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  1. Glad I was of help, you're welcome n.n Umm, no, in the article I left you in the first link it says the Abilities are Toon, Spirit, Union, Gemini, Flip, but to quote from there: Other classifications—such as Normal, Effect, Pendulum, Tuner, and Special Summon—are not abilities. I dunno why that app you mention calls it subtypes, but truly, that's not a thing, "subtypes" do not exist. So, we have 5 Abilities, and those others (including Tuner) are treated as one "Classification" Heck, even if you visit the page that explains Tuners, it says again "Tuner is NOT an Ability". Sor
  2. Sure, sure, more flexibility is something I'd like, but doesn't necessarily is the most balanced idea, so I leave it to your consideration n.n. At least I'm seeing the conversation is leading to try and find the best possible version of the card, so I think stuff's going fine regardless if the suggestion is used in the end. Hope you don't mind, but I'll have to insist in the revealing of face-down banished cards. IIRC, the original effect said "You can reveal up to 4 of your banished face-down "Toon" cards, etc., which in essence is impossible. As I understand it, it doesn't matter if, as
  3. Umm... didn't the second effect, the one that reveals face-down cards , said "Reveal 4 banished face-down "Toon" cards... ? Well, maybe I got it confused with the first one, but Nyx also mentioned the problem with targeting cards with characteristics... oh well, I'm crazy, nvm xD. Ehhh... not exactly. I'd like the card to have more flexibility. The 4 effects are ordered in 1+, 2+, 3+, 4. In other words, the next effect is always harder to attain than the previous as you require more Toons to be revealed. Meanwhile, you can reveal up to 4 always as long as you got enough targets, so you
  4. Hey, @ITSUKOSOADO For starters, we'd have to determine one fundamental thing in this card: what are you referring to when you say subtype? There is not a single official card that says sub-type or secondary type in its card text... but I imagine you're talking about Toon, Spirit, Union, Gemini, Flip... also regarded as Ability. Here's this lil' article in Yugipedia: https://yugipedia.com/wiki/Ability. Note that "Tuner" is not treated as an Ability. Sooo... let's go with card grammar. Let me mention this before: even if "Ability" is possibly the closest term to what you want, it is
  5. Heeeeey... wait a second... I'm detecting something... like, the overall format of the post? It looks really well, but I can't quite put my finger on it... could it be... checks Rayfield Lumina's archetypes*** Mmm... interes --- SHOT But I really love the whole idea! Interchangeable Spells for every occasion... it's like Chabelo's Catafixia, but better, as you know what's behind the curtain (Deck). Mighty Mallet - Possibly the weakest of the set, but still good. Compared to a Raigeki, has more trouble to clean the field, but we know that nowadays a Raigeki is not truly that relevant.
  6. Niflheim's Mist Field Spell When a non-DARK monster declares an attack, the possessor of the attacking monster must roll a die. If the result is 1-2, lower the attacking monster's ATK by 500 during that battle only. If result is 3-4, negate the attack. If result is 5-6, negate the attack, then the possessor of the attacking monster takes 500 damage. Once per turn, if a monster in your possession was sent to the GY without inflicting damage or with its effects negated: You can Special Summon 1"Unheroic Wraith Token" (Zombie/DARK/Level 7/ATK 2000/DEF 2000).
  7. Hello, @ITSUKOSOADO, how's it going? Just a friendly piece of advise. The Card Game Workshop (section we're in right now) is home, as the name implies, of games in which, within certain rules, people places prompts that other members follow to create new cards. The content of this thread belongs to Casual Card Design. I felt like letting you know. So, let's ask for the help of @The Nyx Avatar, maybe he can move this thread to the appropriate sub-forum so people can reply to it n.n
  8. Yeah, as someone who's become greatly annoyed by the frantic spamming and never-ending Summoning of YGO in which you can cross your arms and watch your opponent Summon for 15 minutes, using up to 2/3 of their deck in one turn and ending up first turn with 3 omni-negators (I'm seeing you, Six Samurais) I applaud the boldness of this archetype. Kinda reminded me of Ghostricks for the forced face-down Summoning, though this is quite different. Right now (but I might be wrong) I see each piece of the archetype a tiny bit frail, so I'd wish they had a FLIP effect to support you further if they were
  9. Nyx beat me to it, as the first thing I was going to say is that face-down cards lose identity, thus you wouldn't be able to target "Toon" cards regardless if they're being revealed, because they're only "Toon" after they're on sight. So yeah, Nyx's suggestion is right on track. The good thing is that the rule says the possessor of face-down banished cards can look at 'em, so even if your Toon cards get mixed up with other effects, such as Pot of Extravagance's, you can still target the correct ones. The one thing I didn't like in either of the current versions, yours or Nyx's, is the sequence
  10. Completely agreed... I'd love if this was the final resolution, though I'm aware the OP of the thread, Enguin or other people might have much more to say, so I wait, content for the time being. I was willing to let cards go as part of the compromise, but if they're staying with the 1 per status rule, much better.
