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  1. remember that super searcher from BODE? Small World a.k.a RotA for beeg brain 500 IQ?

    well here some yugitubers hillarously struggling to make sense of it, pretty much made my day:


    1. Tinkerer


      Honestly I'm just waiting for someone to drop 1 card FTKs by using Small World to search Gale Dogra.

    2. Erika Mishima

      Erika Mishima

      Such a Small Word, for a Big Brain

  2. I think i need to explain the difference, im all the way agreeing with you about innovation but we need to know which form in which innovation takes. And i believe there 2 forms: the mechanic and the feature. Feature is interaction and function that embeded with the card type usually mandatorily to be explained either by by rulebook, card art cues, and occacionally (technically never in yugioh even) with reminder text. Example fusion, synchro, etc While mechanic is interaction distinct to card ability and therefore explain in its effect text. Example: piercing, banish, excavate, etc Both of this can be experimented as long the game stay alive but its clear that with each new feature a.k.a new card type konami has to add explaination to the ever growing rulebook (link card dont have text that teach you how to link summon, the rule has it and the player must read it) making the learning curve to this game get steeper. Thus diminishing return of new players that intimidated by the rulings way before they meet master endymion for example This is why innovation based on pre-existing mechanic or win-con is more welcomed rather than brand new. Things like Drytron that ritual summon by using monster ATK, Legendary Dragon spell/trap Fusions, etc. Sure its still complex but it wont force konami to revising their rule book and can be safely experimented since its usually archetype locked
  3. which god i have to appease my blood sacrifice on to replace the Z with an A. arrrgggghhhhhh i missed you

  4. Im flattered that you inspired to make this Our approched is certainly different lol. In terms of material, this is less generic than mine since my Ursatron actually can use other monster that has levels like fusion but thats probablt a good thing since yours has less possiblity to be used in decks other than ursartic or drytron. Your protection also less generic as it only protect itself and only from monster with 2000 or lower stat. The biggest difference though, is how we manage the negation. Mine kinda greedy for having multiple negation with the only limit is once per chain clause while yours while seems same is capped at 3 negation and able to negate the entire stuff on lower chain with harsh cost of self-bounce. Its strong but also dangerous to you since it means it might also negate your own stuff that responded by opponent stuff that you try to negate so effectively minus up to -2 (your stuff get collateral negated + bounce) the last part pretty much trying to fuse both deck. I appriciate the attempt but its nigh-impossible task honestly, outside the tributing stuff the deck just works too differently. That being said drytron dont care about levels so treating as level 1 is not needed and probs more simpler like this: During your Main Phases, ATK of all monster you control becomes 2000. Also all machine monster you control becomes tuner monster and its levels becomes 8. Reason why its generic machine instead drytron so that it wont clash with name treating part. Since all monster equalize as both archetype it will counter productive making all your monster level 8 tuner making ursartic synchro impossible to summon
  5. https://ygorganization.com/mynameisnthugoitsfusion/

    BREAKING NEWS: fusion is added to Rush Duel! With slight changes that may or may not relevant. But the bigger news is...Rush Duel now has a monster type that currently exclusive to the game, Cyborg-type. Could be soon Master duel will get Cyborg monster too? Gives your thoughts in replies!



      of all the possible types whyyyy. Be original! Something like radioactive not cyborg with machine and cyberse :(. (sorry for the negativity but I actually hate this)

