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  1. At least we know their Types. A picture for one member of each of the new themes has been revealed: First we have a Rock-Type theme: A Plant-Type theme: And a Zombie-Type theme: Right now we have no further information about names, effects or anything, so stay tuned for more info. Source: https://ygorganization.com/blingzombie/
  2. Source: https://ygorganization.com/timetobuyoutancientleaf-collab/ Hey guys, Tinker is back again to discuss an exciting update to the TCG which I have been waiting for a while to receive. While it doesn’t affect the main format, it’s a modernization of a classical alternative format which many might be familiar with! Tag Dueling Update! Duelists Unite for Victory Tag Duels is a popular alt format in Yu-Gi-Oh, especially in the casual community. After all, what’s not to love about the idea of two Duelists uniting together to combine strategies and crush their opponents? As someone who has been really enthusiastic about the format in general, I can already recall spending weeks just planning with my Teammate on what exactly we would pair, how our decks would bounce off each other, and any weaknesses which the other could possibly patch. However, one of the major blemishes on the format, was a lack of clear rulings on key parts of the modern day. The previous rules were last released in 2013 (For those curious about how those went, I recommend you check out Ark’s article here.) But, finally, new rules have arrived, clearing up a lot of questions we all have been having. Now, I’d recommend you check out the official article here. But, the rest of this article is aimed at discussing the format and giving a few run down on the basics for those wanting to dive into it. How the Teams are Structured There are two of you! Player A, and Player B. Decide this at the start of the tournament, this does not change so choose wisely. The Teams are numbered 1 and 2. The Player A of Team 1 is Player 1A, for example. Player A always goes before Player B. An example of how turn order works would be; Player 1A / Player 2A / Player 1B / Player 2B, assuming Team 1 went first. Player A is the first name registered on the Team Registration Form, Player B is the second. Main Differences Between Tag Duels and the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG Each Team has a combined 16,000 LP. If this hits zero, the Team loses. If a Player would win or lose (such as by Exodia, the Forbidden One), the Team wins or loses. You each have your own field, this includes Field, GY and banished. You must use only your own Deck and Extra Deck. You can only activate cards or effects you control, but can use your Teammate’s cards for paying costs. (This includes using as material for Xyz, etc.) There can be only one Field Spell per Team. More Technical Differences On your Teammate’s turn, you can activate effects similiar to an Opponent’s turn. (So Forbidden Chalice can’t be activate from hand, but can be activated if set prior.) You can talk, or share private information with your Teammate, such as showing a card in your hand or seeing a set card. Prior, there was a rule that players must speak verbally in a language all players understand. This has since been conspicuously removed. In contrast to before, the Forbidden & Limited List is now applied per Player and not per Team. As such, both Player 1A and Player 1B can use a single copy of the limited Raigeki, but this does not mean Player 1A can use two if Player 1B forgoes using any. Every Player has access to one of two Extra Monster Zones. When one is taken, the other automatically becomes the Opponent’s. (Total of 2 EMZ per Team, no word on how extra linking is meant to work, if it does at all.) Pendulum Scales may only be used by the Player who controls them. As Tag Duels gets funny about what you “control”, it should be emphasised you can only use the scales on your own field. SEGOC is ordered as such; Turn Player, Turn Player’s Teammate, then opponent’s may order as they wish. With effects that affect an Opponent’s Field, GY, or Banished, they affect both Player’s. With effects that reference their Hand, Deck, or Extra Deck, you must choose which Player you are affecting. (Prior, you had to choose the player sat opposite.) With effects that reference the Hand, Deck, or Extra Deck that state “both Players”, you choose which player from each Team you affect. Note: If a card says “Your” in reference to those, then you have to choose your own. (So Pot of Greed can’t draw from your Teammate’s deck.) You count as controlling cards on your Teammate’s Field, as well as having them in GY, and Banished. For example, if Gozen Match was on the field, and Player 1A controlled a Fire Attribute Monster, Player 1B can’t attempt to summon a Water. You can also interact with these cards in ways like summoning them to your field with Monster Reborn. (They go back to their correct zones when it leaves the field.) So, why is this even worth bringing up? Alternative formats are a way to increase diversity in a game, to give different ways to play and encourage people to experiment with things that you might otherwise never do. From a deck building standpoint, Tag Dueling is similiar to Dungeon & Dragon’s Gestalt, a way to mesh together things which could never work well normally and see how they work. Do you work together to try and make a batch of crazy? Or, do you try and cover each other’s weaknesses, to create a hopefully unstoppable juggernaught? It’s also a way to help teach newer players, by pairing them up with a more experienced player who can freely offer advice. If Speed Duels is the format for learning the basics of Yu-Gi-Oh, then Tag Duels have the potential to act almost like a mentorship, for those interested in that sort of thing. Overall, I encourage people to give Tag Duels a shot. Unlike most alternative formats, they’re very similiar to the base game, which makes them easy to get into. But, the addition of a new partner, adds a huge level of depth to have fun tinkering with.
