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  1. Thanks a lot for the reply n.n Yeah, note is rarely seen, it was Tinkerer the one that told me the existence of that term, it's pretty cool stuff, imo. I'm glad you liked the concept. I had fun making it, leaving modesty aside, I feel the flavour worked really nice xD I was careful in the effect I gave her. I used that term, "During the turn this card was Summoned" which is taken from cards like Evilswarm Castor or Constellar Pollux. After checking the rulings I found out it did precisely what I wanted, which is avoiding starting a chain, and being able to use its effect anytim
  2. You got the touch @The Nyx Avatar I mean it, this is really charming and fun :) You know your stuff. What do I mean? The mood, the pace, the humour and all those funny faces the girls make, it's just really cool. It's evident you have learned a lot from the anime manga and are implementing it well while being original. The only thing I didn't understand is what is Melody doing in the last page, I don't know what's the thing she's trying to stab xD Lumina being face-down on the floor twice was hilarious xD. It's almost the same position, you did it on purpose, right? It could be
  3. ***Looks at your profile pic*** Naahhh xD Hello, CiCi. I like your creation, but in general I agree to most of what Messoras pointed out. I concur in which this card can be given a greater flexibility, starting with adding the "You can " for the first effect and making the cost 1 material instead. Not saying anything original so far, so I'd add I imagine you want to keep your opponent's card as material so they're unable to work with it afterwards, but probably this advantage doesn't justify the greater difficulty of usage. Now, I'm not sure if this is a good idea, but I'd go as far
  4. Pippola, Ascending Artist LIGHT Level 1 Warrior / Tuner / Effect During either player's turn, if you control no monsters, you can Special Summon this card (from your hand). During the turn this card was Summoned, you can Special Summon 1 "White Canvas Token" (Plant/EARTH/Level 1/ATK 0/DEF 0). It cannot be used as Tribute or material, also destroy it if this card leaves the field. Each time a monster effect is activated, you can note it, as well as the Level/Rank/Link Rating of the monster. (Quick Effect): You can pay 1000 LP and send 1
  5. Yep, me using an old-tired trope is absolutely on purpose. My intent with the archetype is to make use of the common tropes in isekai and embrace them deliberately.
  6. This is........ exactly right. In truth, I have plans for an Isekai themed archetype (or should I say, it's been like 6 months since I have that intent?) that's 100% drawn by me, and one of the cards, a Trap, depicts precisely the star monster of the archetype about to be run over by a truck xD
  7. I need help, fellow cardmakers. Here's the deal: (Quick Effect): You can banish 1 X monster with 1000 ATK from your Deck, face-down, and if you do, this card gains that monster's effect. Ok, what I'd like to consult you guys in is the following: 1) Can I keep the identity of X monster a secret? I search for it in my Deck and banish it face-down. In a tournament, I guess it'd suffice to show the judge it has the required characteristics (being the X monster with 1000 ATK), but I don't know if I must show it to the opponent so they know this is true. 2) Linked to the above
  8. My bad that I didn't finish before, Brando, busy with stuff, I've barely had any activity in the site in the previous days. Amida CKP 03-01 - First suggestion would be to make not only this card's but every monster's "At summon" effect non-mandatory. If this card is Summoned: You can. Right now, they're all mandatory effects, which is no good for their flexibility, so unless they're mandatory effects for flavour purposes, consider changing that for them all. The rest of the effect is ok. Discard + banish 3 cards is nasty, but it's completely balanced by the limitation, as you cannot activ
  9. lol, oh well. Even if you're a bad artist as you say, the intent is what matters, we won't judge n.n If you're like me, you'll definitely experience some nostalgia of the past here. once in a while. Make yourself at home :)
  10. Damn, Jolly, this is pretty damn cool. For your previous words I imagined you to be more in the casual zone, but definitely this is far beyond that, great work n.n. I hope those dreams you're sharing become true one day, and I'm not saying this from the mouth out, becoming mangaka and/or animator is an amazing dream that probably many of us share at one level or another. I was beaten to it, lol, but I also welcome you to the club. Hehe, nice going, Nyx. You already know what I think of this, but to repeat myself, I like more the overall feeling of the image now that it's finished. The
  11. Excellent, that's perfect n.n. Looking forward to it. ---------- Yu-Gi-Oh! or MtG? Incoming nervous sweating!
  12. As an evil suggestion, maybe make a tiny part of the halo black? As to hint that there are underlying not so pure intentions in this cute nun's actions xD.
