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  1. This is pretty good, I dunno, I don't like it or anything, it's like whatever, not sharing it everywhere or anything, pssst whaaat?! Ok I can't lie, this is a fantastic cover.


  2. I made a Marinecess Deck recently, so I wanted to make something that could be used in their Deck, so I made this thing. It got a lot of ATK for a regular old LINK-3, though can lose it as well, and it can destroy a bunch of cards, plus it has a protection effect that covers a lot of bases that could ruin your plans.

    1. Godbrand


      Owl House on Disney Plus

  4. No no no

    1. Zaziuma


      Oh never mind, bad info, it's yes actually.

    2. Godbrand


      Zazuima's mind saying but her mind her mind saying yes.

    3. Godbrand


      Zazuima's mind saying no

      but her, mind her mind saying yes.

  5. Just finished up the newest set in my Ritual Circle TCG, it's called MECHANICAL EVOLUTION, and it features a new card type, called Evolved Ritual Creatures! Check more out in the thread:


  6. The fourth set, MECHANICAL EVOLUTION has now been released, check it out here: https://www.deviantart.com/zaziuma/gallery/75135810/set-4-mechanical-evolution-ritual-circle-tcg
  7. Fist of Fury is an Archetype of Warrior/LIGHT monsters with various Levels, consisting of mainly Effect Monsters, as well as a few Pendulum Monsters. They focus on Tributing, Equip Spells, changing battle positions and Contact Fusion-based Fusion Monsters. Their playstyle revolves around using their Tributing, Equip Spells and battle changing effects in combination with each other to produce monsters for Contact Fusion and getting out the Pendulum Fusion Monsters, which greatly benefit from Equip Spells. As a lot of their monsters benefit from Tributing, the Contact Fusions are all Tribute bas
  8. Well saved cards are back, but a lot of the images are broken, at least the ones I have made. So far I have only found like 2 that didn't have broken images, and I have no idea why those work.

    1. Dae


      That's not YCMaker's fault, that is a problem of the image host/location.

    2. Zaziuma


      I didn't say it was, just stating a fact.

    3. (GigaDrillBreaker)


      It was a result of the domain change. Most of the assets on the old domain are gone now.

  9. Oh lord, what have you done! The regular dark theme is totally broken, hopefully I will get used to this new one, which seems similar anyway, so doesn't matter much, but still!

  10. Updated my Archetype list since I made some new ones recently: https://pastelink.net/ZaziumaArchetype180920

  11. Gonna get a release date and price for PS5 tonight, well we better anyway, or I will riot. Yes, this is important enough to riot about.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Godbrand


      £450 / £360 digital 

    3. Doigt


      I think I'll pass for this gen. I'm not as into video games as I was when I was kid. It's sad but that's more money for cards eheheh

    4. Godbrand


      @Doigt£450 / £360 can go a LONG way for a MTG Commander Deck.... 

  12. I made a Megalith Deck recently, so I wanted to make some Ritual support, and while this card can be used in any Deck, it becomes even better for Ritual Decks. It's able to return monsters from the GY to your hand, and also draw and search cards, a little bit of everything.
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