them I can't do anything (and then people getting upset) I feel the need to jump in here for nyx and say

    Almost anything regarding how the site actually functions would need to be directed to YCMaker. Even when the mods had more power there were many things, largely functionality and such, that we just couldn't touch. And now the mods have even less

    (I could be wrong but if the admin and mod cp are similar on the two sites they can only lock/move threads, delete/edit posts, and see reports/give warnings?)

    I see... that's unfortunate, considering that our current mods are much more in touch with the overall site and its members than YCMaker, and thus they'd be able to quickly implement any fair changes the public wants to see if they had the power to do so. Yet, YCMaker has been more active as of late, primarily because of the new card maker, and he's been listening to some of the people's requests... perhaps we can bring his attention to this once he's done with the polishing of the CM. For now I'd rather let him focus on the release, which is crucial to the site.

  15. 23 hours ago, The Nyx Avatar said:

    But it's not the first time either. I don't have a problem with one card being shared. But multiple cards drag the status bar down a lot. Even today, there was someone who posted a Status Update with about 7 images. That was unacceptable.

    I didn't see that, guess it was removed. But yeah, that definitely is troublesome, hence the rules suggested so far. But Nyx, do you think that, instead of just being a "rule", there could be a method to literally stop members from doing it as automatic part of the forum's system? That'd be truly helpful, as you wouldn't need to constantly warn users, and people won't start complaining if they don't like it.

  16. 1 hour ago, ITSUKOSOADO said:

    I learned so much from this thank you!

    Glad I was of help, you're welcome n.n

    1 hour ago, ITSUKOSOADO said:

    The most interesting comment is calling these "abilities" I got my word from yugipedia the deck building app which I believe is an off brand source. Subtype includes flip, gemini, toon, tuner, union, spirit, and pendulum. All monsters that become these would gain only the typing in name and none of the effects; for example, spirit monsters wouldn't return t the hand. The only effect the gives is that gained from other cards tuner being the most OP.

    Umm, no, in the article I left you in the first link it says the Abilities are Toon, Spirit, Union, Gemini, Flip, but to quote from there:

    Other classifications—such as Normal, Effect, Pendulum, Tuner, and Special Summon—are not abilities.

    I dunno why that app you mention calls it subtypes, but truly, that's not a thing, "subtypes" do not exist. So, we have 5 Abilities, and those others (including Tuner) are treated as one "Classification" Heck, even if you visit the page that explains Tuners, it says again "Tuner is NOT an Ability". Sorry to say this, but you can't give your mobs a Tuner classification with this card. That's too bad, because the card would get a lot of power if you could :)

  17. 10 hours ago, Sleepy said:

    Yeah the first version did say "reveal up to 4 face-down banished "Toon" cards" for the main effect iirc. As the owner you can always look at your face-down banished cards to confirm they are Toons and reveal them even if the opponent has to wait for them to turn face-up. It's not the same as targeting them so I'm not really sure what the issue was mechanic-wise there. Hmmm...

    Ah, I see now what you meant with that suggestion. I'm not really sure about giving more flexibility to a card that can net you a +3 every turn that has no strings attached after giving you the cards (locking you into certain Summons or preventing you from using the cards you get from it). That laddering sequence was really made to be part of the drawback (starting with a lame "shuffle 1 into deck" effect). Especially after the newest update made it able to affect non-Toon cards (so long as x needed amount of Toons revealed is fulfilled to unlock that bullet effect).

    Not saying no but I'm gonna have to think about it....

    Sure, sure, more flexibility is something I'd like, but doesn't necessarily is the most balanced idea, so I leave it to your consideration n.n. At least I'm seeing the conversation is leading to try and find the best possible version of the card, so I think stuff's going fine regardless if the suggestion is used in the end.

