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    Video games, movies and TV, stand-up and YouTube, card games, that one was maybe pretty obvious though

    Also add me on Battlenet/Overwatch as Abbie#21661 & on Epic Games as Atypical-Abbie

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  1. This is an amazing thing to wake up to!


  2. Ok, so I made some changes, so it should work as intended now, and boosted it a little bit as well.
  3. I don't know actually, I designed it with the intention of using Link Monsters, cause it would be hard to gather up 4 monsters otherwise. Also I made it LINK-4 cause the way I set up the Link Arrows kinda makes it into a scythe shape and thought that was fun :P Maybe again, dunno, but it's meant to be immune to any Link Monsters, that was the intention in general, a Link Monster killer.
  4. Wow check it, I did make a card, can you believe it? Probably, I dunno, but check it out if you want!


  5. Felt like making a card, so here we are, it's sure been a while though, so just making something random that isn't tied to anything, also the new card maker test I guess. Anyway, just a Link Monster that is able to destroy monsters and boost its ATK, as well as having a protection from monsters, all tied together with the general gimmick of using monsters whose DEF is no higher than 1000
  6. So what do you guys do around here these days anyway? Anything interesting going on? I saw the new card maker that's cool. Anything else?

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    2. Horu


      I'm mostly silent for the time being since I'm working on other projects. So as it stands, discord is still the best way to reach me since I'm generally a floater here.

    3. Rayfield Lumina

      Rayfield Lumina

      More interesting stuff: A certain bot has been rampaging around, making many accounts and doing stuff like spamming in Realistic, introducing itself as 4 different accounts and posting at Nyx's Contest, and plagiarizing other people's work and group messaging everyone that posted in the original thread xD.

    4. Arcadia warlic

      Arcadia warlic

      I await an update to the new maker that allows for the removal of the watermark at the bottom of generated cards before I transfer the cards made from the old maker to the new maker.

  7. I have been thinking, the reason why I didn't wish to be here was the thought that nobody wanted me here, and if that's true, then I know where I land, and I won't return, but if it isn't, then I am considering returning, because I don't hate this place, I don't think so, so yeah, if anyone tells me they don't want me here, I will leave again, but I think I want to return again, it's still weird, cause maybe it's not good for me, I have no idea really.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Abbie


      I dunno Cow, it's always up and down, my mind hasn't been made up, but I feel like returning is what I want more than not returning right now.

    3. Horu


      You're always welcome here as far as I'm concerned. Hope you're doing well.

    4. The Immaculate Lord CowCow

      The Immaculate Lord CowCow

      If that's the case then it sounds like you do want to be here. So I don't see why not.

      Of course if you feel uncomfortable after a while you can always go, it's hard sometimes but try and remember you're not obligated to stay always.

  8. @Rayfield Lumina I dunno why, but for some reason replying to the status is not working, so I'm gonna see if this works instead. Anyway, my response:

    It's nice of you to say, but I am not going to come back. There are many other reasons why I chose to leave, I don't feel like going into it all, because there's personal things in that as well, not just this site, and I have been happier since I left, and I don't have much of a reason to come back. I don't think I belong here anymore, so why would I?

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    2. Horu


      That's fine. Just know the link to my server is always open so you can pop in anytime to say hi. I'm doing my best to separate my server from this place because I want it to be for my friends and maybe I'll work from there. I haven't really been giving YCM much attention as of late since I've been working on my pokemon conversion project. Any updates to that are most likely mentioned in my server.

    3. Abbie


      I dunno what that Pokemon thing means but have fun with that. 

    4. Horu


      I'm converting pokemon to yugioh

  9. Burning bridges, already done so today once, might as well do it twice. Good bye.

    1. Horu


      What happened?

  10. I'm just done with today. Could it get any worse?

    1. Tinkerer


      Oof... one of those days, huh?  Sorry..

  11. I kept seeing these cute avatars pop up on reddit so I made my own, kinda fun! I'm sure I'm late to the party though. 94097_UDTih5RX.png.4d2edccf1da73ab2088b9139eb93ed23.png

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    2. Horu


      I think it's kinda neat.

    3. Rayfield Lumina

      Rayfield Lumina

      Alrighty, but don't you dare switch from the Phanpy avatar!

    4. Abbie


      I was considering doing that, but yeah, I like the Phanpy one a lot, so probably not gonna do that.

  12. Finally got my first vaccine shot about an hour ago, arm feels fine, smooth process, free 5G, would recommend.

    1. Rayfield Lumina

      Rayfield Lumina

      Congratz. Over here the government just opened the registry for people of my age, so I still got to wait to be called and informed when and where I'll receive the first one. 

  13. Think I have now updated every place where you can reach me, probably missed one or two, but add me as a friend why not!?

    Switch Friend Code: SW-1765-5725-8397
    PSN, Steam & Epic Games: Atypical-Abbie
    Xbox Live: Abbie#5029
    Discord: Abbie#7035
    Battlenet/Overwatch: Abbie#21661

  14. Was talking with LGBT+ folks and how I felt like calling myself non-binary without feeling the dysphoria MtF or FtM people do made me feel like I was not going through the things other people were, and was sent this so called Dysphoria Bible, and having read through it all now, I realize how these experiences of gender are complex and varied for anyone, and I feel now that dysphoria is a feeling I have, maybe not in the same way, but that transdom is any such experience https://genderdysphoria.fyi/gdb

    1. Abbie


      I think there is value for just about anyone in here, and while you may. feel confident in your gender, and that's totally valid, it also made me understand many other aspects of transgender experiences, the science and more, so I would recommend browsing at least a page or two.

  15. I see that my days won for most likes is 67 right now, gotta get up by 69 by the end of the month, the internet demands it!

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