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  1. Huh, why not. Though currentlyy trashy mobile refuse to link the image but i guess a full copy should suffice
  2. Well you learn your daily lesson zama. But in topic, i pretty much have same opinion as rayfield. Bit Indifferent but also fully understand the moral and legal violation and hopeful never happen to the tournament and the yugioh community as a whole again Instead of rage i rather laugh it out. "You cheat in children card games?"
  3. It has some nice buff compare to original. The summoning spell is now grafted on the card and has easier means of activation. Attack boost to mimic Knight Joker stat in fact it has synergy to fetch joker himself My bit of issues is that those buff locked away in his own requirement to have sent exactly 3 of the og knights. It might be better for each effect to unlockable through number of knights used. Its also a bit weird that the grafted spell actually nerfed to only summon from hand. While i might agree summon from deck might pushing it a bit at least keeping the reccuring ability via
  4. As part of post etiquette please write down the effects beneath the card no matter how clear the text-on-card is That being said, it kinda refreshing that you make something other than thunder or egyptian god support and to be fair you almost did a good job: now it has another layer of protection so that you can use the negation to protect other than itself pretty much much better pay off for non-cheatable fusion ....that, until the part when its pretty much better Shock Master 2.0 (hint: its even better than VFD). Modern decks rarely run traps other than some staple so its a 50/50
  5. i obligated to make a good reviews but one of my weakness is set that contain too much cards and for a good reason beyond just personal preference. this deck has total of 25 main deck cards which means if anything posted is required to the point of including all 3 copies each to make a singular deck then we end up with deck of 70 cards which of course i know that its impossible because 1) yugioh deck limit is 60 2) there definitely no way that every single card is run at 3 or even being run at all since there usually only few of them are actual engines and game pusher while the rest are proba
  6. its a bit bloated design but i guess that not really much a problem the mulligan concept it tried to bring has multiple issues this is pretty much "Reload", which is not a bad card but not that good either. Muli-Hooli has a better output of always drawing 5 but trapped in astronomically niche activation condition. also the style of mulligan is based on the older MTG mulligan as oppose to the London Style which actually can make advantage goes worse especially with things that require Garnet interaction also the London style mulligan already exist in some yugioh card like Saryuuja. on
  7. update written version of Karma and Samsara. update on their pics will be done soon
  8. to be fair i might get too creative but with equally dulling the correctness when sleep deprived again lol im definitely fixed the spells especially Karma with easier to understand interaction (maybe even buff it a bit given that Karma supposedly a double-edged sword the same way Gotama does)
  9. At that point it become the famous "shield and spear paradox" then. Although realistically it become a ruling nightmare for judges and players.
  10. As per now there no archetype named "Aero" or "Cryo", but do note that yugioh is pretty particular with interaction of the names so using those generic names may have accidental interaction with irl cards I will assume GSS archetype is your other project for the latter time. But i still dont see the need for defense that huge when its pretty much stay in attack postion anyway and your opponent cannot changed the position due to immunity. Also effects that cannot be negated still cant bypass god immunity....so, whatever broken boss monster you made in that other archetype as a foil is n
  11. welcome to ycm and congrast on your first post! to fully evaluate this card i need to see "World Enders Rite" first, so be soon to edit this post to include that card (there the edit option on the 3 square dot icon on the far right corner adjacent to your name in the post i you haven't know already) right on the bat, a potentially ridiculous amount of stat that paired with nigh-complete immunity except for the other card that also not exist in this post (be sure to add that to) or to its own...admittedly weird IMO self-banish when battle with Obelisk. it has an auto attack ala Karaku
  12. so june we gonna get waves of TCG product based on the Egyptian gods including what apparently a structure for Slifer and Obelisk

    1. PrimeAceJohn


      I'm kinda all for it tbh

    2. ~British Soul~

      ~British Soul~

      June just became more busy what with Lightning Overdrive to add to the mix alongside those two other products.

  13. @Rayfield Lumina Ah yes Gotama/Gautama as is the Buddha himself. It based on a rather unique Vishnu lore that might originated from early religious conflict between hindu and buddhist in which the lore that one of Vishnu incarnation form (avatar) is mimicking buddha although it plays roles as devils advocate rather than the usual love and peace buddha. Thank good that conflict already settles long time ago so this part of the lore is largely forgotten now to my knowledge I might lower the ATK on gotama, but keep it high enough. So that its still has this conflict interaction being the onl
  14. Updated with new card and changes! ...well more like deligating some of the bloated effects the Beast into seperated card lol
  15. Unless using rank up shenanigans, i cannot imagine any scenario that effective at hard-summon this. The overall strenght of the entirely depend on how easy is the way to cheat this out. If this card is a standart 2 material. Then yeah its pretty strong. You shut down GY/Banish shenanigan while self-buff for ar least a 1000. Has protection from best kind of card types and float to at least 1 material. Its good and actually pretty balance i guess. So when you put those assesment back to the original 4 material then the obvious power down occur since you need to invest more so ultimat
  16. This is actually a pretty realistic attempt though its not the exact effect since the OG spell actually transform those spell into monster like trap monster does. Thats why in the manga Gekkou still have slot for the Power Connection spell. That being said especially for that latter spell its pretty clever that you incorporate it on the card I think the design can be improved to be as close as the original, especially since then yugioh has evolve to have enough words and text option for it IMO. To be fair, it will be a bit experimental. There will be no new terms but we do stitching tog
  17. simple greens and mayo salad with bbq potato chip for late night snack is nice

    1. Nobody Really

      Nobody Really

      That actually sounds really fricking delicious

  18. Don Quixote, Joust the Fate DARK / Level 4 / Warrior / Spirit / Effect If this card is Normal Summoned: for the rest of the Duel, players can only control 1 Effect monster that has "Negate" in its text. Once per turn, during the End Phase, if this card was Normal Summoned or flipped face-up this turn: Return it to the hand and then Special summon 1 Level 4 or lower monster in your GY or Banished. ATK 1500 DEF 2000
  19. friendly reminder, you can add this on your previously posted friendship satchel since its part of archetype and by site rule and user convenience "archetype cards must be posted as single post". to do that you can edit your friendship satchel post by clicking the 3 square dot icon on your post to open the post editing menu. the icon is on your upper right corner far across your name display
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