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  1. Scizor may be stronger, but I always thought he looked dumb compared to Scyther. Any Pokemon who's pre-evolution appearance you prefer? What do you like to do in your spare time?
  2. I'm fine with moths. Except Gipsy moths and the like. Volcarona is legitimately my favorite Bug Type though. What's your favorite Bug Type? Jirachi Though, shouldn't I be asking the questions? How did that go? Favorite Main Deck monster?
  3. Then give it a Like. That looks cute! I don't recall ever making an artwork with crafts like that.
  4. Already beat you to it. Anywho:
  5. Favorite Trap? So you fear the well-being of your loved ones?
  6. Do you have enough food? I'm sure he did. Animals may not have as complex emotions as we do, but emotions nonetheless. What do you fear?
  7. Not usually; I like more orchestral themes like Cantata Mortis or The Dark Souls III soundtrack. But... Have you ever owned any pets? Mhm! Sometimes you need little motivation to put your skills to use! I know I did... What monitor do you intend for your custom desktop?
  8. Name a bad video game.

    1. Bluvista


      The Gen 6 Pokemon games

    2. The Nyx Avatar
  9. It's an anime nun praying (get it?). Anywho:
  10. Cool. Um...anything in particular you'd like to add? Any event you're partaking in, a Deck that's been working out for you, or booster sets you've been pulling?
  11. I was gonna use this for that last one, but I'll apply it to this new one:
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