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  1. Go ahead. He seems eager, but pretty lost. I'd have given advice, but...I feel there's only so much the host should do to intervene.
  2. Um...are you two sure you want these to be your submissions for this contest?
  3. Yeah...don't attach files in threads. It doesn't work. The Beta Card Maker has the option of providing you with a share link. So you can post your cards easier. Alrighty! Here are some examples of cards I like: Simple, but effective banishing. I have how many banished cards? Gren: "It's free real estate." I like cards that let you draw. He's no Envoy of the Beginning, but he's pretty cool. Mostly for that last effect. Let me know if you'd like more examples.
  4. Is it too much to ask for you to put in an ounce of effort into your cards? Also, no multi-accounting. Stick to one account, and one only.
  5. No. You could make a Spell/Trap. Well, I like cards that banish, cards that negate, and cards that draw. Would it help if I provide some examples, to better convey what I like?
  6. Oh! One thing I should clear up. If you make a Written card, spookyness will suffice if it is named after something spooky. I will give examples: "Festering Vilespawn" "Ultimate Pumpking" "Kinsmen of Ghouls" "Tricky Witchy" "Ghostrick Mefist"
  7. It's that time of the year, once again... Just as before: READ before submitting any card SO...what is the criteria for this second contest? What card should be designed? Well...a spooky card! Now, what would I deem s̴̡̪͎̫̹̣̦̤͍̪̖̥̏̀̄ͅp̵̘̈̔̏̊̾̒͛ȏ̸̱̩͔̘̰̫͉͠ọ̷̡̼̳̜̦̰͇̠̓̌͌̔̎̕k̵̡̹͙͖͛͗̾ẏ̴̮͔̩̪͈͋͠ in a custom card? Well, I will go into further detail in that in the grading part. But just know that "spooky" does not necessarily mean "scary" or "disturbing" in my book. It's a more general term. No entry requirements necessary. Just a minimum of three users participating to get the contest going. It's not much of a contest if there's only one or two users. Deadline Deadline will not go into effect until this thread gets at least three participants. If this thread fails to get at least three after a great amount of time, I'll just lock this thread. Prize More or less the same as before. Header Images. Tiers: 1st place: Any image of your choice! Well, provided I approve of it. Content that is NSFW would be denied, for example. 2nd place: You get to choose between a cool, cute, or attractive image for your Header Image. But...not quite the image itself. 3rd place: I'll just offer an image for your Header Image. If you don't like the Header Image, you can request I remove it. Judgment: I will actually be altering the scale for this contest. I feel it was a little to general or vague last time. So I will be taking away a point or two from Practicality. How will your card submission be judged? It will be judged on an out of 10 scale. This scale depends on these factors: 3: Practicality It doesn't matter how flavorful or cool-looking aesthetically your card is...if it's not something that people would want to use in real life. Now I'm not saying to make a broken card. But just something that is attractive from a practical gameplay standpoint. Which, brings me to my next Point criteria 3: Balance Your card should be at least somewhat realistic, and not something that would be on a banlist within a month. So don't go and make a Dragon or Super Saiyan with high ATK, a blanket of protection, and an instant win condition effect. You will not yield a single one of these 3 points if you do something like this. 1: OCG Is your card written properly? If you are unsure, ask another user who has experience on the card game. Or look it up. Proper wording yields half the point, and proper spelling yields the other half. The only exception is the card name. For example, if the card is named "Phantastic Girl", or "Synchkuro Drago", I can write it off as wordplay for the monster's name. But if it's name is reprised in the card effect, it must be spelled the same as well. 1: Art Art's not absolutely necessary, unless you want to aim for a perfect score. Half of this point will depend on whether or not I like the art. The other half will depend on how clear it is. It doesn't matter how majestic your dragon or how cool your demon lady is if it's one of the crustiest jpegs I've seen in a while, or has visible garbage area. 1:"Spookyness" Okay. So...what do I deem "spooky"? Horror or horror-themed. Horror would include art that is eerie, scary, or disturbing. Horror-themed however, means elements that relate to horror, rather than elements that invoke horror. Things like witches, masked figures, jack-o-lanterns, ect. They don't have to be scary. You want a cute anime witch as your art? That fits the bill for horror-themed. It works just as well for spookyness as a horrid monster for art would. But...be mindful of what I perceive as horror or horror-themed. And I URGE you to ask me for clarity. For example, let's say you want to use a yokai, or some other Japanese spirit. I'm not gonna give ANY points for spookyness if it's just some rando from the Edo period. No, no, no, no! I want EFFORT! The Jorogumo? THAT totally invokes spookyness. 1: Do I like how it plays? I URGE anyone who participates to ask me what I like in card playstyles. I don't feel that was done enough in the last contest. And regardless, I don't feel I elaborated enough when asked. And I want everyone to have a good shot in this contest. Other: Anything else? Yes. Don't submit cards that you've already posted elsewhere. If I find a card, that you posted in a different thread submitted here, I will give you chance to post a real submission. Else, you risk disqualification. Also, don't be lazy and repost an already existing card under a new name. Like copying Revival Jam's effect, but using a different Type, Attribute, name, and art. The only time it's permitted to use the exact same effect is if real life cards have done it multiple times, like Rainbow Flower and Jinzo #7, or Lancer Dragonute and Dark Driceratops. But...I urge you not to. As those would make for boring submissions. Also, don't post in this thread if you're not participating in the contest, or considering joining. I will do what I see fit with your replies if you aren't participating at all. My only exception is if you have any questions before you'd want to join. If you have a genuine question, you are free to ask that here. Well, with all that said, let us begin.
