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    Video games, movies and TV, stand-up and YouTube, card games, that one was maybe pretty obvious though

    Also add me on Battlenet/Overwatch as Abbie#21661 & on Epic Games as Atypical-Abbie

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  1. Finally got my first vaccine shot about an hour ago, arm feels fine, smooth process, free 5G, would recommend.

  2. Think I have now updated every place where you can reach me, probably missed one or two, but add me as a friend why not!?

    Switch Friend Code: SW-1765-5725-8397
    PSN, Steam & Epic Games: Atypical-Abbie
    Xbox Live: Abbie#5029
    Discord: Abbie#7035
    Battlenet/Overwatch: Abbie#21661

  3. Was talking with LGBT+ folks and how I felt like calling myself non-binary without feeling the dysphoria MtF or FtM people do made me feel like I was not going through the things other people were, and was sent this so called Dysphoria Bible, and having read through it all now, I realize how these experiences of gender are complex and varied for anyone, and I feel now that dysphoria is a feeling I have, maybe not in the same way, but that transdom is any such experience https://genderdysphoria.fyi/gdb

    1. Abbie


      I think there is value for just about anyone in here, and while you may. feel confident in your gender, and that's totally valid, it also made me understand many other aspects of transgender experiences, the science and more, so I would recommend browsing at least a page or two.

  4. I see that my days won for most likes is 67 right now, gotta get up by 69 by the end of the month, the internet demands it!

  5. I just finished watching that new Pixar movie Luca, and like wow, this was fantastic, if a movie makes me unable to stop smiling, you know you did something right, it was cute, the voice acting was great, especially loved Giulia, who was voice by Emma Berman, who has only done like one other thing before, but it sounds like she has been acting forever, it was funny and of course animation was great coming from Pixar, just a fun all around movie. It does have some tropes it falls into, and coming of age films are a dime in a dozen, but I think this is one of my new favorite movies, and definitely one of my favorite Pixar movies.

    1. Horu


      Abbie your personality somewhat reminds me of Aoi from Maid Sama. That isn't bad. It just helps visualize you as a character.

    2. Abbie


      Looked them up since I don't know anything about that show, and well, I don't think I would ever wear an outfit like that, I'm not even sure about my gender expression side of things, I would like to try some feminine clothing, but I also like just dressing androgynous. Their personality, from the wiki does share some things, but also definitely not, but I can see where you are coming from. I do think how I act online is different from IRL, so maybe that's why I can't fully relate to this character, also working in a maid cafe sounds exhausting.

    3. Horu


      Aoi doesn't actually work in the cafe. He is the owner's son. But I was more referring to his actual personality of liking cute things and the fact that he is now becoming comfortable with who he is. He is a generally gender fluid character (I thought he was a girl when he debuted) and Misaki taught him it's ok to be himself and the other girls from the cafe offered a ton of moral support. Later on, he becomes the student body president of his middle school and does fairly well for himself.

  6. I made a Celtic Guardian Deck recently, well tried to anyway, they got so few members it isn't exactly easy to make something work, but anyway, that is why we're here, isn't it? So, this card is able to Special Summon a CG from the GY, which IMO is gonna make it easier to KO. Abbreviations, gotta love them. Anyway...next effect let's it make a 1200 DEF or less monster able to direct attack, but with that monster gotta be in Defense Position, ain't that something? Reason why I did it this way is due to Celtic Guardian of Noble Arms being a monster with a lot of ATK, but not so much DEF, so to balance it out, I made it require the DEF stat of these monsters, which is always 1200 or lower, so there you go. Lastly it can add itself back to your hand when your opponent takes damage, which is handy (pun intended) since Noble Arms is gonna draw anyway, making it unable to attack regardless, so might as well just bring this one back for some hand advantage. Oh and the Otherworld is a celtic concept relating to the realm of deities and afterlife, so that's what that's all about, fits with the reviving based stuff I thought. Also, I have been uploading cards to Dueling Book because Duel Portal has been down often, I may choose to not upload to Duel Portal if it decides to go down for days at a time, but for now, my cards are on both services.
  7. I saw some screenshots for Legend of Mana HD and it looks like super pretty. Never played the original, was it JP only? Anyway, looks like it might be good


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    2. Abbie


      Wait Chocobo Pet? Like, this is related to Final Fantasy?

    3. Rayfield Lumina

      Rayfield Lumina

      They're both Square Enix creations. For that reason, as an Easter egg of sorts they included a special Chocobo Pet. Honestly I don't remember the method to obtain it, you might have to google it on GameFaqs or something.

    4. Abbie


      Well the game isn't out yet, so couldn't even play it if I wanted to. Looks like it was never in Europe, so that explains it.

