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    Anime/manga, reading, writing, video games (specially RPG genre), classic/ video game/alternative rock music, nendoroids, etc. also a Touhou Project fan.

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  1. Dude, I so f***king want this!



    🌸 Nendoroid Katsushika Hokusai 🌸

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    2. Rayfield Shade

      Rayfield Shade

      Dude, she's clever enough to return to her place and pose whenever she hears you arrive home, don't lower your guard. Have you felt feeble or dizzy lately? She might be poisoning your food.

      Ah, well, its a tiny collection, really, nothing to brag about. Let me see, Asuna, a Snow Miku (it's like the second version, I think), Tsukiko, Sayaka (Magical Girl), Ultimate Madoka, and a Nendoroid Peite set of Touhou (Alice, Marisa and Pache). They're currently with my niece, I allow her to play with them as long as she's careful with 'em.

      What about you?

    3. The Nyx Avatar

      The Nyx Avatar

      Just Alice and D. Va so far. I do want the Red Queen, Ashe, and Academy D. Va though.

    4. Rayfield Shade

      Rayfield Shade

      A fan of Overwatch, I see. Academy D.Va is, in truth, cute as bloody hell. The ones I want the most are Touhou ones, Satori Komeiji and Patchouli Knowledge, also Emilia from Re:Zero and Totori from the atelier series.

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