  3. Its riskier Cup of Ace. So its should be fine. The damage can be too much though, probs lower it a bit?
  4. I personally think MR2 format is quite impactful in term of power level so bold designs is quite doable as long its not as encouraged as MR3 and MR4 did. Hmmm unless im suck at dating time (which probably i often do) the meta up to the end of MR2 era is consist of: TeleDAD, Dragon Ruler, Wind up, Bujin, H.A.T, Chaos, Geargia, Xyz Infernity, Quasar Turbo, Zombiesworn, Gishki Handloop, Plasma Lock Down Dragon Ruler is obviously not something we can based upon, its disgusting in irl format of its time moreso so in this
  5. I had to agree with the above. While this errata did lessen the power by seemingly forcing your opponent to risk the value that already in hand for its cost, at the end of it its still practically [+1/deck thin 3] which the very reason why OG is unfair in the first place. Many cards still appriciate the discard cost for sending things to GY to farm value
  6. Nobody cared who the Dragon was until it put on the mask. Kendochourai Normal Trap Card You can only use the (2) effect of this card’s name once per turn. (1) Activate this card by targeting 1 face-up monster your opponent controls; treat this card as an Equip Card that makes that target gain 500 ATK/DEF, and if you do, equip this card to that target. (2) If this card is sent to the GY because the equipped monster leaves the field: Draw 1 card if this card was not activated this turn, but if this card was activated this turn, apply the following effect instead. ● Draw 2 cards, then discard 1 card. NOTE: The name of the card is a pun on the expression 捲土重来 (kendojuurai or kendochourai) which means attempting again with redoubled efforts. The etymology of the word is basically “shroud”, “dirt”, “again” and “coming”, resembling a defeated army attempting once again while arising from a cloud of dust from their previous failure. Except instead of dirt, this card is using 怒 (anger). So instead of simply being covered in dirt, this new attempt is being made while shrouded in anger.
  7. i assume you forgot, but you didn't specified the ownership of monster this effect could sent. so by that logic this card can send opponent monster, making it a spot non-destruction, non-target removal. i don't like this kind of effect from something as simple and cheap as semi generic equips this is pretty experimental since there no irl cards that can be patch-worked to come close to this. my take probs like this: "If the equipped monster is removed from the field and this card would be sent to GY: either equip this card to a monster your control OR this card will remain on the field and have the following effect. • If a Monster is summoned to your side of the field: equip this card to that monster" made by combining Swords of Revealing Light and Flint. which should prevent this card to be removed from the field when the equipped monster died. thus keeping its counter without that game bending counter attach effect. as for the rest, the soul counter gimmick is pretty fine. you don't really need bullet symbol for the effects, those only use to either effect in which you need to choose 1 from the other option to apply OR on card thats normally wouldn't get (not activate, there the difference) that effect unless certain condition is fulfilled like gemini
  8. prepare yourself, 7th gen anime incoming: https://ygorganization.com/yu-gi-oh-at-jump-festa/

    1. Horu Ishayuki

      Horu Ishayuki

      Hard to believe YGO is only 1 gen behind Pokemon.

