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  1. At what? There's two possible posts this can be referencing.
  2. Um...to what? The video? John's post? You need to elaborate. A sentence or two. Because this is not sufficient for a discussion.
  3. Zamazenta, you can't always resort to using the @ for users just to look at your threads. What if they don't want to reply on your thread? Also, not a good idea to blatantly ask for likes in your thread.
  4. First off, you'd have to give a reason why. Secondly, you may want to @ the user YCMaker, as he's the only one capable of filling out your request.
  5. Again, as the previous rules are no longer pinned, this thread is here. Not too many differences from the original rules, but they are subject to change. Also, do not misunderstand. Realistic refers to cards that could realistically exist in the card game. So no cards with over 5000 in the ATK and DEF fields, no Level 9 or higher Normal Monsters, no Normal monsters with ATK and DEF higher than Blue-Eyes White Dragon, no Types that don't exist, and ZERO cards with insufficient information in the Effect field, with the exception of Normal monsters (since they have no effects in this field b
  6. Given how the previous rules were unpinned, I have posted an up-to-date rulebook for Casual Cards. There's not too many changes from the original rules (most are just omitting mentions of previous subsections, spoilers that don't work anymore, and a small addition to etiquette), but they are subject to change. 1. Overall rules apply This should be self-explanatory; any general site rules such as behavioral standards and so forth will apply in addition to the section specifics listed underneath. You may reference the rulebook as a forum-wide announcement at the top of the section. If
  7. Well, there really is not stopping other users from joining in on your threads and status updates. What you could do however is make a Discord server and invite the select users you want. And if you don't like Discord, you can always make a group message on this forum, inviting only the users you want. And in turn, leave out the users you don't want. It's easy! Well don't push yourself. Just because you're beta testing the card maker doesn't mean you are obligated to be here. There's plenty of users who signed up for beta testing, with varying results of activity. Some haven't e
  8. Listen. I don't play favorites. I'm just trying to keep this forum in order. I've messaged other users when they were doing things they shouldn't be doing. Like posting content in the wrong sections, or spamming, or multi-accounting. I am not targeting you.
  9. I don't see why not. Just edit the original thread if you come back with the realized idea.
  10. Elaborate. What about this card do you deem "interesting"? A few words or a short sentence won't suffice.
  11. Nope. Perhaps when the new card maker makes it out of beta stage. But this one has no Save Button anymore.
  12. Next time, post this in a new thread as opposed to an old one that has nothing to do with the card. Besides. Necrobumping is against the rules.
  13. I like the balance of monsters you have here. But do two Gagaga Mancers serve you well? I ask given how constrictive her effect is. I know you may be short on gems. But I feel Gagaga Head would fit better. As for the Spell/Traps, I am surprised you're using Dodododraw instead of Gagagadraw. Yes, the cost is smaller, but Gagaga Girl can search for Gagagadraw. But hey, I understand why you chose this over their in-name draw card. Also, which helps best in the long run? Hey, Trunade!, or Cosmic Cyclone? As for the Extra Deck: It's pretty good. I'd personally use a different Rank 4
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