    2. The Immaculate Lord CowCow

      The Immaculate Lord CowCow

      *confused cyber-stein noises*

  6. Wait which part is unnecessary? The only thing i welcome for the token fixing is the level 7 change. The rest i respectfully disagree since it will make it too OP. Drytron already good at cycling themselves even without the tokens help its just plain unfair if the token have 2000 atk to drop Herald of Ultimateness. negation cost to bouncing your stuff back is also counter-productive. Atk reducing its much more impactful to the drytron while its also small cost for the fragile and costly field presence of ursatric
  7. I think is mutual that all players of this game, you, me, and anybody gets excited about fresh takes that happen in the game. But then i realize there must be limit on how many features you could add to the game before it become to confusing to new and old player alike. And yugioh already notorious for having multiple card type that function very differently that gatekeeping the new player experience Dont get me wrong though, any experimental mechanic is welcomed and happily to be review either by me or other user but since you already ask the needs of new mechanic in TCG/OCG discussion im not gonna talk much about the platform trap (much better if you make seperate post on casual tbh) as much and instead pretty much about the aforemention diminishing return of card type innovation.
  8. I actually need to double check thinking im getting lost at political section of YCM again lol Yeah these card are crazy. There certain argument about theme but we not getting there. I pretty much echo rayfield reviews but my highlight is "Everything is Ours" that card is bonkers since it doesnt care for your board state you. Sure you lost your hand, but it can switch a full board with just 2 cards you didnt need anyways
  9. To be fair the clause you reference has other function, Tl;dr: Clause prevent cheat out from extra deck Rules prevent from anywhere else
  10. Ironically you dont need that wording Welcome to the slightly vague but relevantly important part of konami rulling: all extra deck monster cannot be special summoned by other ways from anywhere outside extra deck if its not properly special summoned first using its default or listed summon procedure or effect. Yes all of them, this rule even apply for the non-effect fusion from DM era sets Some card do "forced" out monster off extra deck but the forced out card cannot be special summoned from GY by reborn after it sent to gy for example
  11. Its good. At minimum its extender that make use of your brick Also it technically can "Kaiju-ed" opponent S/T, giving material on top the removal, making it even better for going 2nd Im strongly supporting attempt to make archetype out of this :)
  12. No option for "in moderation" in the polls huh? Look, everyone you ask on this site (or any other for that matter) that actually had good grip on how the game and the business revolving it will say the same thing no matter how many times you ask: power creep is inevitable, but ultimately can be and prefered to be controlled in moderarion Economically If cards is power-crept each set > its become chase item > irrationally sky-rocket its price > less people can actually afford it > the ones that actually manage afford it will be subjected to bubble crash next set > nobody is happy, because its bad investment Game-wise, its polarizing demographics of the player base, the the collector struggle to acquire the cards, the casual/rouge/jank players get sidelined, the competitor has to waste money for chasing the deck component in order to compete only to be get dunked on the next format per new set, and the spectator get bored to death that the tournament only consist 2-3 deck with high chances of even more boring mirror match at finals These is not theories, it has happened before: its the disgusting dragon ruler format, You either play full power DL or Spellbook (heck even Danger! Dark World format still have about 3-4 other deck) sure im praising Flundereeze the other day, but that deck has a fair weakness. Konami relatively getting good at moderating the effects and its powercreep now days. The meta consistently has +4-5 deck at minimum with good chuck of "other" variant and we like that
  13. Could it be clue for the archetype? Well as you mention before it probably more on shoe-horning slot though
  14. Healing Tides Normal Spell Choose any number of Player(s) other than you, they gain 1000 LP then you gain 1300 LP for each player(s) you choose. I wont expect yugioh politic game to be as intricate as MTG does but we have to start somewhere, this spell can either group hug or single out potential threat on the table by helping other players that may help you defeat them while providing assurance to yourself Mystic Quadrupling Continuous Trap You can Banish 1 Quick-Play Spell in your hand face-up: until the end of this turn replace this card effect with the banished card and the following effect ● You must target/apply the effect of "Mystic Quadrupling" on either different players OR cards in the possesion of different players with each proceeding activation. You can only control 1 "Mystic Quadrupling". You can only activate the effects of "Mystic Quadrupling" up to 4 times per turn. Not really sure how to word this, but the idea is you "copy" the spell and used it on the different players Patron of Riots, Vandel'va EARTH / Level 6 / Fiend/ Synchro / Effect 1 Tuner + 1+ non-Tuner Monster If this card is Synchro Summoned: you can Choose a player other than you; Draw cards equal to number of other player(s) you didn't choose. then apply the following effect until your next turn. ● All monster(s) the chosen player control must attack during his/her turn if able. Also whenever a monster controlled by the chosen player attack, you and the chosen player can shuffle 1 card from their hand and draw a card You can only use this effect of "Patron or Riots, Vandel'va" once per turn 2600 / 600 Probs gonna add more later
  15. So konami gonna release a official new format of 4 player battle royale with Crossduel

    There no further news whenever it use new card pool like rush duel need or adapting master duel pool but if the latter is happen then it can open alot of new design  possiblity. Probs like MTG's commander 

    1. Phantom Roxas

      Phantom Roxas

      I've really wanted to play Commander, so I like forward to this trying something like that.

    2. Horu


      This seems like it could be the theme of the next anime. Maybe you'll get special cards that can be used in this type of duel. Kinda like how the Speed Spells can only be used when Speed World is active.

