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  1. But what do you like about these cards? Do you like their effects? Do you like how they portray the users?
  2. Either comment on something you like about these cards or critique them.
  3. You didn't like it? Alright. I'll try harder this time. Neliel Tu Odelschwanck Sailor Mercury
  4. Maybe the Soul Exchange. But the rest of these? No. The rest are bootleg Yugioh cards.
  5. Something from a video game would be nice
  6. I DO have Ancient Fairy Dragon! I pulled it from that set because I knew it would be overpowered. If not then, years later. What's she do in reference to F.A.?
  7. It's been a while since one of these has been here, right?
  8. Alrighty! I have at least one of each of those cards. By the way, is F.A. really good in Duel Links? Because in my recommendations, I get videos more or less titled that.
  9. While on the subject of KC Cup... What would you suggest to go against Lunalight? Blue-Eyes, I can handle. Bounce their monsters with Cyber Slash or banish with Valkyries. But I have yet to think of a good counter to Lunalight.
  10. Can you elaborate on the card itself? A small sentence compliment on the image will not suffice.
  11. Well, I have 2 Dodododwarves thanks to that Galaxy Eyes set. And I liked your reasoning for Dodododraw. So...yeah. No rush to get the Gagaga Cowboy Deck though. That'll be on a much later date.
  12. Oh yeah! I got Duke as well. I went through a box and a half before going to the Shark Drake box for Dodododraw. Haven't pulled a single one yet. I made a nifty Harpie Deck! Sure, it only has 1 Perfumer, but...it gets the job done! It's what I will use in this KC Cup. Well, until I go on a losing streak, and then return to screwing players over with Valkyries. Also, Primo dropped by to say hi. I...did not expect this honestly. I thought they would just cut to the chase and present Aporia or something like they did Rex. Oh well. Nice to hear Jason Griffith again.
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