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    Anime/manga, reading, writing, video games (specially RPG genre), classic/ video game/alternative rock music, nendoroids, etc. also a Touhou Project fan.

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  1. ❇❇❇Waifu Card of the Week - Slacker Magician❇❇❇


    The Good - The perfect companion for the modern lazy NEET. She's able to concoct energy drinks like Stim-Pack, RB, etc., but don't abuse or you'll die. If you hang around her place a lot, you might be able to attend a party with her friend/rivals, Alchemic and Akashic Magician.

    The Bad - Unless you somehow increase her Rank to 4, it'll be near impossible to date her. No shared responsibilities, either, you'll have to take care of everything in the house, Cooking, cleaning, paying... ALL of it. If she gets into an argument with Alchemic/Akashic, it's rather annoying for a stander-by

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