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  1. Twooooo chapters of a fanfic; Now I'm practially a regular thing, right?https://forum.yugiohcardmaker.net/topic/360316-fanfiction-yu-gi-oh-oracle/

  2. Can the new Pendulum Fusion spell be used to Fusion Summon Starve Venom? I don't now if Pendulum monsters retain their attributes in the zones.
  3. Dark Impetus Level 6 DARK, Fiend When this card is Tribute Summoned, gain 1000 Life Points. Whenever you gain Life Points, your opponent reveals their hand, and if they do: Choose 1 card from their hand, and place it on the bottom of their deck. 2300/1900 Next card: Predator Plant Python Pitcher
  4. Group of WIND Winged Beast Pendulum monsters that can banish themselves from the field for a turn if certain conditions are met. They also stun opponent resources through negating monster effects. Next- Nightmariner
  5. Banned for being a spelling Nazi
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