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  1. Niiiiice I love Silent Specter! Nice to see an LV monster with a spookish theme. I really enjoy card drawing and coin tossing, it'd be interesting to see how this could be integrated in a deck
  2. IDK I was just too lazy to use the scanner so I took pictures instead
  3. Halfway to the 30 content items I need to change my username 😣

    1. Godbrand


      Dimir aristocrat..... 


      Golgari all the way!

  4. Some more of the Nocturnal insects. I dont think I ever finished drawing them all, but I like creepy things so I was inspired.
  5. Thankoo friend. Being a writer was always my dream, but I do enjoy drawing a lot, I'm just not the best at it, especially when it comes to drawing humans.
  6. I've been obsessed with Rina Sawayama's music recently. XS is both a fun pop song with rock influences, and a parody of consumerist culture and its consequences. Most of her songs are bangers, and a lot of people say her debut album SAWAYAMA has no bad songs in it. I always try to make people discover her so I figured I could do this here. I was going to add the lyrics in a Spoiler but I have no idea how to make a Spoiler. If anyone could let me know, I'll edit the post accordingly. EDIT: here are the lyrics in the spoiler below.
  7. That's essentially how it worked if I recall correctly. If a Nocturnal monster had Fear Counters it gained stats, and if a non-Nocturnal monster did they lost stats. They probably did something else beyond that but I can't remember I had drawn a few of the other Nocturnal insects, I'll see if I can scan them today.
  8. Old pencil drawing I had done for a card on here. Nocturnal Arachnea Rex was the "big boss" of my Nocturnal deck, which mostly functioned by adding or taking away attack through "Fear Counters"
  9. I wasn't planning on posting any writing, but now that I think about it maybe I could create some narrative surrounding the decks I make
  10. Any ideas of factions that might make for interesting deck designs?

    So far I'm thinking a group of time-jumping beings, and a group of monsters that feed on fear.

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    2. Dr. Jolly Glot the III

      Dr. Jolly Glot the III

      ignoring the obvious being Link Monster is pretty much a skeleton for most build, summons type of Xyz and lower is doing quite stellar actually , even Rituals!. we have Infernoble  and adamancipator for sync, Numeron for Xyz, Invoke and Dragun for fusion, amd finally Megalith for rituals

    3. BlackwaterNoble


      I'm not sure what you mean by "doing quite stellar" 😅 I assume this has to do with the current meta, but I'm honestly never interested in meta, whether it be past or present. I just want cards that appeal to me with their style and aesthetic 🤷‍♂️

    4. Dr. Jolly Glot the III

      Dr. Jolly Glot the III

      its ok, people have preferances

  11. Very sad to see what they did with it. Warcraft 3 (online) remains, in my opinion, the best game of all time. Custom maps were the best thing, but without the community (which rotted away when WoW came out <to this day I hold a grudge againt WoW>), the game isn't worth much. What made it so good was the freedom, and the camaraderie. If the link shared above is anything to go by, that has gone out the window, and the game I held out so much hope for is ruined
  12. Banned for being too nice. People don't seem to value that much these days
  13. As the game evolved over the years, I did enjoy the addition of Synchro and XYZ. They made sense to me in that they weren't anymore complex than Fusion or Ritual, but once Pendulum came around I stopped playing the "current version". In my head, they stopped at XYZ and that is how I will treat the game until the end of time
  14. Hey friends! I've been on YCM for a while but I've never been active in the forums before. I mostly used the Card Marker to satisfy my urge to make my own cards (because the current state of YGO is too much for me). Online I go by Script. I plan to change my username to represent that once I've posted enough. I've been into YGO since I was little, and my favorite Monsters were the Harpie Ladies. Today the only card I physically own is the Harpie Queen. I'm an avid gamer, horror enthusiast, scriptwriter, and certified Gay[TM]. I hope we'll have fun together in our creative endeav
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