    2. Ryusei the Morning Star
  9. im just gonna double check, is this card and "Dark Turn are part of the archetype? if yes, ask mods to move to casual multiple section if no, there a bit of things you need to follow: 2 or more cards that require specific other but has no larger interaction like archetypes or series (the ones that capable as core deck building) is indeed can be posted here, but it must be posted together as one post almost in a same manner as multiple section therefore you need to edit this to include Curran Dark Turn. this usually only applied on specific pairs like Ritual (must post both ritual monster and its spell) or Pendulum (pair of summon-able scale that has specific interaction within only those pair) but there can be exception if its acceptabe this is meant so you don't accidentally "spamming" the section with multiple post that lessen the viewing of others that want to post. on the the card, can't really gauge how viable it is, i need to see how dark turn function. other wise its not really good. on the other hand the burn is is potentially unfair with 700 per monster. but its also slow (standby phase effect is hardly matter much) but maybe you think "oh OP effect in a bad/slow/hard to achieve activation is balancing each other right?" sadly no. its a bad-polarizing design that neither good within both of its extremes. as for summoning zombie pikeru. well the pikeru is not good even for casual/rouge/anti-meta level. but at least with ebony its a reusable non-Garnet extender. its ....fine IMO
  10. hmmm i probably can give an example while at the same time giving you a prototypes of potential buffed version general: zombie type is good already and the burn-heal strategy is quite nice. but lets make it even more consistent with same attribute being 200 DEF FIRE with added bonus of shiranui support. we can even take the step further make them all Level 5 for vampire support, although this one not really necessary and would cause brick if not handled with a lot special summon effects Individually (1 for now): Jealous Ghoulette - Serenia FIRE / Level 5 / Zombie Cannot be use as Tribute or Material to Summon a non-"Ghoulette" Monster. You can tribute an opponent monster to Tribute Summon this card to their side of the field. If this card is Summoned or flipped face-up: this card original owner can add 1 "Ghoulette" card from your Deck to your hand. Additionally if this card is Tribute Summoned and its owner add a "Ghoulette" Monster this way, that player can Special Summon that Monster. Original owner of this card can only use each effect of "Jealous Ghoulette - Serenia" once per turn. ATK 2000 / DEF 200
  11. there quite alot of wording issue but fortunately its still understandable generally most of them are pretty slow monster that's not really strong either. i not really see this be run in rouge/anti-meta level even if with our current pool of abundant zombie support. so you can approach more stronger effects or gimmick to power them up individually: erza: there's wording that missing with this, it summon monster from where? with that being said at least its a extender. but sadly the card its summon is only worth as material polka: 500 LP per turn is quite meaty. but its very slow, as you only gain per end phase from the 2nd turn you summon this. while he stat is arguebly not really that bad, its still easy to for opponent to immediately destroy this card curran: same case with polka but worse since this only has abysmal 1750/1600 serenia: instant erza. but not really worth it it becomes a troublesome 2250 with you only have 2 subpar monster that more suitable as mat if you survive any bricking overall you can buff any of this to be better and faster
  12. Well this seems like doable goal though just need some fine tune and synergy
  13. I still can't wrapped this "random attack" thing (ironic, given my works is all about experimental cards turn irl)... And then it dawn on me, a classic irl solution: the trap Needle Wall Blind Magician - Radara LIGHT / Level 4 / Spellcaster / Tuner / Effect This card cannot attack unless you control other "Blind Magician". When this card declare an attack while opponent control monster(s) on Main Monster Zone: Roll a six-sided Die. Treat your opponent Main Monster zone as number 1-5, counting from your left, change the attack target to monster on the zone of the Die Result (if any) otherwise, this card attack your opponent directly. If the result is 6, You can add 1 "Blind Magician" card from your deck or GY to your hand and then either attack a monster in Extra Monster Zone (if any) OR roll again. You can only add up to 2 cards to your hand by this effect of "Blind Magician - Radara" per turn ATK 1000 / DEF 1000
  14. I dont want to pressure you but next time an archetype cards like this must be posted in a singular post on casual multiple section as per rule Posted there and i will happy to review it
  15. Question: can you elaborate on "This card cannot choose its attack targets."? Is it like in the same manner as facing patrician of darkness? /skip