  16. Um horu, dont sent mixed signals. Original poster still subjected to warning because while they have rights to "revive" their thread, this poster revive the ones thats already on the brink on being archive which pretty much still counts as necrobump. So to prevent potential spam and immortal threads he better of repost entire thing as new post instead as nyx instructed Heck im doing it too with my stuff not that long ago
  17. In general: welp classic wording problems, still understanable but need fixing Cosmic: if you have means to protect this, its too powerful to the point that it outvalue the risk of losing the duel so its pretty much overpower White demise: too niche which means its not strong at all Contract: we already have Toon Kingdom which better in any ways
  18. Idk if its accidental or not but we already have this: https://yugioh.fandom.com/wiki/Cú_Chulainn_the_Awakened and Geass able to summon it The first 2 cards pretty much complement Advance ritual art, its quite powerful, but safe to say just like advance you need quite dedicated deck that able to tech in normal monster without bricking so an uber tier deck containing trio ritual art might need couple more card pool and format. Until then its a fun and decent stuff Geass however, have insane potential we should be wary. Advance ritual art is a powerful card that has its meta moments but nowdays it kept in check with diminishing usage of normal monster in non-dedicated deck. This however able to sent effect monster straight from deck, we talking open a can of worms in which the can in universe-sized. Sure the bonus indestructible of full normal usage like advance seems alluring. But yugioh has huge number of cards that interact with GY and with this able to sent more than 1 just obsencely powerful. Warped: pretty safe ritual design, good but not overbearing. Ironic that it summoned via Geass Oathbound: thats a funny way to write pendulum scale but ill afmit its hard to see. Just seperate it like this [Scale: 7] [Pendulum Effect: Blablabla......] ah you forget hopt/opt on the search effect, even if its require to control normal monster its still way to powerful to search multiple card in the same turn
  19. Ill just gonna comment on jupiter and mars as the more interesting of the bunch Both of them is retrained to be intergrated to the archetypal deck they played in on the manga. Kinda weird, but i has reference to terra firma itself. Its just it seems...forced, Volcanic is not fusion deck and jupiter had theme mis-match Jupiter: its clear that the route you take with this one is semi-genericness and for the most part its a solid card, its just the interaction seems half-baked. It dont interact with Vision hero cont trap gimmick its more in line with Destiny Heroes if anything Mars: as mention before, volcanic is not fusion deck so idk how viability of cramming fusion engine in. And this card is not exactly Blaze Accelerator either. So we have this conundrum of boss that the deck dont want but cannot fill the deck engine part either
  20. While having monarch stat seems greedy, the fact that it cannot be special summoned and shutdown your s/t (albeit wont stop cont effect of s/t) too pretty much justify the synergy need thus its okay for this card to have 1000 def As a whole, its pretty much on theme with the rest of the Majesty/Vanity stuff
  21. pretty much monster buff going 1st and possible dark hole going 2nd, flexible, overall a decent card If i have to nitpick though, this card dont stopping you to summon 3000+ stat monster after its activation, but i guess its not that big of a deal
  22. Upgrade of technically a member of number, Number XX: Utopic Dark Infinity: Number CXX: Utopic Darkest-Eternities DARK / Rank 11 / Warrior / Xyz / Effect 3+ Level 11 Monster / This cannot be targeted or be destroyed by opponent card effect. During your Main Phase While either this Xyz Summoned card is face-up on your field OR its in your GY and this Xyz Summoned card its sent there from your field : When this effect resolved, Both Player can Special Summon 1 Xyz Monster from either his/her Extra Deck, GY, OR Attached on Xyz Monster he/she control to his/her field (this is treated as Xyz Summon) then they can Attach all non-Xyz Special Summoned Monster their opponent control to their Summoned Monster. Also then, you gain LP equal to the ATK of your Summoned monster. You can only activate this effect of "Number CXX: Utopic Dark-Eternities once per turn also you can only Special Summon "Number CXX: Utopic Darkest-Eternities" this way once per Duel. ATK 4100 / DEF 4500
  23. @Gradget Gaming091 if i may, i also vouch for Tinkerer cards as one of many the people that actually review it Grammar on the trap is perfect for the intented effect no changes necessarry The monster actually really strong, like "not even konami dare to release this card"-strong. Its unnegatable, non-targeting, non-destruction removal. Any Tier 1 meta bosses kills to have this kind of combination of effect. Once per duel balance is perfect for it
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