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  1. Neuromisu Psychic Ability - Levitate / Synchronize. Hidden Ability - Reject Pulse (In double battles, when this Pokemon's stats would be reduced by an opponent's Pokemon move/ability, the partner of the opponent's Pokemon has its stats reduced instead) Evolutionary line Cytori -> Cellufusu -> Neuromisu Stats - HP 95 ATK 65 DEF 110 SATK 100 SDEF 130 SPD 25 TOTAL 525 Appearance: A small white and kinda mysterious creature with four multicolored almond-shaped eyes and a X for a mouth. His arms and legs end in blue and pink neuron-like structures. The Axon works as its tail, it extends greatly, and emits small sparkles. During battles, Neuromisu can extend its legs towards its trainer. By touching the sparks with the hand, the trainer can communicate with Neuromisu and issue commands without speaking, which leads for faster reaction times and covert tactics, which are very useful since this Pokemon has very slow movements. It gets along well with Reuniclus. Notable Moves Future Sight Signal Beam Psycho Boost Electro Ball Thunder Flavor Moves Calm Mind Nasty Plot Connect PP=10 Psychic Type (Restores HP according to the number of non-fainted Pokemon in team. 0=1/4 ----- 5=3/4 Thunder Wave Role - Better suited for double battles due to its pool of abilities, this guy is a bulky mixed wall with Connect and Calm Mind/Nasty Plot for building up shenanigans. EVs are often spread in HP/DEF + Calm Mind for max resistance. Next - Make an Plankton-like Pokemon, WATER/DARK
  2. That changes things. That'd be the Mudkip line. Not very handsome, but Swampert is one of the most solid critters in the category, with only 1 glaring weakness. It's a Pokemon I have confidence in.
  3. I had a look around your site, you have an interesting and likeable style, never abandon it and keep growing! I also want to become an artist, but I really don't know where to begin. Anyway, I particularly liked your Nina, she's really cute! Also, since you have a Haru Okumura drawing, I hope you make a Makoto and Anne in the future. Welcome!
  4. Rayfield Shade

    Corrupt a wish

    Granted, but the sky clears because of a rain of sentient cats that fall on your house, destroying it. I wish the nendoroid store that magically appeared close to my house would give their products for free while I'm the only one around.
  5. Do you mean in it's basic form? That'd be Torchic. It's a rough decision, I also like Rowlet and Charmander.
  6. Oh yeah! Now that I remember, I saw once you posted many drawings at Sleepy's Le Crayon Corner. Did you finish that story? I have great love for video game music. For that, I follow https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZF_RZUVo-5jUfdlp76G-lQ. This is a Philippine guy who has amazing remixes. If you're a fan of Undertale/Megaman/Castlevania/Zelda etc., check out this man's work.
  7. You gotta check that first turn combo with Six Samurai and Saryuja, though. Diabolic stuff. Write. If I were great at both, I'd take drawing, there are few things in the world I'd like more than being a superb anime-style artist, but since my drawing skills are average at best, I go for writing, which I also enjoy very much. I'm currently writing a book and have lots of stories in this head of mine.
  8. Ladies and Gentlemen, rejoice, for the public web library of our beloved English Alternative Rock / Art Rock / Experimental Rock / Electronica band has just opened! Released yesterday, Radiohead's library will feature an enormous collection of the band's material; artworks, concert videos, official videos, merchandise, ephemera, a shop and much more. Have a look around and enjoy. Somebody told us there would be No Surprises, but this certainly is one I can accept! https://radiohead.com/library/#amsp
  9. ❇❇❇Waifu Card of the Week - Slacker Magician❇❇❇


    The Good - The perfect companion for the modern lazy NEET. She's able to concoct energy drinks like Stim-Pack, RB, etc., but don't abuse or you'll die. If you hang around her place a lot, you might be able to attend a party with her friend/rivals, Alchemic and Akashic Magician.

    The Bad - Unless you somehow increase her Rank to 4, it'll be near impossible to date her. No shared responsibilities, either, you'll have to take care of everything in the house, Cooking, cleaning, paying... ALL of it. If she gets into an argument with Alchemic/Akashic, it's rather annoying for a stander-by

  10. Rayfield Shade

    Corrupt a wish

    Granted, but you're the only one who doesn't evolve. As a result, society despises you. I wish I can use any letter size again, this is annoying.
  11. Ugh, again, the fact that I haven't watched the anime got the best of me. Anyway, this feels like it has decent potential, although it'll be a niche one since it's pretty restricted to the DARK Dragon part. Armaggedon Knight will help this reach the GY for it's protective effect, though.
  12. My guess is Kentucky. Anyway, 15 years old? Dude, I'm getting old. Welcome to the community... errrr.... young man
  13. Rayfield Shade

    Corrupt a wish

    Granted, but you get banned from YCM because the admins hated the humongous size of the letters you used at the start of the topic. I wish there was a retailer of Nendoroids near my house and I could get a special discount for 'em.
  14. Pretty nice and well-rounded stuff, imo. Self-Special Summoning effect, drawing effect, protection by banishing effect, nice DEF. I wonder if other monsters in the archetype are FLIP, since this guy will provide great support for those. I'm also thinking of Ghostrick and Shaddoll, but I doubt this card will be playable outside the archetype.
  15. I just remembered that today is the so called "Blue Monday". If anything, I've been feeling in good spirits the whole day. What about you?

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    2. Horu Ishayuki

      Horu Ishayuki

      Eh. Just another day.

    3. I Hate Snatch Steal
    4. Rayfield Shade

      Rayfield Shade

      Honestly, I'm glad none of you guys had a particularly bad day, although I hope today goes better for you, I hate Snatch Steal. Only Ups and no Downs. Btw, I also hate Snatch Steal, man.

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