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  1. Pretty much same as tinkerer while i respect each of the dragon value like iconic, cool factor, and the like. I simply grown bored with dragon over-saturation in this game. While there much more cooler aesthetic and gimmick offered by other types in my opinion On top of my head the dragon i like is either FGD, ultimaya, inti, and quila
  2. trumpeter: extend to the normal girls and cheat out the witches. pretty solid shining hope: well it protect normal girls while it can "sacrifice" herself to summon gretchen. now the thing is i know that you wanna give the magi a flexible but still limited ability summon which witches since the witch are supposedly unique to each girls but i think its a bit to limiting since if you make it level 4 or lower it may summon charlotte for more realistic flexibility without actually being game breaking much Temporalist: well you said it better. Knight: good protection effect. decent "
  3. it irks me a bit that technically i have to play utopia deck to play all the numbers i want but...this support is really good ill admit
  4. congrast you experienced being Ninja'ed one of the classic YCM experiences dont worry, next time check if there someone post the same news earlier.
  5. SD41-JP023 サイバーダーク・ワールド Cyberdark-World Continuous Spell Card You can only activate 1 card with this card’s name per turn. You can only use this card name’s (2) effect once per turn. (1) When this card resolves, you can add 1 “Cyberdark” monster from your Deck to your hand, with a name different from the cards in your GY. (2) During your Main Phase, you can: Immediately after this effect resolves, Normal Summon 1 “Cyberdark” monster. (3) If you would equip a monster(s) from your GY with a “Cyberdark” monster’s effect that activates when that “Cyberdark” monster itself is Normal or Sp

    1. Rayfield Lumina

      Rayfield Lumina



      But yeah, I heard about this  a couple of days ago. I dunno, doesn't feel like it's the kind of manga that can have a proper anime adaptation, but don't get me wrong, I like to be optimistic, so looking forward to it.

  7. Attribute of "Blackwing" Monsters on the field also treated as WIND they also gain ATK equal to total number of either WIND and/or Winged-beast monster on either players field and GY x100. When "Blackwing" Monster(s) would be destroyed by card effect, its controller can return a "Blackwing" he/she control instead. Idk this is the wording you want. Your original wording pretty vague. As the (temporary) review i dont think blackwing really want this even sizable stat boost it offer. while its fun to get access to things like Dark Simorgh, the birds has its own way to pay its advantage
  8. welcome to YCM, follow the rules and enjoy your stay Kyubey: pretty good ritual spell that able to recycle its advantage turn after turn. solid Madoka: starting form here most "normal" version of the magical girls have advantage effect that applied when other card is affected by something. now this is not bad effect per say, but it set expectation that the rest of the archetype either has really good swarm effect or protection to summon/protect the normal girls so it can activate the effect successfully. as for madoka here it search the spell by any instance of destruction including
  9. @Bey_Maker997 welp finished my review
  10. @PioRTek Skiba what? This card is not OP on any standart whatsoever Also i think you could ask @Tinkerer about rulings of proper contest or read it your self general contest ruling post (not just you actually, all new member must know this) but i can say that judging card before the contest end is weird(which reminds me you havent put deadline on your contest actually)
  11. In general, you can make a appropriate thread using "create new topic" to post either written prototype of the card (most of my creation do this) or if you have images of your custom card already you can post it using image hosting site like imgur But for this particular game, here: you must post your interpretation of the archetype based on the last name draft left behind (Cannon Canon or Frilly)
  12. FLIP: Draw 1 card if this card is summoned or flipped face-up: you can add 1 "Kingless-absolute" card from your Deck to your hand. You can only use this effect of "People of the Kingless-absolutes" once per turn. While this card attached on face-down Xyz Monster, all face-down monster you control can only be targeted by opponent card effect that activated as chain link equal or lower than number of Xyz material attached on it +2. FLIP: Shuffle 3 cards from your GY and/or Banished, Draw 1 card During your Main Phase while you have more flip monsters than your non-flip monst
  13. this is really nice. as mention by others before the art is gorgeous and the presented combo is quite brutal on top of able to dodge nibiru, solid creation overall. there not much to review other than the cards that not yet showcased or used the effects on: Dux: the recursion effect is quite nice given is fetch you different field to adapt opponent changes and has nice stat and typing for its level Malleus: same with dux for spell/trap. appropriately much more costly (banish) since the spell/trap do the much work besides the xyz Caelum: the destruction effect is really
  14. Thanks Any reason why my card is picked though?
  15. You can pay half of your LP (Min 2000) to activate this card from your hand. Players cannot special summon non-Xyz monster except during the turn he/she Set a monster. Players can Set Level 5 or higher monster without tribute. If you control "Medolis, Immortal Liars", negate the effects of non-Xyx monster on field other than its flip effects. Must be Special Summoned from your Extra Deck during your Main Phase while you control "Medolis Mischief" and cannot be Special Summoned in other ways. if there no face-up "Medolis Mischief", Destroy this card. Whenever a Player Set a mon
  16. Boundries are made because the OP cards/play happen before and we dont want it to happen again Also: Banned for yokai watch, i dont watch yokai watch *sipping tea pridefully* Digimon Masterrace
  17. I never imagine being one lol. Not even among my fav I guess il turn to the smartest possible pokemon to keep my will, personality and sentience Or of course.. who doesnt like to become literal god (Archeus)
  18. Again sorry for late reply To be fair i never think that things that i did has big influence, and even if it did is either i forgot about it or i dont wanna make a deal out of it Maybe the closest thing is i kinda successfuly prevent my friend suicide attempt. To be fair all i did was talk and by the person side as often as possible. Im not terapist and im pretty much cowboy my way to conversation but i guess my soft approach work and the guy still alive and having a good life. Im pretty much dont know what im doing but hey it end well Coffee vs tea? I have no problem with eith
  19. Daily reminder to put notification for this, damn. Sorry for very late reply Kinda funny that i never actually think that songs i like are in underated category so i dont really have precise answer for this. But the strange thing is, when i like "mainstream" artists the songs i usually like the ones the least recognized song. some times to the point that despite not liking them as a whole in listen only to that 1 song (lets say band a has that 1 song 1 i like, that its, i only like that song and rarely look for their other song which also make me not a full-fledge fan of that band)
  20. quite big set of cards so im gonna do review in parts, also to understand it better i have to review monster first Little Ghost: really good monster. it search and provide strong buff Gimmchild: this is really strong. it extend, recover RUM and able to remove threat with non-destruction removal you might need to add HOPT to the effects. in fact the summon effect is actually has a bit miss wording. the thing with regular "once per turn" (which now refer as Soft-once per turn, SOPT) effect it only stop usage of the effect of the exact copy of the card used thus doesn't really limit a
  21. Oceanus: easy to summon like the other titans and equally has severe wording problems though im not in the mood to go through details and for the most part the wrong wording still have clear meaning to it. it has battle destruction immunity and activation based effect destruction immunity that gives small stat boost. what i worry is the permanent zone lock effect that target any zone, super easy to activate, the only thing that keep this card balance is that WATER banish strategy is not really exist at least to my radar to fuel 3 lock via summon 3 copies of this. Ojama King require more effort
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