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  1. Before i get to the quote above a bit disclaimer: im often have problems to review archetypes (especially this big) due to often being busy irl. So i apologize before hand if my reviews sometimes can be seems too short or feel unfinished, especially if you planned to add more to your card pool That being said, i have at least 2 points of critique First, too many cards, you need to reconsider "what if these cards got release in irl" and in that scenario, all your cards can be run at 3 each in its debut, so for the grand total of 25 main deck and 8 extra deck , that means at least 75 in main deck and 24 in extra deck, of course i know the fact that you dont need to run anything at 3, but this is to help you visualize that you dont need to create that many cards to make a functional deck, my favorite example is Qliphorth on its reign, its one of most xenophobic decks and it actually dont have many cards, but cards that already within their pool is mostly effective at doing its jobs to elevate that deck to its meta status on its era. I also understand that most of Visor cards only work on realy specific scenario, but its still unjustified IMO to run all of those cards that can potentially bricks on play. So you need to streamline the number of cards and make the effects efficient in correlation to that (which also related to 2nd point) On the other hand (also, secondly), some of the reward effects is too powerful, Heretic is practically a spinner for free, spin effects is one of the god tier effects in this game, definitely not to put on a level 4 monster with self summon condition this easy even in that niche scenario
  2. Yeah its pretty much a dilemma, if we made Stack Fusion faster, it can be abuse to "extend" the number of monster on the field. But if we let it as slow as it is, most of irl fusion method is already faster and better Its probably better to make stack material act the same way as Xyz Material afterall, exclusively to the very trait or Stack Fusion Monster effect activation. I had idea for this: Stack Fusion New variant of Fusion Summoning that add depth to prexisting fusion strategy either involving the classic fusion monster or the new fusion monster type "Stacker Fusion". All cards that enabled Stack Fusion can be used to conduct Stack Fusion on any Fusion Monster, but Stacker Fusion must be summoned by Stack Fusion and cannot be summoned by any other ways When stacker fusion is conducted, the material is placed underneath horizontally (like in defense position) the fusion as Stack Fusion Material as long the summoned monster is face up and it will be sent to GY if its otherwise (any effect that affect fusion material can be applied on them even when it specified other place like GY) While regular fusions not really have use for stacked materials, Stacker Fusion Monster has Special interaction with the materials! Either you [Unstack] (sending the underneath materisl to gy) to activate its effects, [Restack] conduct a once per turn action on either adding Stack Fusion Material from your field or hand to 1 Stacker Fusion Monster you control OR conduct [Drop Stack] on your own fusion. [Drop Stack] is either deliberately or whenever it would be sent to gy from the field by an effect or battle while in both scenario it had a non-Stacker Fusion Material you can simply put the top most cards (which include the "destroyed monster) to the bottom until the top card become a monster other than Stacker Fusion Monster , thus replacing it (that monster . Otherwise in case its conducted on removal its still sent to gy as normal. Stack Fusion has 2nd effect box like pendulum called Onstacked Effect [its treated as Effect Monster], that only applied when it stacked underneath the top most cards Finally [Upstack] you can place stacker fusion thats underneath the top stack back to the top when you have back all its mandatory/minimum material requirement that lost to the stack via restack Well make it as you will Example: The Vigilant Pwyll LIGHT / Level 7 / Warrior / Stacker Fusion / Effect Onstack Effect| the monster on the top stack has its original ATK and DEF always equal to 500 less than the ATK of opponent monster with the highest ATK. Also whenever either it destroy a monster by battle or remain face-up after the damage calculation on a battle involving opponent attacking monster : Draw 1 card and gain 1000 LP Monster Lore| 2 Warrior Monster with Levels including atleast 1 Normal Monster / You can Unstack any number of Stack Fusion Material: target that number of opponent monster; During the Battle Phases of this turn this card have its ATK either become 500 less than your opponent LP when it attack directly OR 500 less than the ATK of the targeted monster if it battled with this card. You can only activate this effect of once per turn ATK 2500 / DEF 2000
  3. So in a sense stacking allow you to control more than the possible 7 monster right? Since they still act as a separate monster in the stack. Now this is the part that i highly disagree with since there a op potential. Example: you can run FGD in Guardragon deck so you have excuse to run Stack cards so you can provide up to 12 monster slot for your combo (since you can "legaly" stack them for FGD but never fuse them) you need to address that. But for my suggestion is probably better if stacked material act exactly like Xyz monster attached material last question: how link monster interact within stack?
  4. Do mind checking them out my new effects 

    as well as update previous ones

  5. Gigaplant to some extend is still good, Chemcritter is pretty good to despite on not on meta level even on the format they debut in. Aaaaaannnnndddd pretty much thats it The last warrior strike RSD not really have much things thats really useful for gemini since its cater more to the equip gimmick... Well other than confirmation that gemini effects works to under special summon while under passive enabler like raptinus and Gemini Ablation IMO
  6. News on Yugioh Sevens: https://ygorganization.com/gottabeattheclockorelse/

    To be honest, its start to get on my nerves. So not only Yuga is rejecting Master Duel, he even freakin forced the rush duel changes in the middle of master duel progress. I really disliking it, well perhaps jokes on me since he is the youngest protagonist to dated and children have tendency to be egoistic but i think he is down right being a jerk this way

    1. Zaziuma


      Maybe he is like "don't take the game so seriously all the time", which could be refreshing, I am awaiting to see what they do with the show.