    Hope you don't mind, but I'll have to insist in the revealing of face-down banished cards. IIRC, the original effect said "You can reveal up to 4 of your banished face-down "Toon" cards, etc., which in essence is impossible. As I understand it, it doesn't matter if, as their possessor,  you can look a them at any moment to "confirm" they're Toons... as long as they're banished face-down, they're nothing, except face-down banished cards. They don't have a card type, or any other characteristic, not even a name, thus revealing banished face-down "Toon" cards is not doable, it doesn't matter of you have the information that they're in truth Toon cards because, as I've said before, they don't have an identity. It's kinda like... an order in which stuff is done, like when you target something with X characteristics, but first to target you must check the card is suitable to be targeted. In this case, you try to check the characteristic of the card because the effect is asking you for Toons, but they're not Toons, until you reveal them... see the contradiction? xD.

    At any rate, as the wording is right now none of this matter, so it's just friendly chat of a ruling n.n

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  18. 1 hour ago, Sleepy said:

    The target bit is a non-issue since only the first effect is targeting a "Toon" card that is banished face-up (normal banished).

    Umm... didn't the second effect, the one that reveals face-down cards , said "Reveal 4 banished face-down "Toon" cards... ? Well, maybe I got it confused with the first one, but Nyx also mentioned the problem with targeting cards with characteristics... oh well, I'm crazy, nvm xD.

    1 hour ago, Sleepy said:

    Hmmm you did not suggest a specific change to the reveal requirements so if I understood correctly, what you are trying to say is for it to still require 4 reveals to happen, but to be able to resolve them in any way we want? Like, Special Summoning before I add to hand, and stuff like that? Sounds good to me. I think I'll implement both suggestions at once.

    Ehhh... not exactly. I'd like the card to have more flexibility. The 4 effects are ordered in 1+, 2+, 3+, 4. In other words, the next effect is always harder to attain than the previous as you require more Toons to be revealed. Meanwhile, you can reveal up to 4 always as long as you got enough targets, so you can reveal other cards and apply the effects on them even if not Toon. With the suggestion I made, Once per turn: You can reveal up to 4 face-down banished cards, then apply a number of the following effects equal to the number of "Toon" cards revealed, once each. the "order" is removed and the, uhhh... number requirement per effect is removed as well. That way, even if you reveal only 1 Toon, and the Toon is a monster, you can SS it, something that you cannot with the current version. As I understand it, if you allow me, what's wrong in the card right now is the numbers. With the wording suggested, they should only be bulleted, as they're just a list of possible effects you can apply, regardless of the total number of cards revealed, then, as you reveal more, like the suggestion says, apply a number equal to the number of Toons revealed, once each.

  19. Hey, @ITSUKOSOADO 😄

    For starters, we'd have to determine one fundamental thing in this card: what are you referring to when you say subtype? There is not a single official card that says sub-type or secondary type in its card text... but I imagine you're talking about Toon, Spirit, Union, Gemini, Flip... also regarded as Ability. Here's this lil' article in Yugipedia: https://yugipedia.com/wiki/Ability. Note that "Tuner" is not treated as an Ability.

    Sooo... let's go with card grammar. Let me mention this before: even if "Ability" is possibly the closest term to what you want, it is not used either in any official card, as far as I know. For the spirit of the card, I'll use "Ability", but with strict PSCT, you'd have to mention all the Abilities.


    When this card is activated: Add 1 monster with an Ability from your Deck to your hand. Thrice per turn, during either player's turn: You can declare 1 Ability, then roll a six-sided die; apply 1 of the following effects, based on the result.
    1 or 3: All monster you control change their Ability to the declared one.
    2 or 4: All monsters your opponent controls change their Ability to the declared one.
    5 or 6: All monsters on the field change their Ability to the declared one.
    If this card is banished: You can declare 1 Ability; all monsters you control change their Ability to the declared one.

    Please note the usage of colon and semicolons. A colon means that it’s an effect that starts a Chain. It also indicates that what was before that colon was its activation condition, or it has a specific timing to it. Semi-colons indicate that anything before it is a cost and/or it targets, also using for declaring and doing actions like rolling a die or tossing a coin.

