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    Video games, movies and TV, stand-up and YouTube, card games, that one was maybe pretty obvious though

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  1. I wasn't sure if I wanted to publish this here, I didn't know what the response would be, but after sharing this with people elsewhere, I got positivity, so I hope people here will be the same. So short version, I'm coming out as non-binary, and I use they/them pronouns, the longer version is here: https://pastebin.com/uFfPdPDk

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    2. Horu


      I agree. But passing judgment on others isn't my place, as I'm not God. But I believe that if God didn't see some potential for good in the LBGTQ+, he wouldn't have let it happen to begin with. But clearly, the potential good can outweigh the evil.

      Whenever somebody tries to condemn the LBGTQ+, I often refer them to the story of Jesus healing on the Sabbath where he says "It is better to do good on the Sabbath than to do nothing at all". What I ultimately take away from the story is "If the potential good can outweigh the evil, all will be forgiven in the eyes of God". I had a sergeant that was against LBGTQ soldiers and I told him "I honestly don't care as long as they can shoot" then referred him to the aforementioned story of Jesus healing on the Sabbath (I use this story because Jesus broke one of the ten commandments by working on the Sabbath).

    3. Abbie


      I'm not religious, so I can't say that it matters much to me, but if you find worth in religion, that's good, but it's never been for me, I only barely grew up with religious parents, aka they went to church for weddings, and our family members are buried in Christian cemeteries and such, but that's really all we do, so to me, I just want to my time to on this planet to be spend living as who I believe I am, and if anyone is going to judge me for, I will simply try to educate them, and if they don't respond, I will disassociate with them, because I don't believe they are worth the effort at that point.

    4. Horu


      As stated above, religion should be nothing more than a tool used for the purpose of bettering oneself and not a weapon used for tearing down others. I walked away from church because I viewed it as a toxic environment that used the bible to tear people down. I later decided that I wanted to use the bible to help build people up and become a better person along the way.

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