  8. I just came out to my mom as non-binary. I was expecting it to go pretty well, and I think it did, we definitely talked for quite a long while, and while I expected her not to know about all of this, and I think I explained it as best I could, she still seems to not fully understand it, and I get that, but I know that she respects me for who I am, she said that as long as I was happy and that this is what I felt like, that's all she wanted. Something completely unexpected though is that she told me her cousin, my first cousin, once removed I suppose is the term, is in fact, lesbian, and is in a healthy marriage for over 10 years, and she was even at their wedding. I never knew this, and in ways I wish I had, it would have made me feel less hesitant for sure, that it was not 100% out of left field, but well, now I know.

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    2. Horu


      To be fair, I live in Texas. So I went from living north of Mexico to living East of Mexico.

    3. Abbie


      I am happy to live in a country with mostly mild weather, though 2 days ago it was around 30 degrees C so that always make me want to die, because I'm whiter than a snowman

    4. Horu


      Anything is better than being eaten alive by hornet sized mosquitos when it either isn't above 35°C/100°F or possible tornado weather.

  9. Oh shit you guys, it's finally happening, I finally got my damn vaccine invitation! Let's gooooo! I didn't expect to have to wait so long for the second shot though, can only get that in August. But it's happening, so that's all I care about, this damn anxiety is gonna get some R&R soon

  10. Changing my name online has turned out to be interesting, some places allow it, some have display names only, some don't at all, luckily though it's not as hard as I thought. I usually go as Abbie in most places, but I just changed my name on Playstation, so if you want to add me on PSN you can find me as Atypical-Abbie

  11. Oh Nintendo. I'm not saying you weren't hit by COVID like everybody else, but that was disappointing. A lot of remakes, new Warioware is cool, but not gonna win E3, new Metroid 2D game, but it looks painfully bland for a series with so much atmosphere and style, and BOTW2 footage, while I was surprised it shook things up, you needed to have more to show. Plus, no footage of the new Pokemon, Prime 4, Splatoon 3 or Bayonetta 3.

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Horu


      Anything new on Playstation?

    3. God Emperor Cow

      God Emperor Cow

      I often find remakes even of things I never played (such as those games) exciting tbh

    4. Abbie


      Playstation wasn't at E3, which is sad, but not unexpected since they haven't been doing that lately anyway.

      Sure remakes of games you haven't played can be fun, I love Link's Awakening for introducing me to that game, but I would rather want Nintendo, the company that seems to pride itself on innovation and experimentation, to actually do that again, rather than releasing the same games over and over again.

  12. You're not wrong to me D:


  13. So I was trying to make spoilers work for my new topic for my archetype, but turns out it's real wonky and just won't comply. I tried typing in [sp0iler] and [/sp0iler] and it decided to take everything after the end spoiler as well (replace the o with 0 to avoid it doing anything here). Then I tried not having an end spoiler at all, same thing, then I decided to try having two different sets of spoilers, one for the first part I wanted spoiled, one for the other part I didn't want spoiled, cause as long as they were separated, it would be fine, still didn't work out. What the hell am I doing wrong here? Using spoilers used to be very simple, so why doesn't it work now? EDIT: It works here for some reason? What? I hate this so much, it's driving me crazy. I did the exact same thing I did here in my thread, and it decides to do what it looks like now. Why? Some text
  14. Leviafish is an Archetype of Fish-Type/WATER monsters which are also also Sea Serpent with various Levels. They are able to Special Summon themselves if you control a Leviafish with a Level other than the one they have themselves, but destroy themselves if you control a monster with the same Level as them though. They each have an effect that they can activate if 2 or more monsters battled this turn. Their playstyle revolves around getting many monsters on the field, battling, and then activating their effects in Main Phase 2. Additionally the new support gives them Link Summoning options, which can provide another playstyle. Their name is a portmanteau of Leviathan and Fish. The main change is their effect that they gain a bonus provided you control a monster of a certain Level now on top of the effect that normally happens when 2 or more attacked, a few changes to the Spells/Traps and some new ones, two new Main Deck Monsters and got three Link Monsters now. This is the first Reviving an Archetype I have done since 2019, the main reason being that I started doing these because of Link Monsters, since many of the Archetypes I made used Extra Deck strategies, and became more difficult to play due to Link Monsters, but as that's now not a thing, I felt no need to continue doing them, but well, why not continue anyway? So here we are, gonna starting doing these again, I have so many older Archetypes that need a reboot, this one was definitely not thought out as well as I originally thought, so there were a lot more changes I had to do than I first imagined, and after doing plenty of testing, I think they now work quite well and consistently. Sample Deck: https://www.duelingbook.com/deck?id=8295518 Original Version (12/12):
  15. Is it bad that I kind of want to buy this? I don't own a mini fridge, and hey, it can be useful when my lazy ass doesn't want to get off the couch to grab a drink.


    1. Horu


      I want 5!!!

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