    Now, before you jump saying, Duuuuude, why are you using "During either player's turn", that's old as hell, now you use (Quick Effect). Well, Yes and no. (Quick Effects) are reserved for monsters, and ONLY monsters for their Spell Speed 2 effects. Spells/Traps NEVER use (Quick Effect). There a a couple of methods to give a Field Spell (Spell Speed 1), a quick-like effect, but what we're using here is a wording present in the Magical Musket archetype, in which they have continuous effects that use that old "During either player's turn" formula, but with a different usage to before. Interesting, huh? xD. If you truly want it to be quick-like, you'd have to make it so it reacts to something, like Ancient City - Rainbow Ruins bulleted effect 3. See how it says " When a Spell/Trap Card is activated: You can send 1 "Crystal Beast" monster you control to the GY. THAT's a quick-like effect in a Field Spell. So you'd have to do something like: When your opponent Summons a monster or activates a monster effect: You can declare 1 Ability etc. etc... for now, with the wording I suggested first, it's a continuous effect that can be activated thrice during either player's turn when the game state is open.

    Finally, the effect itself... oooof, it's interesting, though it has so many implications.. I'm not sure. What is good is that by changing the Ability, a group of monster can get access to all the support that Ability can get that can do something with monsters on the field... the card also has disruptive capabilities for the opponent... but lemme tell you something else: We know each Ability is linked to a certain set of effects... like, Spirits cannot be Special Summoned, return to hand at the End Phase... Unions become equipments... Geminis gain effects when summoned twice... BUT, the Ability is not the effect itself. You get what I mean? It's hard to explain...Konami adds the Ability printed in the card because it has that set of effects, in a sense, the Ability determines PART of its typical effects, but consider this: when a monster effect is negated, that monster still has the Ability, they're not together, so to speak. In other words, well, probably you know this, but I wanted to point out still, if you change an Ability to another one, the monster won't get the set of effects linked to the new Ability... an effect is an effect, and won't change simply as so.

    Well, I hope this was helpful, see ya around n.n

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  20. Heeeeey... wait a second... I'm detecting something... like, the overall format of the post? It looks really well, but I can't quite put my finger on it... could it be... checks Rayfield Lumina's archetypes*** Mmm... interes --- SHOT

    But I really love the whole idea! Interchangeable Spells for every occasion... it's like Chabelo's Catafixia, but better, as you know what's behind the curtain (Deck).

    Mighty MalletPossibly the weakest of the set, but still good. Compared to a Raigeki, has more trouble to clean the field, but we know that nowadays a Raigeki is not truly that relevant. If anything, this card has hand in being better because of the archetypal effect as well as the possibility to choose which monster is destroyed, which can be a blessing vs stuff that just lols at board swipes and ends with more monsters than before after the chain is resolved xD. Bad part, it targets. If you don't mind, I have a suggestion to improve the grammar:

    You can target a number of monsters your opponent controls up to the number of revealed "Dragon Forge" Spells in your hand +1; destroy as many of them as possible.

    Tempestuous Trident - The pseudo Harpies. Leaving aside the archetypal effect, I'm not sure if it's better than Harpies... certainly, it's less common that a Spell in the GY triggers something beneficial for the opponent, but there are instances... at any rate, I like the immediateness of Harpies more, but this card is still very, very good. Ah! Before going further, the tiniest of details: after using the conjunction "then", don't use a comma. I noticed you did in the blue effect, and I just went to double check this is correct, so yeah, the comma just goes before then, not after.

    Lucky Lance - Hell, Delinquent Duo could learn a thing or two about the balance of this card. I'm all in for it, but the overall wording strikes me as weird. It is in time like this when I curse my lack of overall knowledge of cards, as I want to know if any official card has the "accumulate" term on it. Anyway, when you go through the bulleted effects, some stuff strikes me as weird.

