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  1. Understandable. Did you ever play Animal Crossing? Understandable. What is your favorite color? It's quite alright. I drew a new OC last weekend, and I'd want to share my shpeal about her. Would you like to see her in the near future? What is your favorite Type in Yugioh (Dragon, Cyberse, Warrior, ect.)? Sounds good to me! What's your favorite animal?
  2. I like milk in multiple forms (chocolate, in cereal, to drink with cookies, to use in coffee, milkshakes, condensed, ect.). But I don't like drinking milk straight. I don't want to drink a glass of regular milk unless accompanied with something else, like cookies. What is your favorite Yugioh card?
  3. Well, that makes two of us. I have autophobia and nyctophobia. Not to say I can never be alone. But when I'm home by myself, I like to turn on the TV to give the illusion of other people here. The dark? I don't really need to explain this one. Sure, sometimes I just don't care and step into the darkness. And I don't need a night light to sleep. But sometimes, I'd rather not venture into darkness (especially not pitch blackness). What are your thoughts on milk?
  4. Nice. Me, I haven't watched one since...2017. I don't hate anime. I'm just lazy. I have watched clips of anime, though (until copyright whoresons ruined the fun). How well do you know English? Understandable. Gotta make it worth your while. What do you consider a good day at work? Glad you think so! I struggle to come up with compelling questions. I especially struggle to remember whether or not I asked certain questions to a user or not yet. Anything you fear?
  5. In the future, just repost your set with new content instead of necrobumping your thread.
  6. Soon after you said this, I dropped what I was drawing to make something before getting ready for bed. Wanna check it out in the club? Do you like Pokemon? Do you watch anime often? Like what for example? Great! Where can we organize a time and date?
  7. Okay! I felt obligated to draw this: Primarily using cyan and pink. Other shades for linework, shading, and highlights, but that's it. Also, I tried giving her that facial expression Sleepy likes to use in emotes.
  8. Yes. What compelled you to choose that for your username?
  9. Could you recommend me an anime in one of the following criteria (not all needed. Just one)? Dark. I don't mean Attack on Titan dark. I mean Berserk dark. Cute. No idol anime, though. I don't care for idols. Slice of life. No romance, though. How many hours? Any without powers?
  10. Do you like Pokemon? Would you say you have any main OCs? How many days a week do you work? On what platform do you watch most anime?
  11. Yeah. Chocolate is the first flavor practically everyone goes for. It's like pepperoni pizza. What is your favorite anime? Where can I sell a bunch of my cards? What is your most prized possession among them?
  12. So...this flavor, I take it. Any other flavors?
  13. Do you own any real life Yugioh cards? What game consoles do you own? What flavor(s)? Would you like to visit my island? Or vice versa?
  14. Alright. It's been well over a week. And I haven't seen much discussion on the topic at hand. Not to say there hasn't been. But it seems the focus has very much been lost.
  15. Do you have any more to share? What is your favorite Metroid game?
  16. Well, perhaps this could add a little variety! And if not...hope you enjoyed the video.
  17. Alrighty. I'll make a thread soonish and you can post there in your own time. Do you prefer Mario or Sonic?
  18. Do you have any OCs that don't have powers? I too like Black and White. It had the best narrative, and great music and characters to boot. Do you like ice cream? Any games I've played that catch your attention? Oh! You've played New Horizons? Do you think you could post in my next "Post and" thread? Not the song one (unless you really want to).
  19. Alright. That makes more sense. Sorry. But I don't pay close attention to OCG. So, out of curiosity...how useful is Dragoon in TCG?
  20. What types of Yugioh sets come with the most Secret Rares?

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    2. ~British Soul~

      ~British Soul~

      The "of Legend" sets we get every year always have more than 20 Secrets, though it's always a two rarity set and each pack has a Secret.

    3. The Nyx Avatar

      The Nyx Avatar

      Sounds good to me.

      One more thing: Do you think any of the Face Cards will be reprinted in Secret Rare years later, or is it okay for me to purchase some of them now?

    4. ~British Soul~

      ~British Soul~

      Who knows, I'd probs pick them up now as they won't get reprints for quite some time.

  21. Well, English copies are like...50 cents. But I was curious and checked out Japanese. The Japanese copy is only about 5 dollars more. It's...not that expensive. Not unless we're talking about the Ultimate Rare version. I don't think it's so much a budget version as much as it is an alternative.
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