  11. lol, you're really into Trishula it seems xD. No wonder you were all out against poor Kyurem.
  12. Yes, I'd be more than happy to find an agreement. As I've suggested before, I consider that a rule to prevent people from posting more than 1 image per status is enough to keep the bar at an acceptable size while reducing the restrictive feeling to a minimum. I'm not sure if going after cards is an effective approach either, but I suppose the most typical instance of multiple images being posted is precisely when people uploads part of an archetype, so I guess an outright prohibition of cards would help. I happen to sometimes post a single card for festivities to wish the community a nice day
  13. Considering there are already two mods saying yes to this, this cause seems as good as lost, and yet, I'll put in my two cents: I'm in favour of a rule preventing people from posting more than one image per Status; size limit for images, I'm fiercely against (for what it's worth, because I'm likely going to be ignored), unless it is truly lengthy. There are many reasons for this. For starters, we're already at a precarious situation in the site, with activity still low. Yet you want to place more limits to what people can do. Next, a newbie, who likely didn't read such new rule comes and
  14. Looks like the OP of this thread will take a break for around a week, so I ask you this, since you seem to agree with him: what exactly is the site gaining by hardening the restrictions on statuses?
  15. lol, welp, Zefra, he was a villain for a long time... you get what I mean? The poor guy was banished for years, due to a certain lil' nasty combo. Now it's limited to 1 and has a stronger counterpart... the changes of life xD Any comment on the Spiritual Temple Card?
  16. Okay, finally got the time to work on the card n.n @HQCardmaker Let's start by trying to fix the card grammar as much as possible. It won't be an easy task xD. Let me say from advance that there will be some big changes, as some stuff in its current version is kinda unneeded, or can be approached in another, more convenient way, in my opinion * Alrighty, first fixed the die roll part, as it doesn't originally explain how that happens, it's just a "a roll of the die", without starting a chain due to a certain action. * Next comes the adjustment I made that I'm not convinced ab
  17. You're right, I made that lil' mistake. Fixed, thanks n.n. And yeah, Sleepy's suggestion is indeed pretty good, yet for the reasons mentioned before I decided to keep the structure of that effect as it is, though I made the other adjustments she listed.
  18. Baby sacrifice sounds good Seems impossible. Every Nintendo Direct people is with crossed fingers, but get punched in the gut. Nintendo is well aware of this fact, but hasn't budged an inch. I've always wondered why... maybe it's because of the magypsies, but considering how the society has evolved, that idea doesn't seem to hold... or maybe the ending (don't worry, no spoilers). Anyway, in the meantime, you can just download the patched ROM with the fan translation, which is beautiful, btw, and play it in an emulator, like I did. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Da Question for Jolly: If you we
  19. Hello, former Zamazenta now called Zefra, on a new adventure, aren't we? Mmm... I'm thinking long and hard about how to truly bring your attention so you put the people's recommendations into action, because (and yeah, you might be getting tired of hearing this, but remember we always do this with the intent to help) the cards are overpowered. OP. OP'eeeeed xD Taking advantage that we're still at 4 cards, I'll mention general stuff instead of going after each card: First, the stats. They're all Level 4. There is not a single monster in the game, as far as I remember, that has 2
  20. Oh, wow, looks like Nyx beat me to it, but I'm still on time, so Happy St. Patrick's Day Meloetta wishes for you! n.nMeloStPatrick.thumb.jpg.bccfbb5a108767da22ddd5bedaa96d46.jpg


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  21. Well... this is a bit of a stretch, but wouldn't Miss Kobayashi's Dragonmaid count as reverse Isekai? The dragons came from another world and now they're trying to adapt to society over here xD. I also remember dropping a manga named Goodbye! Isekai Tensei. I didn't get far, but the story had a... huh.... decent twist: The MC was an average guy who was supposed to reincarnate as the Hero of another world. Up that that point, it's the same as always, yeah. One day, a girl arrived at our world by teleportation and informed the MC of this fact. Evidently, the problem here is that the gu
  22. Mmm... first thing I did was the room's perspective, as well as the floor's grid. Tons of mathematics and geometry calcs involved, lol. I had to tape some small pieces of paper on the bottom to make some additional guidelines. Then I made the curtain and the bases in which people is supposed to leave their clothing, then the clothing I debated long about making hooks for the clothes, maybe IRL that's better as it won't cause your clothes to get wrinkly, but I felt that was the easy way out, as even those bases are in perspective. Theeen... I think it was the chandelier, then the mirror, and pa
  23. Heck, Sleepie, what am I gonna do if you ever get tired of replying to my cards? Your feedback is so good and accurate it's scary xD. Alrighty, I agree with just about everything said above, bar the little wording part, as I don't share it's awkward, hehe. I based that part from an existing card's wording, and even though the situation and exact words aren't the same, I feel they work accurately. Unfortunately we don't have (or at least I don't remember) more instances of similar wording, so I opted for going with it to include both banishment and GY possibilities in a single relatively s
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