  13. Congratz on your first post ever! n.n I don't think you're doing anything wrong, in truth, your post is interesting. As someone not terribly experienced in the current meta, but with an overall decent idea of how to balance a card (hopefully, lol), I'd say maybe you went a bit overboard with the adjustment. Pretty much this card will be a minimum of -1 and -1000 LP, if you only have 1 card in your hand by the time of activation. To a stretch, you could say this effect might benefit those decks that rely on banishing (like Psychics) but given that niche this won't allow the Pot to ret
  14. Ok, Madara, I'm just returning Two friendly reminders. But even though they're friendly, they ARE sites rules, so please keep them in mind. 1) Include the written effect of the cards below the card image so everyone doesn't have any rouble in reading it 2) I just saw you made another thread that is the continuation of this. Don't do that, please. You see, topics CAN be edited. See those 3 points ... in the upper right part of the post? Click there, then click on edit. You can add new cards in the first post this way. ~~~~~ Review time: Demonic King - I wa
  15. Feel free to tag me in your post and I'll try to help if I have the time. In here, let's concentrate in Zama's creations, since it's his thread, ok? :)
  16. this explains why this card doesn't share the same effect of Special Summon itself with the control of other mob. If you don't mind, Madara, I suggest limiting the effect of the monster to one, doing 3 things for being summoned is way too strong. I take the liberty of saying this in Zama's thread since, if you're going to help him with this archetype, I feel it's good measure that you also keep in mind a balancing for your cards :)
  17. Alrighty, I can respect that, you want to keep the cards that your friends make, and that's a nice thing to do. I also don't want to be disrespectful to any of the card made here, by you or your pals, as you know, my intention 100% is to help and point out features in the card that require balancing (this is the Causal Section, so there's more lenience on this regard, but still, we want the cards to be playable somehow, unless you really want to go for senseless overpowered things, and I feel that's not what you want). I'll just make this friendly statement: It's not a rule to forcefully
  18. "............................................" Then why in the world is it present in the archetype? LOL
  19. Alright, now that I got some minutes, I'll continue the review. I waited for many days to see if there were any changes in consideration to said suggestions... none so far, but oh well, I said I'll review this, and review this I will xD 5) Gamma Soldier - Broken record Rayfield: This card is overpowered as hell. Sooo, this card is summoned in any way, and what does it do? Welp, it revives another monster, destroys all traps your opponent controls and discards/banishes 1 card in the opponent's hand. I mean, pick one, Zamaaaaaa xP. Or it revives, or it destroys, or it discards, but only one
  20. Alright! I feel like the archetype is getting close to its best possibility. Now, I wonder about the (6/?) Plans for Spell/Traps that support this? Given that the powerful protections are pretty easy to establish, i imagine other support is not going to be more immunities, so perhaps it will aloow to quickly Summon/recycle the Beasts, and other stalling effects. And talking about stalling effects... If you're turn one, this definitely has potential to be rather dangerous. Combined with all manner of stuff that negates Summon and activations right off the bat, plus more stalling, it sho
  21. I do find it interesting, @Godbrand. I dunno why you posted the same thread in both Casual and Advanced, but I think I'll post over here n.n CKP Sector B Station 23 - You see, unfortunately you cannot give a Field Spell a (Quick Effect), that's restricted to monsters. To make this work, you can make it a "Quick-like effect", a type of fast effect (stuff with Spell Speed of 2+) present in Spell/Traps, even if they're Field or Continuous. Check out this card, Ancient City - Rainbow Ruins, specifically the 3rd bulleted effect. This helps. My suggestion, make it so the card reacts to the oppo
  22. We're a small community of people learning to draw and striving to become better n.n. You're more than welcome to post whenever you feel like it, it's only constructive critique here. Also, it's cool you decided to make your own profile pic as the first drawing :)
  23. I'm glad you're finding the place of your liking n.n Make sure you also share your creations around here, not only hoard them for your server! xD Welcome to the site, make yourself at home.
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