  16. Nah it will be too experimental and not completely address the cards problem. How about this: "Activate by tributing any number of your monster, Destroy that equal number of opponent monster. When this effect resolved, all monster that currently face-up cannot be used as tribute or material to summon a monster until your next Standby Phase" Its basically function the same but much more fair Not gonna comment of second card. Please post it on new topic first
  17. so basically 50 cards deck consisting on 1 each of every 45 cards and 5 of whatever generic option you had right? in a sense that's is pretty close to Highlander Deck concept. Highlander is a type of deck construction that run only 1 copy of each card that being said a working and consistent highlander deck while not unheard off is quite difficult to be utilize fairly in the game. it can be either end-up in polar opposite of too clunky to open plays (especially if there specific combo piece that only work on certain timing) OR a jumble of possibly jarring-ultra consistent-engines. i still haven't finish properly reading all of the stuff but i start to sense the former problem due to some cards require a really specific interaction with one another and require time to actually do something. this can be a bane to this type of deck that already challenged greatly in term of consistency, moreso so from my reading your cards don't have enough search or draw card effect there at least 2 ways you can fix this however 1) don't force all of undertale lore in 1 archetype or deck construction. you can make separate archetype that while end up as 2 or more separate decks (and seperate post in different time. so you can flesh-out synergy and lore deeper) still intertwine in terms of lores kinda like Duel Terminal or World Legacy (especially the latter since there's atleast 7 archetype in World Legacy story but all of them using World Legacy cards as their spell or Trap cards, even as far having shared 1 or 2 of same cards that happen to be generic) 2) if you still want to make all the lore contain in 1 highlander'ish deck. there be a major effect changes you need to apply. especially more search and draw effects to create an engine and less specific interaction especially that require excessive setup. you can also cheat the number by making some of the cards (boss mainly) as extra deck cards to lighten the bricks. i even go as far making the bosses to have less multiple forms on separate cards an make a single card of that boss character that has built-in effect to gain effect of the other forms if certain condition is met
  18. i haven't read much of these (there quite a lot of them) im counting at least 40ish cards while the intention is to make a 50 card deck. so technically you wanna make this into highlander deck?
  19. Morphtronic Tool-Boxen LIGHT / Rating 2 / Machine / Link / Effect Arrow: Right , Down 2+ Monster. Including a "Morphtronic" Monster If either this card is Link Summoned OR a Synchro Monster is Synchro Summoned on the zone this card points to: You can Excavate cards from the top of the deck until you Excavate at least 2 "Morphtronic" cards including a "Morphtronic" Monster; send any number of Equip Spell from your field, hand, and/or among Excavated cards. Additionaly, You can Special Summon any of thr Excavated Tuner or "Morphtronic" Monster whose its Level is equal or lower than the number of sent card(s) ignoring the Summoning condition. Otherwise, shuffle the rest. You can Tribute this card (Quick Effect): add Equip spell from your GY to your hand equal to number of Tuner Monster you control +1. During your next Standby Phase, if this effect is activated this turn (and was not Negated), You can Special Summon this card from your GY. You can only use each effect of "Morphtronic Tool-Boxen" once per turn. ATK 0 Morphtronics is actually wonderful. But also the fact they have atleast 3 additional playstyle represented with a really weak cards for each gimmick that shoved down their tiny robot throat is ironically pitiful. So i feel a bit challanged to tinker with these playstyles, one gimmick at the time. So here is a support for the Equip//Power Tool Dragon strategy of the deck. Its practically a in-archetype-slightly luck based-Isolde to fetch your Celfon and Smartfon (or if you lucky, Scopen or even the level 4). It can escape EMZ by itself while surviving for link climb mat next turn and providing Equips for your monster.
  20. YYYYYYYAAAAAARRRRRRR Plunder: https://ygorganization.com/damysteryofchessboxin/
  21. you can't really rank whichever is better, they serve different purposes and has its own gimmick to either use or revolving around. that being said however its quite easy to agree that Borrel see more plays than the other, due to being generic and actively pushing the game state
  22. well its a good boi, needs to be work upon but help even the most fragile field to counter-act a bit sad it don't work with Level 2 beast but i guess its reasonable
  23. Despite being a bit slow due to its nature as trap. You can combo this with your own destruction-immune monster to clear and lock field off of any summoning. Creating a pratically a 1-sided advantage that cannot be responded for 3 turn is a not fun game-ender
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