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  1. Its battle based but its really nasty battle based effect done right. Balance by the effort of investment. Though to be fair we do still have virtual worlds which has no problem as long the levels in multiples of 3
  2. Welp thats a lot of card for my remaining mental juice and other reason i wont tell...but TL;DR im reviewing this in parts. Also i refer by their tarot number, cause....reasons 2: not what i expect from Arcana Force to be honest. They not really consitent in levels other than level 4 in which while most arcana force is bad the lower level has high consteration of very bad effects other than fool and from there they simply jump to high levels that too wonky for sync. And that restriction simply too harsh for what they have 5: now this is support! bit luck based and only summon fellow arcana from hand hurts like hell, but its a good base. Note that its lack HOPT while arcana deck probably needs cards with lower restriction than HOPT IMO for now. Keep in mind 9: a bit too defensive IMO. I rather have the new bosses or support given its needed protection globally without or work-around the coin toss gimmick instead. 10: this would be a decent boss monster if not for the fact i have problem with High Priestees and having it only activate effect on synchro summon. To be fair taking control + stat buff + synergy augmenting is indeed amazing effect but in context of how arcana force play and again the wonkiness of running priestees its generic nature will serve other deck real fast which not what we want
  3. monster mix: ok the thing about link monster is due to their generic nature even a link 1 can be consider powerful material pieces. especially since the card dont negate their effects also 1500 LP is chump change of cost in this game for essentially +0 that ladders. the only thing that balance this card is that it requireyou to have link monster already on Extra Monster Zone since to unlock the zone in which this card can summon on. but ultimately i still worried about the big value here and might change my opinion depending on other replies instant hole: require target and life but its still SS2 non-destruction removal. cant say its overpowered but i does feel too cheap
  4. ah yes the way to remove the clown on Clownblade combo so that the Thousand Blade can activate its own summon from the deck more easily it definitely can serve the Heroics well
  5. its kinda weird that the quick-play has targeting protection. any scenario you can elaborate? activate only while both player control monster(s) equipped with equip card(s). this card activation cannot be negated. neither player take effect damage for the rest of this turn also monster(s) either player cannot attack or target a monster for attack other than monster equipped with equip card(s). also then all monster can inflict piercing battle damage until the end of this turn. During the End Phase, while you control monster(s) equipped with equipped card: you can return this card to your hand i kinda get the idea for it be wild west honor standoff. and you can equip your own equip spell to opponent's monster provided your equips is generic. but admittedly its niche IMO. not the hardest niche to be fair as i mention before you can setup even opponent card yourself but after all the effort unless you got opponent monster to have debuff on their stat as low as possible you ultimately only deal not that big of a damage while restricting yourself more than before
  6. If the xyz ones has good special from gy to summon the Xyz going on then go for it Otherwise Fusion has better GY synergy in the pool and tbh kinda scary that it semi generic in a way
  7. Interesting design albeit i doesnt have the pool in which it can shine yet It helps grind games but i suspect that we can use the self-destruct trigger to combo off cards with lower or lack of OPT For now i think once per duel clause is abit excessive its not Astrograph by any miles IMO
  8. Oh god its ghost girl hand traps series crux piece lol Being field spell actually balanced it, since you cant combo of Mystic Mine for further more generic lockdowns Maybe Super Crashbug style boss so the girls can be use for offensive?
  9. game mashing is something i tried in past ...and its dogdamn difficult lol the best take is completely different format/rules but if you want to truly integrate yugioh and the other game though. as in either some how the cards warp pre-existing game into another OR simply convert the both sides of field to the theme gimmick (like Kaijus actually). well there some combination i done: "At start of Draw Phase of your 1st turn in the duel, Reveal this card in your possession: [apply 1 piece of the rule]". this effect cannot be negated also your opponent cannot respond to this effect activation"
  10. too cheap for 5000 bothways also you didnt specify from where you send the dragons for it summon the removal aslo pretty nasty being double non-target non destruction removal thank god it doesnt have any form of protection. but its still not ideal card
  11. konami has semi-official rule that monster printed stat never go higher than 5000. also as much as i like ultra-mini weird stat like 1 through 99 it much more preferred that you card stat is based on multiple of 50. not all yugioh players is expert mathematician (there some exception, but i wont tell) the Xyx has wrong rank. since its material is level 8 it should be rank 8 unless you have explanation why it should be rank 11. as far as 3 material rank 8 its....weak. even at casual level. its not easy to field 3 material let alone a level 8s 3 material and all we got from the effort is weaker Chaos-MAX. yes even with 5000/3300 its still weak. its simply to expensive without proper protection for its effort
  12. @GALAXY DUELIST ah despite the delivery dont take that to the heart much. Nobody accuse you as cheater Nyx care about realistic take on cards because thats a tangible way to see effort. And from what i see. A super boss design is a risky take on realistic. Its not like complicated card= bad realism though, Nyx actually like that too. You havent see my entry and my previous contest submission really says much about the length i go for unique effects lol Drowsy is evidently super passionate about Ghostrick. Drowsy has good intention though, despite the context of contest drowsy willing to point out things in hopes your submission upheld nyx standards that sportmanship in my book. Though i can understand intricate reviews can be overwhelming and easily misunderstood as cornering Contest or even cardmaking in general should be fun for everyone despite its technically requirement. Cheer up and may the best maker win
  13. I simply cant tell you the way to fix this without a total overhaul of this card Its just broken The first effect its negation with self summon. I get it it meant as a twist upon hand trap design but with the original hand trap at least the discard is a hard cost. But this simply cover the losses (if there loss to begin with) with self summon practically a +2 in value (remove opponent stuff= +1, self summon= +1 [+1 + +1 = +2]). That alone already bonkers. Its nor even like other hand trap that negate very specific things rather than a group of card types. Also remember that its a tuner for many many things And then it has negation without OPT whatsoever and nearly Free cost of LP. The pop is strong it does need limiter but its baffled me why this is the only effect with limiter
  14. Wait pojo still alive? @The Highlander Bit brain glitching but still get the intention of thid card. Summon is clunky but then again the effect simply amazing
  15. @PETER CURRAN not to discourage you but Nyx kinda like "realistic" takes on his contest So you need to adjust couple of notches like that dark synchro frame into > actually synchro
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