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  1. Yamoimori: THE ARCHETYPE WITH SNAKE ART OF DBAG IS BETTER BE REPTILE KONAMI. ehem* that being said this is pretty decent disruption utility for reptiles. which happen to support Worm, Reptillianne, and Venom (to summon Vennominaga) Clockark: welp this is nice flexible pendulum. to bad the summon effect is more on defensive utility
  2. Dear konami just release the SD-R of invincible fortress already, you had success with rocks lately (especially you tease us with tcg exclusive war rock) other than the lack of means to easier summoning this is pretty good, it spin thier board and floats to the one that bounce to hand (if im not mistaken)
  3. I just realize that Ancient Guardian Deck Build pack set code is DBAG

    Dogdamnit you oblivious Konami of japan

  4. Excuse me im gonna scream twice: @Ryusei the Morning Star ARGH YOU NINJA'D ME LOL ARGH DARK SYNCHRO IS KINDA OFFICIAL okay im done @~British Soul~ i assume the one you reply is the org latest translation right? until white updating it at least Im seconding tinkerer that its pretty linear toolbox deck...but heyo, its comes with decently powerful bonuses. Estetic is a bit bland but it has quite unique typing
  5. Its kinda unique Of course the lore is not traditional much, but blue-eyes does fused with some other monsters in the anime (heck, even force-fused) i kinda imagine this version of blue-eyes is force to fused with so many non-"Blue Eyes" to form a hydra whose main conciousness is the Blue-Eyes him/(her)self It has interesting set of power immunities that pair along with double bonus of swarming and stat boost in exchange some damage. In this regard i think is fitting for both the lore and the risk to have this card cost to be more flexible ("BEWD" + 1+ Dragon monster [or maybe e
  6. DBAG-JP033 ベアルクティ-ポラリィ Bearcti – Polari WATER Beast / Synchro / Effect LV1 700/1000 *Effect to be announced tomorrow on YU-GI-OH.jp Source: https://ygorganization.com/finallyalevelonesynchro/ OUR FIRST LEVEL 1 SYNCHRO
  7. this is quite good. well maybe not Union Carrier good for dumping non-Drytron...but hey, now you can send the other name for benten looping that you set-side from previous Nova search and that detach for ritual summon is HMMMMPPHHH YES. *chefkiss* and it also make your herald negation package less resource tight EDIT: ah yes with enough negate 2000 body that tag-out for Zeus is nice
  8. I actually like this take of gemini awakening, its makes them slightly faster due to awaken by any means it sent to GY while providing certain level of extention for combo and grind games The cards for the most part is simple toolbox and beatstick, but its works decently. Missile is the one i particularly like since with the right setup you get to pop 2 and awaken 2 of your gemini which reap you double search
  9. What stuff they smoking when the made Blood Rose Dragon? I totaly want some I know that yusei and Aki legit has a thing but being both pseudo accel-synchro and having stardust effect is amusingly non-chalant That anti GY though, so rude and evil
  10. i guess i can appreciate your achievement in learning to make better cards by showing some suggestion on my own: 1) we can shorten both the summon effect by ironically redone its dragon ruler predecessor effects, of course still within the balance: If this card is in your hand or GY: You can Banish 2 or more monster whose total Level is equal to 10 or more; Special Summon this card. you can Tribute this card (Quick Effect): *insert unique effect here*. you can only use 1 of *insert unique name* effect per turn and only once that turn 2) unique effects Black: "Special Summo
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