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  1. Phantom Pain Continuous Spell Activate only if you control a Psychic monster. Once while you control this face up card: You can choose an opponent''s unused Main Monster Zone in which a monster your opponent controlled was destroyed by battle previously this turn; your opponent cannot use that zone while you control this card. Once per turn, during your opponent's Standby Phase: You can inflict damage to your opponent equal to the battle damage you inflicted to them when that opponent's monster was destroyed by battle. If you control no Psychic monsters: Destroy this card. If this ca
  2. Your words are very kind, Sleepie n.n. It was a bit of an odyssey, but I don't say it in a negative context. The reason I took so long to finish, leaving aside IRL stuff that cuts your time, was mental hurdles. as I'd take a lot to decide to do something. What I mean is that to start making a part, I'd take ages to decide how to do it, worrying about being able to make it good enough, but as I was finally on the development and I was at a point where I could say "this is going to end up well", I had fun and satisfaction. What I was looking forward to the most was that you liked the finish
  3. @Sleepy New avatar is lookin' cute, good work n.n. Looks like our Patsy is a little older now.

    1. Sleepy


      Tbh she isn't supposed to be the grown up version. I'll post the full drawing later. XP

    2. Rayfield Lumina

      Rayfield Lumina

      Tbh, older also includes from 1 nanosecond older than the previous drawing xD

  4. Spiritual Temple of the Ice Barrier Field Spell When this card is activated: You can target 1 of your "Ice Barrier" monsters that was sent to the GY or was banished by the effect of an “Ice Barrier” card this turn and hasn't changed place since; Special Summon it. You can place a number of cards in your hand on the bottom of your Deck in any order up to the number of "Ice Barrier" monsters you control, and if you do, draw that same number of cards +1. You can banish 1 "Ice Barrier" card from your GY, then target 1 monster you control; apply 1 of the following effects depending on if
  5. Mmm... this makes me thing there's room for making a Neck-roworld Giraffe with a "This card is always treated as a "Necroworld" card" and mounted by Necroworld Banshee xD. Or perhaps "Giraffe of the Neck-rovalley"? Ancient Gearaffe Golem? Dark Magician Gira -- shot Anywho, yeah, the card is greatly limited by the lack of options. I can't see how to help with the card becoming more relevant, but perhaps just a tiny detail: Maybe you could include the field as one of the places from where you can take the giraffes and move, either by SSing them or place them on the Pendulum Zone. Yep, essen
  6. lol yeah, it's not very good, but the only pic I could find fitting for the joke xD. But yeah, your adjustment sounds fair enough. I think what you mention crossed my mind, since the card says: "If you use this card's effect", meaning any of the effects would cause the clause to be applied, but I forgot to address it in the end xD
  7. Ah, yes, I happen to know how your deck box looks like: Dat giraffe looks angry and ready to stun you to hell. This card is what a Gira... sorry, a Watt deck needs. It's kinda funny how they're somewhat slow despite the theme. It's unfortunate it can't SS from the Deck, but that's definitely the right move, because that would cause the card's balance to shift to the OP side. Still, given that you're still concerned about the optimization of the card, maybe you could add an effect that adds to the flexibility, which in turn can increase the overall speed the of the deck, somethin
  8. Welp, she's cute enough, alright xD. 4 stars with 2000 ATK and Tuner is something you don't see often. Yep, I like it.
  9. You're wrong, because that rule applies for the creation of criteria, not for the actual content of the constructed card. In other words, I can use those canon mobs for my card and use the criteria given by the previous person, but I cannot ask in my prompts: "Make it a Gagagigo and Marauding Captain Support". Just a passing thought xD. Alchemist Minotaur Urgoth DARK Level 6 Beast-Warrior / Effect Once per turn, If this card was Tribute Summoned: You can apply the following effects depending on the Attribute of the monsters you control
  10. Hey, @TheBlackCatter, you might find this interesting xD. Da Bigger Fish Continuous Spell When this card is activated: Special Summon 1 Lil' Fish Token (Fish/WATER/Level 1/ATK 0/DEF 0). Once per turn, during your Standby Phase: You can Tribute 1 "Fish Token", then Special Summon 1 "Slightly Bigger Fish Token" with 1 Level higher and 1000 more ATK/DEF than the Tributed Token. During your eleventh time of Tributing a Fish Token, Special Summon 1 "Da Biggest Fish Token", and if you do, you win the Duel. Your opponent cannot target "Fish Tokens" for attacks or card effects. Y
  11. This tells me you don't have identity problems, that's good to know :v ~~~~~~~~~~ Ok, then. All the previous explanation leads us to one critical intention: finding the perfect middle ground. Unfortunately, I don't think there's a shortcut to victory, but to collect as much info as possible from testing and testing and testing. If I may, I have a suggestion as to how to tackle disruption. One would be what we know and love/hate, which is direct disruption to a particular action/effect/invocation. I can't picture cards negating a Familiar Summoning right off the bat, but perh
  12. lol, this guy But... This holds true for you as well, my friend, we all have room for improvement. I'd friendly ask you that, if you're going to make that kind of comments, then you should support then by giving pointers and suggestions on how to improve to the other person. Hopefully this doesn't come as stern as it might sound, I just want that everyone cooperates for the bettering of the other. Onward to the card! Gagarauding, the Heroic Captain LIGHT Level 7 Reptile / Fusion / Effect "Gagagigo" + "Marauding Captain" Mus
