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  1. I have been thinking about names and if I wanted to change mine, I'm still uncertain about it, but I thought I might try it out here. You can only make one name change on this site in 90 days, so if I feel differently about it then, I may change back. I now go by the name Abbie.

    Some fun facts about the name Abbie! Abbie/Abby is a uni-sex name of Hebrew origin meaning "father's joy" or similar, mostly used as a girl's name, it's short for Abigail, but it can also be short for Abraham, so it works well as a non-binary name.

    Feel free to call me by my previous username if you wish, I don't mind, though I have long wanted to change my username too, so if I decide to stick with this after the 90 days, I hope you respect this.

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    2. Horu


      Also, while Loki's gender/sexuality may not be important to the overall plot of the story, it is a small detail that may be important for his overall character. But as I stated above, Loki is a divine being so him being genderfluid shouldn't matter all that much imo. But yeah, it's pretty sad that somebody is gonna bitch and moan about a divine character being genderfluid as opposed to the fact that Wolverine is 6'3" (Jackman was great as Wolverine btw) or the fact that Spider-Man is still a kid in high school when he joined the Avengers and hasn't even met Gwen (his hs sweetheart) when he joined the Avengers a good while after MJ died in the comics. But yeah, let's bitch about a tiny detail with Loki that affects the overall plot in no way just like Wolverine's height has no value in the plot of X-Men.

    3. Abbie


      One of the arguements I saw was the idea of Loki needing to be accurate to his mythological counterpart, which is hilarious to me since we got Thor riding spaceships, green angry man and a man teenager that climbs walls like a spider.

    4. Horu


      But he is accurate. But when making your own work, historical/mythological accuracy doesn't matter so much when it comes to the plot.

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