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  1. On the verge of making big decision: this close to be accepted on a a quite big local design agency, and hopefuly my work life still allow leisure times or at least a good amount of downtime inbetween project. My activity probably become even lower on this site. So while this obviously not a goodbye. I still wanna say big thanks to anybody here that work do hard for the site and being a good friends. Ill try to keep in touch and even more importantly finishing my chopped card reviews lol

    1. Horu


      Talk to you whenever, bro. Enjoy the new job.

    2. Rayfield Lumina

      Rayfield Lumina

      It's in part sad to know we'll see less of you, but it's great you're finding an important job opportunity, which I hope will lead you to improve your life. Best of luck in concreting that! But come as often as possible n.n

    3. Enguin


      bye bye 

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