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  1. Random thought, you could argue that this is sort of the first time we have 2 Zeldas in Smash Bros. Sheik and Zelda are the same person, but this is the first game they have designs from different games. Melee had OoT Zelda and Sheik, Brawl and 4 had TP Zelda and an unused TP Sheik design, and in this game we have ALBW Zelda and BotW-based Sheik.
  2. I dunno if anyone here pays attention to major tournaments but if nothing else you guys need to see this recent set from DPOTG 2018, it's insanely tense and hype af. Easily the best set of the tournament.
  3. Man, so you know who's a lot of fun? Dark Samus. I dabbled in Samus in Smash 4, but all these new buffs (and she got a ton) make Dark Samus feel way better. Bombs exploding on contact is really nice for neutral and edgeguarding, and I especially love the shield pressure with her projectiles. Obviously a sufficiently big Charge Shot will do a lot, but even 3 missiles is enough to break a shield with 2 missiles making it dangerously close. I was honestly pretty hyped to see Dark Samus announced even if she is just an Echo. EDIT: This song is in Ultimate from the Style Savvy series and I really
  4. I dunno how everyone else's experiences are going but I'm loving how improved CPUs are in this game. From what I understand pro players helped develop the AI, and it really shows. They'll do stuff like crazy parrying, foxtrotting, and in general seem much more human.
  5. God I love ZeRo: https://clips.twitch.tv/SpikyResilientSharkWow He also came up with this cool 0 to death combo with Richter, which I've seen people managing to replicate in actual matches: https://clips.twitch.tv/HappyCrispyYakinikuTTours
  6. New patch notes: https://www-aaaba-lp1-hac.cdn.nintendo.net/en-US/8aefb3ff/index.html The improvement to online is nice, though I wish Nintendo would actually give in-depth patch notes for Smash, other Nintendo games don't have this problem. At least they gave us a list of those who were changed, that's an improvement.
  7. I love how when Pit gets star KOd he yells, "I never learned how to reeeeead!" like he did in Kid Icarus: Uprising.
  8. I also feel like the casino is likely for the stage. I already mentioned 3 of the songs I'd want the most, [spoiler=spoiler]though I'd love it if we got Mass Destruction from Persona 3 if they were to add any music from older Persona games. Also, I'm glad now that I was such an aggressive Smash 4 player, it's definitely a playstyle more suited for this game with all the changes.
  9. Someone recreated Evo Moment #37 in Smash, pretty neat. https://twitter.com/rebaken7/status/1070989952823910400 Also WTF Incineroar's Revenge stacks?! https://clips.twitch.tv/HeadstrongKathishStarDatSheffy
  10. Something I saw on the subreddit, make sure your MTU is set right. The Switch's default is 1400 for some reason while most other things are 1500. https://old.reddit.com/r/smashbros/comments/a4cblp/crosspost_psa_you_can_improve_your_internet/ [spoiler=While playing WoL]That Giga Bowser boss fight was scary. Getting some Melee Event 51 PTSD. [spoiler=DLC character]Joker better have his gun. It's literally a model gun, it's not a Snake situation.
  11. Ah, my b. There were some other posts mentioning them without spoilers so I thought we were good. Anyways, about 7-8 hours in so far, unlocked 67 characters (including Mii Fighters). I got the rest of my mains and possibly future mains in there, too. Though I felt really bad beating up Isabelle to unlock her...
  12. [spoiler=DLC 1] Man, Joker's gonna be so funking stylish. His running and jumping will probably have all the particle effects and stuff like in P5, maybe even his dodges will be similar to when he ducks into cover. And if/when they have songs like Last Surprise, Life Will Change, and Rivers in the Desert I don't think I'll ever switch off of whatever stage he gets (which there are so many options I have no idea what his stage would even be). Even the reveal trailer itself was funking clean (I even saved some gifs from it: https://i.imgur.com/7Q94EeU.gifv https://i.imgur.com/2QHcsDh.gifv). I be
  13. btw, for those who don't know the mechanics of unlocking characters (outside of World of Light): Note that you can build up the prerequisites in World of Light, I did it for awhile and when I went back to the main menu I got a Challenger Approaching. Also, now that this recent DLC announcement has thrown the doors wide open on who's getting in, and MK11 is coming to the Switch, I would funking love if this insane theory came true just because it'd be funny:
  14. Argh, my copy is so close. Tracking the package has told me that it got to my local post office about an hour ago, which means it's literally a minute away from me. But the post office doesn't open for a bit, and it's not eligible for package intercept either so I can't just go pick it up myself the second they open.
  15. [spoiler=I just realized something funny.]Joker's English VA is Xander Mobus who's also the announcer in Smash Bros. XD Also, if his FS isn't an All-Out Attack with the other Phantom Thieves Imma be mad. Unless it's Satanael's Sinful Shell, that'd also be acceptable.
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