  8. Well, that first one was likely graded, or kept in better condition than the other two. Not to mention prices are subjective. People will sell anything for either reasonable or ludicrous prices online. As I made clear in the beginning, prices are subjective. To give you a better idea, use a website like this: https://yugiohprices.com/card_price?name=Blue-Eyes+White+Dragon
  9. Well, it depends on the set. You're likely looking at a card from a completely different set. Also, the card being 1st Edition typically affects how much it's worth. EASILY Ultra Rare. It has the same shine effect as your Banisher of Light, but with gold letters. Your Salamandra is more akin to Secret Rare.
  10. The letters and foil. Rare only has silver letters. Super Rare has a holofoil picture...and nothing else. Ultra Rare has the holofoil picture and gold letters. Secret Rare has extra shiny holofoil and shiny letters. Ultimate rare is much like Ultra Rare. Except the Level stars are shiny as well. And Ghost Rare has a difficult to see picture of foil.
  11. If it's Common Rarity, most of them aren't worth more than chump change. Or single digits. Dust Tornado: No more than 4 bucks. Relinquished: A dollar or two. Banisher of Light: No more than 3 dollars. Parasite: 2 or 3 bucks Barrel Dragon: No more than 7 dollars. Dark Hole: Just a little more than 1 dollar. Imperial Order: 6-9 dollars. This version of Creature Swap: 2-5 dollars Fairy Meteor Crush: No more than 1.50 Salamandra: 3 dollars. Maybe a little more. Black Luster Ritual: 1 dollar. Curse of Dragon: Around 10 dollars. Messenger of Peace: No more than 1 dollar. That corner's too damaged. Thousand Dragon: Around 5 dollars. It can go for more if mint. Science Soldier: around 2 bucks, given the damage. Ceremonial Bell: No more than a dollar or 2, given the wear. Toon Summoned Skull: No more than 1 dollar. Twin-Headed Wolf: No more than 2 dollars. Manga Ryu-Ran: No more than 1 dollar. Twin Long Rods # 2 Japanese: No more than 2 dollars. Japanese Arsenal Bug: No more than 50 cents. Japanese Fiend Comedian: 2-5 dollars. Japanese Jam Defender: 2 dollars Japanese Burning Land: 5 Acid Trap Hole: 1-2 Beast of Talwar: 1-2 Sphinx Teleia: 2-5 dollars Summoned Skull: 1 Japanese Beaver Warrior: 3-5 Dust Tornado: 1-2 Theinen: About 2 Millennium Shield: At least 15 or 20. Japanese Gift of the Mystical Elf: 1-5 Japanese Flame Cerebus: About 2-5?
  12. If they're from the Starter Decks, the Ultra and Secret Rares only go for single digits. Maybe the 10s. Summoned Skull though, could easily go for 20s. Serpent Night Dragon though, is going for 20s and 30s for the version you showed. Him and your Red-Eyes are the real winners here. That Red-Eyes goes for 20s, 30s, maybe even 40s.
  13. Well...that depends on what set it is from and how good condition it is. The one from the booster set Metal Raiders is selling no lower than the 30s. Would you like to share a closeup of that one card?
  14. Alright. Their worth is...very subjective. First, you'd have to know if each card is legitimate. Like if each is spelled correctly, has the correct square in the corner, ect. From a distance, they look legit. But then you'd have to know how much wear and tear they have. If they have no bends, wear, or scratches, you could sell them at full price. But if they have any sort of damage, it's gonna drop their value substantially. Like that Moisture Creature. It looks worn out in the corners from this distance.
  15. Did you even bother to read the name of the section? Casual Cards is no place to post these kinds of questions. Post any and all regarding your real life cards in Questions & Help.
  16. "Fear is the glue that holds society together. It's what makes people suppress their worst impulses. Fear...is power."
  17. Alrighty. Be sure to share your Halloween drawing in Le Crayon Corner! Or in the Status bar if it's Halloween day.
  18. Do you own any real life Yugioh cards? Ever played Yume Nikki, Spooky's Jumpscare Mansion, or Duel Links?
  19. If you don't like the avatar I uploaded to your account, you can just change it.
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