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  1. Okay, so I've decided to give each of the eyes spell counter-like effects. I think this has buffed Sick Eye a bit and nerfed Fragile Eye a bit. I ran through some situations, and best case scenario, Sick Eye can destroy all Traps and 2 more cards on the field on top of that. Fragile Eye is very limited to how many Spells your opponent activates. The only thing that might be a problem is perhaps it gets unbalanced once Blind Magician enters the field. I tried my best to keep the grammar correct, but I suspect I messed up somewhere. The column idea is very interesting, and I might do something w
  2. I think I have a better understanding on what makes a card interactive. I'm gonna think of a way to make Fragile Eye less broken without messing up its key element. Again, I really appreciate the advice!
  3. Thank you so much Messoras! Your reply was very informative and helpful. Thank you for helping me correct the effect grammar on these cards. I am going to go ahead and execute all of the suggestions that you made. Here are a couple of clarifications that I have: - Combined Eye's coin toss is like a gamble: Sick Eye is supposed to be the worse option, while Fragile Eye is the better option. I originally thought of giving Sick Eye an effect that was detrimental to both players and Fragile Eye an effect that was helpful to both players, but then I came up with the idea for Blind Magician, so
  4. This is my first attempt at making some balanced cards. I would love to hear how to fix the grammar on these cards and whether or not their balanced. I'm not trying to make them OP or follow the current meta or anything. This is just a fun idea and I might add more cards to this archetype. I added some flavour text to these cards so that it'll be easier to visualize them while I'm making their card art. Fragile Eye Archetype Legends say that there once lived a powerful mage who, at the cost of his vision, gained great magical abilities. Those who dabble in the unnatural seek his mo
  5. Thanks for all the great replies guys! Yeah it does seem like an entirely different card doesn't it lmaoo. I was trying to equate this bit of lore I found in the Yu-Gi-Oh wiki that I also heard YouTubers talk about in their videos on the card: "According to the Master Guide, someone can put their hand inside the "Pot of Greed" and find something that will delight them, but the pot will explode once they take their hand out." So from what I can glean, you get something you like but with a great cost. That's why I thought maybe the thing you like should be any card in your deck
  6. What if Pot of Greed's effect was something more in line with its lore like: "Take 1000 damage. Banish all cards in your hand face-up and add 1 card from your deck to your hand." I am not sure if this effect is already in the game. I'd like to know your thoughts. Also, this is my first post ever, so if I'm doing something wrong let me know.
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