  13. Yeah, what Tinkerer said lol I wonder if you actually read everything we're telling you, as many of the OP effects we're asking you to avoid keep appearing in every new archetype. On top of that, you keep asking for reviews, yet I'm not seeing any changes being made to the cards. Whenever you reply, it is with 1 line of, "but that's not a Quick Effect" or "that's the archetype's gimmick". Man, we're telling you the gimmick is cool, but you can't go using generic Spell/Traps as materials, that's way beyond OP. I want to see some adjustments, not just a retort mentioning 1 single thing out
  14. Ooof, well, the problem is that PSCT is in constant evolution, so it happens once in a while that Konami finds methods that are simpler but also clearer to understand and that don't cause controversy. Grammatically (as in, the use of comma, colon, semi-colon, etc) it shouldn't change anymore, there's mostly evolution in the terms. Due to this, there is no ultimate guide with every possible example of each kind of effect in existence, but I can direct you to two guides that should prove helpful, and one is right here in YCM. https://www.cardmaker.net/forums/topic/322020-ocgpsct-tutorial-le
  15. lol, I never said anything about a Quick Effect, where did that come from? But yeah, nerf it. If it were me, I'd remove it altogether, tbh, it's the most OP'ed effect in the set so far. Aywho, since I'm here: Ace Card Spiral Fusion - Ok... why so many effects? xD. For starters, a Fusion Spell that can Fusion using mobs from anywhere among hand, Deck and field is powerful as heck. There is precedence, though. Ancient Gear Fusion can do it, but it requires a specific mob in your control to include the Deck in the possible places from where to take the materials. There's also
  16. It's good to see a couple of the cards increased in Approval % compared to before . In that regard, mission semi-accomplished, as I wish I would have given better ideas so they reached the 100%. Actually, in retrospective... damn, you're pretty exigent with yourself, not even Knight managed the 100%, I can't see how that one could be improved, tbh. Overall, the changes look good to me. I must confess my favourite improvement is Blacksmith's (probably because that one's the closest to my suggestion, lol). I'm not sure if this is a good advise, but I'd ask you not to be so... closed within
  17. Tons of waifus + angry sheep = Profit ~~~~~ Alright, alright. We've already discussed your TCG personally, but I don't recall that question, "What do you enjoy doing or what do you like of other TCGs more if any?" was brought to the table. I enjoy a mid-speed paced game in which the tide of the battle can turn more than once, the thrill of constant interchange of attacks, both players having to struggle to win. You already know what I think about modern YGO: Spend a ton of money in your Deck, go first and establish omninegators = 95% win. As for me, that's terribly boring. A game wit
  18. I hope there's no problem with posting here after it's been so long since the event finished. For anybody who reads this, Dark Magician Girl was successfully rescued by the 5 brave warriors from the clutches of Dark magician, who was the traitorous mastermind behind the kidnapping! The Map found in Page 1 has been updated to reflect this. I'm posting until now because the prize for winning the event was completed just a couple of days ago, and has already been delivered! See ya in the next event n.n
  19. Alrighty, I checked them all, thank goodness it's 3 so far and not 30 xD. Unfortunately, they have many OP effects, though compared to the Volbots, they're not as terribly broken, which means you're improving, and that's nice to see. Card Magician of the Ace Cards - You should add that they reveal 1 random card from the hand. The effect is extremely potent. Reason is how generic the advantage is. They reveal 1 monster? You search for absolutely any monster in existence, same for the other kinds. My suggestion is to limit this effect to archetypal cards. ...add 1 "Ace Card" card w
  20. Upside-Down Palace Continuous Spell While you control this face-up card, both players' banished face-up cards are flipped face-down, and all banished face-down cards are flipped face up. During the End Phase, the turn player can play 500 LP. If they do not, they switch control of monsters they control if there is no monster in the Main Monster Zone in the same column (if they switch control, move them to the Main Monster Zone in the same column). If this card leaves the field: Both players discard all their hand, then add cards from their GY to the hand, except any of the cards disca
  21. Nebular Synchronic Dragon LIGHT Level 9 Dragon / Fusion / Tuner / Effect "Synchro Fusionist" + "Shooting Riser Dragon" When Fusion Summoning this card using a Spell with "Polymerization" or "Fusion" in the card name, you can banish the materials listed in this card from your GY, regardless if the Spell used to Fusion Summon this card says otherwise. When your opponent sends a monster(s) to the GY as material for a Summon, banish them instead. Once per turn: You can discard 1 monster, then target 1 card your opponent controls; banish it, and if you
  22. Ahem, @Nerdling Wagonwheel, remember to leave your own set of 4 prompts for the next person to use for their card n.n
  23. @IBRAHIM THE LEGEND Welcome to YCM, make yourself at home n.n
  24. Distressing Brainwave Signal Counter Trap Activate this card when your opponent activates a monster effect; the effect becomes "During the End Phase, return this card to your hand". When your opponent activates a Spell/Trap Card or effect while this card is in your GY: You can banish this card and 2 other Spell/Traps from your GY; negate that activation or effect, and if you do, destroy that card. You can only use 1 "Distressing Brainwave Signal" effect per turn, and only once that turn.
  25. Ah, don't worry about that, pal. In this game we aren't using pictures, just the written card, so you don't have to worry about that, just specify. Something like: Insert Card Name Here Poison Level 4 Blue Scale 2 / Red Scale 6 Just an example, you don't need to use the colours either, I just like to make colorful posts, lol . Is it possible to have uneven scales? Well, AFAIK they don't exist in official cards so far, but why not? There is no rule anywhere that state they can't exist. They'd be a fun feature, imo.
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