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  1. So there is now a website up that explains how to play Rush Duels, and it's basically a mini rulebook for how to play the game in general, but Rush Duels behave a little bit differently, as we already know, and in fact, they seem to completely change a fundamental part of the game, that being that activation costs/requirements are not much of a thing anymore, rather, this all happens in a single action. You have probably already read the card text of some cards, and they mention a requirement in one line and an effect in another line, which I assumed to be a way to make it easier to tell what happened at activation, and what happened at resolution, yet it seems like that isn't how it works. The Org explains it better, read the bottom of the page, they give a good example of how this changes things. https://ygorganization.com/rush-duel-how-to-play-website-added/
  2. This may be my longest break from making cards in a long time, but there are various reasons why I haven't. Firstly, I don't know where the game is going, and in some ways I still don't, but at least I know one thing, the new rules have started now, so that means that I can at least focus my time on making cards that deal with those rules, even if the game seems to be splitting in two, with Rush Duels and the new Master Rules coming out. There is also a lot going on in the world, so I haven't felt like spending my time on this, should the demise of humanity come (okay that's perhaps over dramatic, but you get the point). Then there is just me not playing the game recently, and I don't really have any creative things I want to do, while there are some new cards coming out that look neat, I have not felt like playing much, I enjoy YGO and always will, but man, every time I make a Deck and play against someone, it feels like the game just isn't what I like anymore, I get that the game has felt like that for a while, yet now, I don't know the first thing about the meta, I am destroyed the moment I go into the game I feel, so yeah, I haven't wanted to play much. That being said, here is a new card, this card is nothing too special, it's a turn count based card, I thought that would be fun with the moon theme, it could be powerful in the right Deck I suppose, if you have the Spells to afford it, or just want a low Level monster easily. You can even move the turn count forward, ain't that something?
  3. Figured this would be a good idea to post, some more specific rulings to point to: https://ygorganization.com/ocg-new-master-rule-april-2020-revision-rulings/
  4. RD/KP01-JP005 火麺忍者チヂレッド Kamen Ninja Chiji Red (Masked Fiery Noodle Ninja Chiji Red) Level 3 FIRE Pyro Normal Monster ATK 800 DEF 1000 コシが強く、独特の食感に自身を持つ忍者。スープがよく絡む麺の束縛からは何人たりとも逃れられない。 (A Ninja with strong springy noodles and a unique texture. There is no escape from his soup-infused noodle shackles.) Note: Chiji means apparently very wavy or frizzy with context to noodles. Introducing: HAIRS! Konami's new attempt at a competitor to the, uhhh, "popular" Nintendo game ARMS. Yeah I don't know, maybe it's April's Fools, though it is indeed a real card coming, very silly, very useless, as it's just a crappy Normal Monster, but hey, I guess Rush Duel needs some of those.
  5. Finished watching all the Ghibli movies put on Netflix in March here, here are my insignificant scores, in no particular order:

    The Tale of the Princess Kaguya 7/10
    Arrietty 8.5/10
    The Cat Returns 7.5/10
    Spirited Away 7.5/10
    My Neighbors the Yamadas 6/10
    Princess Mononoke 6/10
    Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind 6.5/10

    1. Dae


      What country are you in?

    2. Zaziuma


      I was wondering if it doesn't say that stuff on your profile anymore, but no it does, so why didn't you just check that? Anyway, Denmark if you are too lazy to do all that.

    3. Dae


      I didn't bother thinking of that. I honestly don't care enough to even look, so yeah thanks.

  6. "Hurry up and smack me already! It's my destiny"

  7. RD/KP01-JP017 クリボット Kuribott Level 1 DARK Fiend Effect Monster ATK 300 DEF 200 Requirement: If you control no other monsters, you can pay 500 LP. Effect: Choose 1 “Kuribott” from your Graveyard, and add it to the hand.'' Check it out, it's a mother trucking steampunk Kuriboh! Aarrrh I like him a lot, what a chap.
  8. Just 100% Ori and the Will of the Wisps, and as went to fight the final boss again, since it doesn't count it if you don't it seems, it crashes, which seems about right from my experience with this game. Yeah, this game is a glitchy mess, from game crashes to slowdown, to freezing randomly for a few seconds, to getting stuck in the wall and falling through the game world, to assets not loading right away, to the camera not being able to catch up with you. I love this game, but man the glitches.

  9. 999 reputation, oh my, I am almost at 1000! https://prnt.sc/riaais

    1. Godbrand


      Gives you negative -1001 reputation!

  10. If there is anything to be learned it is to not trust Youtubers, especially not some that call themselves "Yugitubers". I gag every time I have to say that.
  11. Not entirely sure if you are serious here, with the MST negates joke, but just in case, I will explain. So, you are confused on what is going on here, using MST on Monster Reborn would do nothing different than it does now, Monster Reborn would still resolve as normal, as this change has nothing do with removing cards that have already activated their effects, rather it has to do with cards that have not yet activated their effects, but their timing has been met; see the example I gave with Shadow Mist earlier. Think about it this way, if Rescue Rabbit were to banish itself, that would mean it was not longer on the field, though of course we know that it would still resolve, as it activated its effect. Removing a card does not automatically mean you stop the card from resolving its effect.
  12. RD/KP01-JP029 魔将ヤメルーラ Mashou Yameruler / Fiendish Commander Yameruler Level 8 DARK Warrior Effect Monster ATK 2500 DEF 2500 Requirement: If this card was Normal Summoned this turn, you can activate this effect by changing this card’s battle position (from face-up Attack Position to face-up Defense Position, or from face-up Defense Position to face-up Attack Position.) Effect: Until your opponent’s next End Phase, neither player can Tribute Summon Level 7 or higher monsters while this card is face-up. This is apparently Gakuto Sogetsu's ace monster, who is the rival I suppose, which seems pretty clear with the "no Level 7s you silly protagonist" thing going on here.
  13. So the new Master Rules are getting more updated rules, at least in the OCG, for now we don't know how much of this will be implemented in the TCG. There are a lot of quite important changes, the activation location and negation ones being the ones I think most people will feel. It's big, so I will just link to it: https://ygorganization.com/whyarentyoubuyingddcrowsrightnow/
  14. Yes it would affect on Summon effects as well, as those activate on the field, so with these new rules, if they are no longer on the field, they will not be able to activate, so Dark Hole + Call of the Haunted + Elemental HERO Shadow Mist would mean you don't get to use its on Summon effect, though you would be able to use its other effect. As for Trap monsters, I am glad this isn't going to be confusing anymore, since Pseudo-Trap monsters were already like this, though it also means that there is less importance in differences to them, but I guess that being a Trap is still somewhat relevant.
  15. Ori the and Will of the Wisps is out, I have played a bit of it, and it is great, no big surprise, but one has to worry. So anyway, seems like they changed a few things from the first, mainly the combat, which was a huge criticism from the first game, it's quite different now, and they seem to have focused more on combat this time around, at least so far, which may be good or bad, since it felt like an afterthought in the first. Also, the game auto saves now, instead of placing saves system from the first game, which is fine I suppose, even if I did like that system.

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