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  1. Okay. First off, you can't call this an archetype if there's a grand total of one card to show for it. Even before Sky Striker got a second Main Deck monster, they had Link, Spell, and Trap Cards that shared the same name. Secondly: Couldn't you have come up with a new way of Summoning this card? This thing self-Summons exactly the same as the members from one of your previous sets. Third, the balance for this card is horrible. Sure, there's a "once per turn" clause, but this card benefits you too much with you giving absolutely nothing in return. In one banlist, this card would be p
  2. Those work! Growing up, what was your favorite toy?
  3. That sounds nice. I hardly know how to cook anything, so I offered to treat her to something. Buying her dinner. Did you ever play Animal Crossing?
  4. No. When I ask that, I mean Do you like platformers? RPG? Racing games? Simulation games? Horror games? Fighting games? Metroidvanias? Art games? Sandbox? Rhythm? Stealth? Visual Novel? Which genre's generally your favorite?
  5. No. Except one. That Time Wizard comes from the Metal Raiders set. Even if that one's not 1st Edition, there's been plenty of people selling it within that price range. That bend in the corner's gonna reduce it's value, though.
  6. Alright. One thing I want to point out is that you claimed you had no idea what set your cards come from. Well, between the art and the effect/description, there's this line of empty space. Sometimes there will be 1st Edition on one side. Across from that, you will see some choice letters and numbers. THAT is the set your card came from. Your Serpent Night Dragon came from SRL, or Spell Ruler. However, given how it's not 1st Edition, expect it to be be worth less. So about 8 dollars. But...yeah. Hope that now you can more easily identify what card you have and have an easier time deducing
  7. PLEASE READ THIS THREAD BEFORE POSTING. Many of you, whether you just joined or have been here for a while, have questions about the site and/or the card maker which are often asked multiple times. Chances are that someone else has asked this question in the past, and an answer was given. Below are some of the common questions asked. Use the table of contents below to find a specific one (CTRL+F / CMD+F if you need to). A special thanks to Tinkerer for his help with this thread. Contents General 1A. Changing a topic title. 2A. How to gain Lev
  8. It has officially been 7 years since I started this account. Quite a bit has happened in that span of time. For those of you who have who have supported me, enjoyed my content, or made me smile, thank you.

    1. Rayfield Lumina

      Rayfield Lumina

      Thanks to you. I'm happy to have met you. We get into some arguments from time to time, but mostly, it's fun :) 

    2. Enguin


      thank you for doing the majority of the mod things 

  9. In the future, don't necrobump
  10. Do you have any plans for Mother's Day?
  11. What is your favorite genre of video games? What do you think of this?
  12. 4 dollars. Again, you need to give lots of details of your copy. Like what set it comes from and how "good" condition it is.
  13. But what set does it come from? Is it 1st Edition? Does it have any bends? Most of these factors matter. However, if you'd like to see for yourself and get an idea of how much a card of your choice goes for on average, try using a site like this one: https://yugiohprices.com/ There are other sites that list average prices for cards. I just wanted to give an example.
  14. Well, that depends. It depends on what set they come from, what Rarity (Common, Ultra Rare, Secret Rare, ect.), what condition they're in, and if they're 1st Edition or not. Also depends on what card exactly it is.
  15. On the new card maker perhaps. But not the one this site currently has. Also, for the future, don't necrobump threads. Just make a new one.
  16. Out of all the female characters in the anime, she was my least favorite.
  17. Do you like waffles?

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    2. Dokutah Jolly

      Dokutah Jolly

      Super combo of waffle + pancake + french toast + maple/honey + bacon/battered fried chicken + fruit salad/juice sound amazi....

      ...ah shit i imagine another breakfast combo that impossible with my current stocks at home again, dogdamn it will haunt the rest of my day :(

    3. TheBlackCatter


      Poor nyx, all they wanted was group participation singing... all they got were genuine answers.

    4. Dokutah Jolly

      Dokutah Jolly

      its a song?!

      damn i missed the memes

  18. M. Night Shyamalan. That's what happened. Sure, he put out a couple of good films. But he hadn't been the same since Signs or The Village. Do you own any game consoles, or just a computer?
  19. What would you say is the worst movie you've ever seen?
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