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  1. 'noms on YCM like a cookie'

    1. Tesability Black

      Tesability Black

      Feb 7th, I hit 30. Then I really WILL feel like the old fart of the forum.

    2. Draconus297



      Don't do that.

    3. Tesability Black

      Tesability Black

      'whines on being whacked' Mai nosh...

  2. Finally caught up in all my RPs again...let's see how long this lasts, shall we?

  3. Start of the new year...and I've already disappointed my dad by not being able to get something for his birthday...

  4. Getting ready to apply the Brickin' Gun to my own head at this point. Can't get ANYTHING related to any of the RPs I'm on done. :/

  5. So, what kind of dragon are you?

    1. Tesability Black

      Tesability Black

      How in the flip did I not see this?

      As a NetMonster, I'm a data dragon...not unlike a Digimon.

  6. 'looks to the various forms of pasta near her to be munched on' Oh, I dunno...
  7. Between my Aspergers (which has gotten me fired from a job in the past before I was diagnosed properly) and my epilepsy, the government literally pays me to stay home while being considered a disabled adult. There was a reason I seemed to be on at almost all hours during the Masquerade.
  8. Tried and failed horrifically. _Fun_ fact: Aspergians mentally mature far slower than the average person. So, despite having the body of an adult, I was still with a mind of roughly a 14-year-old trying to do college. That went as well as one thinks it would. :/
  9. Nope, graduated high school...which seems to fail to prepare people for college. x.x
  10. I no dinks this hat fits...

  11. ...hms. Should I Santa hats or now?

    1. Dova
    2. Nathanael D. Striker

      Nathanael D. Striker

      *gives Tesability a dragon-sized Santa hat*

    3. Chaotic Angel

      Chaotic Angel

      *also chucks over a Santa’s Beard*

  12. There was occasion when, ICly, I wanted to throw a brick at people, but for the most-part yeah.
  13. I asked by Shu to trys to get peoples to pways for hims. Flavius and Shu foughts against Murtaugh in his Invasions threads.
  14. I answers fo' hims. Dat IS Flavius! Lemme find quotes...um...ah!
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