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  1. I though most competitive games didn't even have Final Smash. There is the FS option without the Smash Balls, but even so, I go back to what I said of Final Smash. If it's for future characters, sure. But not for current characters. I liked it when Yoshi changed form.
  2. I love both of those cards! What subject are/were you best at?
  3. How close are you to family? U.S.A.! If you were to choose a monster as your ace Yugioh card, which would it be?
  4. Whoa. Where do you stand? Are you the oldest, middle, or youngest? They might. So you live in Brazil?
  5. How much are we talking? Five? Favorite card game?
  6. You said normal shoes. High heels are normal shoes. Believe it. Do you have hair or are you bald? I really liked shiny Giratina. How many siblings do you have? What about favorite cookie?
  7. Only one assuming is you. Do you pour anything on your pancakes or waffles? And if so, what? Sweet drinks. Apple juice is my favorite juice, I'll drink any coffee (hot or cold) except black, Pepsi is my favorite cola, and Gatorade/similar drinks. Favorite sauce?
  8. Not quite sure. I don't like many chewy or squishy foods. I think worst dish I had was meatloaf. What's the best meal you've had? How do you like your eggs?
  9. Worst food you ever tasted? High heels. Got it. Do you prefer this forum or Neo Card Maker?
  10. Joke's on you, I skimmed over that shizz. What shoes do you wear? Favorite shiny Pokemon?
  11. What's your favorite Pokemon? Which sport did you like most? Least favorite?
  12. LIGHT. Trickstar, Evil HERO Aduster Gold, Prinzessin, Fortune Lady Every, Blue-Eyes, Dream Mirror, Monarch/Squire, and my personal favorite Fabled. I like occult archetypes most, so I guess you could try to lump DARK into it. Favorite Attribute?
  13. What animals are native to your area? Performapal. I don't like most silly Pokemon, and the same is true for most Yugioh archetypes. Oh, and most FIRE archetypes. Any that emphasize fire and nothing else bore me. Infernoid is one I actually like. What's your favorite archetype? Can't argue with that. Favorite soup?
  14. I'm 23 and I look forward to pizza. What is the temperature in your area right now?
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