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  1. @YCMaker These aren't quite on the same level as the previous changes I proposed. These are more to increase activity on the forum. Points & Shop I know you mentioned at some point that Points do exist. And you can donate them to another user. But so far...nothing further than that. Except maybe badges. Nothing else to do with them. So I suggest the Points & Shop system to incentivize users to post more. They could use the points they earn on the shop, and Points can be used as prizes for contests and events. Items eligible for purchase via the Points shop could include a VIP member group, a profile song, granting a user a pin on one thread of their choice for a week, an additional chance to change their username, and a custom member group. Which...brings me to my next one.... More member groups Aside from staff, the only member group is Beta Tester. Not only do I suggest this as something to purchase on the shop, I suggest this for event purposes. For years, there was an event called the Halloween Masquerade. That one requires a Monster member group. It made for some neat and amusing interactions on the forum. And perhaps a second member group for a certain event I wanted to try out. I don't know if Invision still has stuff like this on its platform or not. Or if there's some extra work that would have to be done. But we'd appreciate your feedback on these topics. Now, if anyone agrees, disagrees, or has a totally different suggestion to the platform, feel free to comment below.
  2. Alright. Well, if there's one game that didn't meet my expectations, it was Splatoon. I really didn't care for the game back when it was first announced. In late 2015, I bought a Wii U bundle with it. I didn't get the hype, and thought the game was gonna be silly. I played it, and I was hooked on it for months. And sure, the story (or what comes close to a story in the game) wasn't anything compelling, nothing in an actual match or round made the gameplay come off as silly. Just some nice good fun. I came into the the game with...really no expectations, and left with good impressions.
  3. No. He doesn't need to. In fact, he was courteous and specified "(written)" in the title. Generated cards with art may be cool, but they're not necessary to post.
  4. I have no objections. And it'd give us something to do, since no one seemed to bite at my idea.
  5. Stuff like "Can only be destroyed if this is the only Old Sith Empire monster on the field" When in real life it'd be, "Cannot be destroyed if there is another face-up Old Sith Empire monster on the field"
  6. Well, I can't say I have or know anyone. Also, you may want to correct the card. Not so much for small text. Moreso that it could be worded better.
  7. Holy shit! Don't worry man. You posted in the right place. I'm just genuinely surprised to see a new user not only do so, but admit responsibility. ANYWHO: If you want accuracy, it's best to pay the price with a custom printing job. If you are curious about what material Yugioh cards are made of, they are made out of layers of paper. Pasteboards. To quote someone who probably knows more than me, "acid press machine and cylindrical feed, similar to printing newspapers. The process was partly adopted from the machines Fleer uses to print sports cards". So...yeah. I don't think you can accurately replicate the cards from home. I mean, you can still print them out on paper if you want.
  8. Tip your fortune teller for best results (maybe)


  9. can  you follomy  athere  guys to

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      No. And stop spamming

  10. What consoles do you own? I mean hack and slash, shooters, and platformers with RPG elements. Examples I'll give: Rune Factory, Dark Souls, YS, Kingdom Hearts, Xenoblade, ect. An action game with RPG elements, like leveling up and items. Are there any off the top of your head you like?
  11. Which turn-based RPGs do you like? What was your favorite Christmas present by far? The Luxray line has one of my favorite color schemes as well. Do you like real-time RPGs, or just turn-based?
  12. Two tropical beauts on the same day? Thank you! Now that I'm showered and well fed, I will assess these two ("Assess, Nyx? This ain't school!"). EXACTLY what I was hoping to see one of you draw at some point in the future! Are there better girls and women in The Legend of Zelda franchise? Of course. But Marin is my personal favorite. So benign, she likes to sing, she looks gorgeous. And her outfit? Perfect! There are a couple of Gym Leaders I personally like from the Pokemon franchise. While there are others I like, Jasmine is a personal favorite of mine as well. While I do prefer her original outfit, this was the first Jasmine I ever met (Pokemon Heart Gold). So thanks for Special Summoning nostalgia. And that gelatin's nice. Also...cool pattern you got going back there. I like the hues of purple and cyan.
  13. That works. You just say what you thought about it before you played it.
  14. Alrighty. Then I guess the one just labeled Alchemist.
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