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  1. Is there any particular music you like to play while you work or draw? Or perhaps a video you play just for background noise?

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    2. Rayfield Lumina

      Rayfield Lumina

      Yeah, I like to play music as I draw or work in the PC. Chopin, Beethoven or Camille Saint-Saëns, for instance. I also love to add to the playlist videogame music. Anything goes, from Octopath Traveller or Child of Light OSTs to 8-bit Megaman stuff. Or sometimes I feel like Coldplay, REM or Radiohead. 



      I listen to youtube music by small artist. Particularly: Lofi, Undertale inspired, Classical, Electric Swing, Nightcore, Accapello, and 8 bit.

    4. The Nyx Avatar

      The Nyx Avatar

      I like to play music from video games and anime. Most notable being the Hellsing soundtrack, the soundtrack for Mega Man games, the first Persona game, and even some horror stuff like Resident Evil 2. Or sometimes I just play a review I saw on YouTube years ago.

  2. While I do appreciate Irish mythology getting more spotlight, these monsters are missing what Type they are. Are they Fairy? Beast? Spellcaster? Psychic? You're gonna want to clarify that so users can best review these.
  3. Post in this thread, asking if you could be a beta tester.
  4. While it is nice I guess that we can search Plasma, he's normally used to Summon Dragoon. The targeting protection is nice, I guess. But I get the feeling that if this card was to see any use, it'd be for only one turn. Even with cards like Destiny Draw, Destiny HERO - Celestial, and Destiny HERO - Disk Commander. Doctor D? I don't think it'll see use, given the cost. I dunno. While it is nice that cards that never made it past the anime are finally coming out, I think this archetype could've used a means to add 1 of the Spell/Traps Destiny HERO uses.
  5. Why hello there! Nice to meet a fellow moderator (well, ex-moderator, but you know what I mean)! And don't worry about not being into Yugioh. This site has had plenty of users that weren't either. Make yourself comfortable!
  6. I'm glad you like it! And yep! I made two to make up for that one birthday drawing I offered to make many months ago, but never got around making. And now you know what colors she has!
  7. Alright. Before this discussion goes any further, I'm posting here to tell you guys in general to keep this discussion civil. If you have nothing to add to the discussion at hand, please refrain from posting in this thread.
  8. Because there is a higher standard in Realistic Cards. Most users put more effort into their creations in Realistic Cards, so those who review the cards here in Realistic Cards should do the same. There are rules on this site and its sections for reasons. If you want to compliment someone's thread, but can't be bothered to give a sentence or two of explanation...just give the thread a Like. You don't have to explain anything with Likes, you are acknowledging that you thought the thread was cool, and the users who made the original thread appreciates the Likes as well. It's easy.
  9. Could you elaborate on what you love about them?
  10. Next time, just repost the set with your new and edited cards. If it's been over 90 days, it is considered necrobumping.
  11. Don't necrobump. If it's been a month or longer since the last post, just leave the thread alone.
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