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  1. Fun-Fact: I can change the color of the lights in my room. [spoiler=...]
  2. I'm surprised Deadpool isn't aware of the 9gag watermark.
  3. Stanstyle are Level 5+ Warrior-Types that can easily be Summoned by there own effects. They also have the ability to Summon Spirit monsters when they attack(ignoring the summoning conditions, mind you), and the Archetype has it's own Spirit monsters that provide more offense/field control/etc(just stuff that otherwise fucks with your opponent/sets them back/etc). The Archetype's Spirit monsters can also change the battle positions of the non-Spirit Stanstyle monsters, to which, the later then proceeds to do other things/generate advantage/etc when the battle positions of them change. Oh, and you can Discard the Archetype's Spirit monsters to search the non-Spirit monsters of the set :^) Next person makes Crimson Kings.
  4. [spoiler=Your hair looks stupid]
  5. Giga, you should grow your hair out and then shape it into a pompadour. Srsly.
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