    2. Dr. Jolly Glot the III

      Dr. Jolly Glot the III

      I get your point @Zaziuma, perhaps its just me letting it rub the wrong way. That being said. I probably can accept it more if the nature on how the duel format shift is through certain card effect ala MTG's subgame or maybe Yugioh's Last Will. Or maybe that exactly what konami kept from us when gen 7 on the full swing

      Lucky for Yuga though, because it will be a hillarious predicament if he face a pro master duel player going second and the player made the irl meta standart lockdown+OTK board before he can say "screw the rules, i have only 3 monster slot" 😄

    3. I Hate Snatch Steal

      I Hate Snatch Steal

      I agree that forcibly changing the rules doesn't make for a good first impression

  7. Ahhhh i finally get the whole thing: Its more akin to Future Fusion but possibly slower and place the materials on the field. So: 1) You summon the monster that required as material in any type of summoning possible for them 2) Via Stack, you can stack the those monsters 3) after all monster in the stack fullfill the Normal fusion or Stack Fusion conditions you can sent the stack to GY and perform the fusion Ok You still havent answer my question: But atleast i can get my temporary assestment out: 1) Unless you make Fusion that specifically interact with how stack fusion summon and actually pack a punch mid-game. The slow nature of stack fusion is way inferior than normal fusion 2) this can create potential public knowledge problem with generic material fusion, since you can just stack anything you want and practically protected while your opponent can't really figure out on what you doing 3) i think you really need to flesh out/revised the concept more, especially in regard of Master Duel Format in mind
  8. Ok, i got the gist of it. The fusion occupy a different zone while its materials is practically still on the field but on another zone and get stacked. Also by its own limitation it can only be use to fusion summon monster with that use same types materials Does the stacked cards is still a monster you control on monster zone or it will be placed on a dedicated "Stack Zone"? If its still a monster is it treated as singular monster or as X number of monster that can interact with effect and game phases independently? I need more detailed information to understand the mechanic before i can accept your card making request
  9. Huh interesting, Rush Duel Exclusivity to japan only seems like a save play. Its way to different than most of the variant of the format, so i think is pretty wise to try it in ocg first.
  10. Because nightingale is not really that good Besides, Starving and Neptune is also meant to futureproofing posibility of it bypassing hard once per turn effect. Which probably another op application it can do
  11. So basically Fusion but with traits of Xyz Monster eh. Is there a certain use with the stacked Materials? Can the stacked material do things or it completely passive with mostly 1 sided interaction with the fusion (if the fusion has one) As for Kurifiend, Tokens cannot be face-down also it lacks attribute and typing Token applied effect fix: "You can Substitute those Token(s) for any Fusion Materials. also it cannot prevent your opponent from attacking directly"
  12. Well not meant to discourage you, but you not post this in its proper section again. Well, might as well give it a CnC You need to specified where its summon another copy of its self. Assuming this can summon from everywhere its pretty broken since its +2 field advantage. Guardragon will work around the level 5 constrain pretty easily
  13. Welp, atleast if konami kept the pattern probs the 2nd or even 3rd winner will get cards anyway BUT FOR REAL THOUGH, WHY YOU GAVE DOLL PARTS AS 1 OF THE OPTION KONAMI? WHY THE VOTERS ALSO MADE IT TO TOP 5 EVEN AT FINALS DANGIT
  14. The boss for the new Zombie theme is revealed, and he’ll give you what you want… for a price. DBSS-JP027 黄金卿エルドリッチ Oh-Gonkyo Eldritch (Golden Lord Eldorichie) Level 10 LIGHT Zombie Effect Monster ATK 2500 DEF 2800 You can only use each effect of this card’s name once per turn (1) Send this card and 1 Spell/Trap from your hand to the GY, then target 1 card on the field; send that card to the GY. (2) If this card is in the GY: You can send 1 Spell/Trap you control to the GY; add this card to your hand, then, you can Special Summon 1 Zombie monster from your hand, also that monster gains 1000 ATK/DEF and cannot be destroyed by effects until the end of your opponent’s turn. Note: While this card’s name is probably the term Eldritch (or heavily referencing it), it’s likely also referencing the mythical city “Eldorado”, the word “Rich” (as in Wealth) and Lich (An undead sorcerer). Note: Keep in mind until we get a full view of its theme, all naming is tentative. In the meantime enjoy the oddly fitting reference Source: https://ygorganization.com/cosmichorrorisbigbusiness/
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