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  1. Tear, send Cloak, Banish Cloak, add Boots, summon Boots, Cherubini, send Carbon, banish Boots, add Shade, summon Tear, banish Carbon, summon Galaxy Serp, set and activate Shade, Shade + Galaxy Serp into Fiber, summon Falco, Extender Here+Fiber into V-Lan Hydra, Cherubini+ Dark into Rusty, Rusty effect set fogblade sending 2nd Tear, Field should be Rusty -> <- V-Lan Hydra Falco, tribute Rusty, summon 3 tokens, Falco+ token into Marcher, summon falco back. Summon Linkuriboh using one token. Marcher + LK into Proxy F Magician, Proxy F fuse Falco + Token 2, make Construct, send Squamata, send Ruq, Proxy F+Construct into Verte, add back Ruq, tribute Token three to revive LK. Verte Mill Magicalize, summon Winda. Set Ruq

    1. Dae


      Giant snake, birthday cake, large fries, chocolate shake

    2. King Crouton

      King Crouton

      set 1 s/t, scrap recycler, send citadel, redeployment, search possesstorage and irradiator, discard possesstorage to summon irradiator, destroy irradiator to summon possesstorage, possesstorage summons irradiator, citadel specials itself, make scrap wyvern with recycler and possesstorage, wyvern specials recycler from gy, wvern destroys recycler, wyvern specials golem from deck,  wyvern destroys set card, golem specials recycler, recyclers sends gizmek orochi, special orochi, overlay orochi and irradiator into draglubion, draglubion specials heart-earth and attachs titantic to it

    3. The Nyx Avatar
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