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  1. It would be nice when clicking on the logo, it would redirect you to the forums, not the cardmaker.

    1. Redro


      This.  I've gotten used to it now, but this was a pain in the neck for the first week or so.

  2. Konami whyyyyyyyyy. Pendulums did nothing wrong. Sigh, at least my boy Dark Requiem found his cell key/RUM and is now free.
  3. New topics are spamming my email REEEEEEEEEEEEEE. Frickin email notification restart.

    1. Ryusei the Morning Star
    2. The Warden

      The Warden

      Go to notifications settings to turn that off.

  4. Reminds me of Red-Eyes Slash Dragon, but it's not as broken as this card. It doesn't even target... You can just snatch anything. Also, Konami should slow down with their Level 9 fetish.
  5. Winter doesnt watch VRAINS, so he won't know. While I like it's more generic than its anime version, I still wished they kept the original effects, or at least the materials. Everything's too generic these days.
  6. Yea no... Pot of Greed is too greedy for players. Not to mention that it's searchable.
  7. The icon isn't even broken for me. I'm using the classic theme. and tfw I tried donating -5 to Mitch and it donated 5. I thought it'd give me an error.
  8. This is the entire window. Doesn't even show the whole number. Can't you make so all avatars appear in the same size?
  9. Not sure why you didn't post this in Site Suggestion topic but ok. :c
  10. [spoiler=46] I'm so disappointed we didn't see Cyberse Magician in this episode. Booster pack cover cards always appear in the anime, so I'm hoping it'll appear before the next pack, Soul Fusion, gets leaked/released.Zero Extra Link is such a plot device card. As if we've ever seen Playmaker completing an Extra Link himself before. I'll miss Revolver and Ai, although I think Ai will return in the next season.
  11. [spoiler=VRAINS 42] I'm not sure how Dr. Kogami stopping "time" and fixing Revolver's hand makes sense, but I'll look past that.New Topologic monster looks boring tbh.I expected Playmaker to win, but I guess we getting a DRAW.Ngl, Revolver's real life appearance and his voice don't match at all.Playmaker and Revolver finally meet IRL the next episode. I really want to see how this goes.
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