    2+ The discard is banished --> The discarded card is banished
    3+ Select --> Choose
    4+ It's just... strange, but maybe I'm simply not understanding it well. 4+ makes a second card being affected and the opponent chooses which one... At 3+, you have the power to choose the card, so 4 contradicts 3, and yeah, I know it is separate from the first discard, but 4+ says "second card in their hand to be affected by this card"... affected, but what is affected, and to which extent? Again, if it is up to 3+, then there's a contradiction between who chooses the card to be discarded... if affected means "just discard 1 more, dude", well, as I understand it, affect would be usable if the card had 1, invariable effect, and since this card has cumulative effects that get changed by others by using instead, lol, well, everything is as confusing as this paragraph xD.

    Drastic Drill and Shield - Drastic because it is the most barbarous card in the set? Because I think it is. This card is just brutal, allowing you to leave a lingering effect that will let you, in a good scenario, add around 3 or 4 banished cards. What's even more crazy is, like I said recently in other of your posts, that you can look at face-down banished cards, so you can pick the one you need the most to add each turn. Another tiny detail, if you use the conjunction "also", don't use period, then start a new sentence. Instead, simply use a comma, or use two if it is "..., also, after that,
    I honestly don't like the halving effect, it's the one thing I'm kinda against in the archetype. It's limited to the already revealed cards, yeah, but the possibility of quickly obtaining a +2 or +3 while reducing incoming damage, without means of the opponent to stop it is just stronk. Ah, and it's optional, so you can let a 300 damage pass by and activate it when you want. The good thing is the overall card's effectiveness depends on the archetype, as the others. In short, it's that big detail that makes the card balanced (still crazy xD).

    Mourning Morning Star - Some suggested tweaks for the effect:

    Target a card(s) in either GY up to the number of revealed "Dragon Forge" cards in your hand +1; banish them, also, after that, negate the effect of cards with the same name as the cards banished by this effect until the end of this turn.

    I think the above works better. "Also, after that" is a sequential conjunction that I feel works best for the intended effect.

    Sacred Sword - Oooof... this is hard to word correctly... lemme try another version, kinda for the funsies, because I don't think it will be correct... at least, before the bullets, there's a correction you got to make.

    This card's activation/effect cannot be negated. Place Blessing Counters on cards on the field up to the number of revealed "Dragon Forge" cards in your hand +1. Apply the following effects on cards with Blessing Counters, depending on the possessor of the card, the type of card it is and the number of Blessing Counters on it.
    ⚪ 1+, Opponent's: Negate the card's effect.
    ⚪ 2+, Opponent's monster: The monster's  ATK/DEF becomes 0
    ⚪ 2+, Opponent's Spell/Trap: Shuffle that card into the Deck.
    ⚪ 1+, Your card: If the card would be destroyed, you can remove 1 Blessing Counter from it instead.
    ⚪ 2+ Your monster: The monster gains ATK equal to the original ATK of a monster it is battling whose ATK has been reduced by this card's effect during damage calculation only

    Last effect was a bit of a hell to reword, and it's not exactly the same, as the boost is based on the original ATK... I just feel it is more understandable this way, lol. I don't know... it's a kinda hard to pull off effect, as it requires at least 4 revealed cards to do its thing... but it's not OPT... if you manage to catch a truly strong monster with this, it's bad news to the opponent. Note that I made a small change so the effect can remain if it has more than 3 Counters.. you never know.


    Overall Thoughts: I truly had fun going through this, and to add to the party, it's all cards with your drawings (my favourite is Mourning, I think xD). Only concerned about the balance of Drastic and Sacred, I think these are pretty cool tools, with the drawback of having to work as an archetype to go to the fullest, meaning you take up a lot of space in the Deck, and since they're not focused effects, but a wide variety, it's hard to tell which archetypes could make use of these to the fullest. Big Like goes for you.

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